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Hi everyone welcome back to my kitchen and today I have a kitchen basic for you I’m gonna share with you. The best way. I know how to pan sear a steak Because is too cold to fire of the barbecue where I live, so let’s go see how this all comes together Today I’m going to show you how to properly pan sear a steak in a cast-iron skillet now I have my grill pan over on my stove And it has been preheating over medium high heat for about a half an hour you want to get your pan really hot you don’t want to like start and turn your pan on and then put the steak in because you’re not gonna get a good outer crust on your steak and The key is heating up your pan in advance so what I have here and just so you know This is New Year’s Eve, and this is gonna be our New Year’s Eve dinner We’re gonna have these beautiful, New York strip steaks that we were able to get at the commissary. They were incredibly priced and We have some mushrooms sautéing on the stove. We have some potatoes baking and we have some zucchini in the oven Today, what is the temperature? Outside right now. It’s super cold where we live right now It’s 26 degrees and this is not the type of night where Right there windchill is horrible It’s usually not that cold here during this time of year So there’s this Arctic front coming through it’s been coming through for like two weeks, and I absolutely love it but We don’t want to like the barbecue grill We were gonna grill them But this is an excellent Opportunity for me to show you how we’re gonna cook these on the stove in the house in a cast-iron skillet Yes You could throw these under the broiler in your oven but being able to cook a steak the right way in a cast-iron skillet is really an Excellent thing to know and that’s why I’m calling this a kitchen basics, so I’ve got these gorgeous, New York strips We’re gonna use some olive oil. We’re gonna use some butter because steak likes butter and so do I And we’re gonna use my favorite steak rub Which is my pride of subhead steak rub? I’ll leave a link down below where you can get it. I get this from Columbia spice company online they’re great privately owned family-owned business I get my sejin spices from them all the time so I will leave a link for you down below so Basically what we’re gonna. Do I’m just gonna put some of my steak seasoning in Here, and it’s a beautiful steak seasoning. It’s absolutely delicious, so what we’re gonna do is We’re just going to give this a little sprinkle from high up this has everything salt pepper garlic onion There’s a little fennel in here. There’s everything you need to make a delicious steak I don’t want to put too much and what I’m gonna Do is I’m gonna put this seasoned side down in the pan, and then I will season the other side After we get it in the pan, so I will meet you over at the stove all right here. We are I’ve got my preheated pan ready to go and it may smoke a little I’m gonna hit this with some olive oil And a couple of Pat’s of butter Okay Just like that and Don’t worry too much. This is gonna Be perfect the oil is going to prevent the butter from burning so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take these sticks that we seasoned and I’m going to put them down seasoned side down just like that Don’t move the meat Don’t fiddle with it nothing the meat will tell you when it’s ready to turn its gonna stick when it releases easily it will be time to go ahead and flip it I Have it over medium-high heat. I’m gonna. Go ahead and see them this side of the steak It smells amazing already We want to get a nice outer crust so I like mine medium rare Rick likes his medium and the way you can tell is You can tell by the way it feels no right now obviously it’s not done But the answer is all in your hand okay, if you do this and touch here well And if you put if you push right here into the soft part below your thumb It’s going to the tension on your skin is gonna. It’s gonna the muscle is It’s gonna barely give so it’s kind of hard there, so well medium well Medium medium rare and rare, let’s have a look Oh, yeah, we’re gonna go ahead and turn that Beautiful and remember the meat is gonna continue to cook While it rests so what we’re gonna Do is we’re gonna grab a sheet pan and we’re going to set it aside After we get a good crust on the other side, and it’s gonna continue to cook to perfection After we remove it from the pan, so I’m gonna go grab a sheet pan And then I’m gonna show you what this looks like when it’s all ready to go Okay, these were Cooking for two three minutes I can feel that this is ready, and I feel that this is ready This is medium rare. This is thicker and this is medium so ricketts gonna probably like this one I have four more steaks to cook, but you can see the other side is not gonna get as brown But it’s not a problem I’m taking these off and then what we’re gonna do is finish off the rest of these steaks And then I’m gonna come back, and I’m going to show you what these look like there. You have it There are the first two beautiful steaks that we pan-seared in our grill pan The rest are behind me, and they look equally as beautiful And I went ahead I still this is the thinner one and as you can see this is a nice medium-rare This is medium. Actually it’s like pink in the middle and then this is medium-rare This is actually a little closer to rare, but I like it this way no worries. That’s the best way I know how to pan sear a Beautiful steak in a cast-iron skillet, you don’t have to have a grill pan You can use a regular cast iron flat bottomed skillet. It’s gonna work. Just fine But remember don’t move the meat until the meat tells you It’s ready to move and then you can flip it over and then Remember all of the tips I showed you about how to tell when it’s perfectly done Whether you like it medium medium rare or medium. Well never cook a steak well-done Please because you’re ruining a perfectly delicious piece of meat and that is my opinion, and if you like your meat well done Well, then bully for you So I hope you enjoyed this and I hope you learned something and I hope that you give it a try if you’ve never tried This before because I think you’re in for a treat This is the way a lot of high-end restaurants cook their steaks if they don’t cook it on a gas flame grill They will actually cook it in a cast-iron skillet, and it’s absolutely delicious and something you can totally achieve at home I hope you enjoyed the video if you did please consider giving me a thumbs up if you are new to my kitchen welcome It’s always a pleasure to welcome new friends in I hope that you will hit that subscribe button And if you re trying to remember the nerine’s kitchen family please remember to go down next to the subscribe button and Hit that little belt icon so that you don’t miss out on all the real food for real people Real easy recipes that we present all the time right here on our YouTube channel and straight from our kitchen I hope that you give pan searing a steak like this a try sometime soon And I hope that you love it and until next time. I’ll see you

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