Can You Really Chew An Indium Stick Of Gum? Metal You Can Bite!

Can You Really Chew An Indium Stick Of Gum? Metal You Can Bite!

Okay, today I’m going to be testing out if you can really chew Indium metal like a stick of gum. So I made my own stick of indium gum here. Actually it’s just pure indium metal. I flattened it out. So I want to test if you can chew it like gum. So indium is a really interesting metal. So what’s interesting about it is it’s really malleable. You can pretty much cut through it with a knife. It’s one of the most malleable metals in the periodic table that you can just pick at it with your fingernail. Just cut right into it with a fingernail. So I’ve heard it said that you can chew indium just like gum or tar, and I wanted to test if that was really the case by trying to chew it myself. So before I chew it, I want to show you some other cool things about indium. When you bend it you can hear the metal crystal structure sliding past each other. You can also do this with tin, but indium is really loud to hear. So I’m going to bend it and see if you can hear it. Another cool property of indium is that if you mix it with some gallium, so this is some gallium metal here. You can form an alloy that has a lower melting point than both of them together. So if I just touch them together, It starts to melt. See it melt? So it’s forming alloy at the tips here. This is a similar alloy that’s used in thermometers, the ones that look like they’re mercury, but they’re not. Let’s see if I can get a little drop to form here. So here’s my gallium indium alloy Looks just like mercury but infinitely safer than mercury. So gallium will melt kind of at room temperature; you have to warm it up to around I think it’s like 85 degrees, but, this alloy can be much colder than the gallium. Also indium is one of the few metals that wets glass. So what that means is if you put on a piece of glass, It doesn’t bead up, but it sticks to the glass, so that means that you can make really cool mirrors with it. Hey, here I am. Okay, here’s my stick of indium gum. As far as we know today indium is non-toxic, and I really hope that’s true. So let’s see if you can really chew indium like gum. So it’s really hard gum, but I can chew it. So, you can chew aluminum foil like this, but what’s really happening is it’s not being malleable or forming together. It’s really just crunching it up into a small piece. This, see how I have three separate pieces? And crunch them back into one piece together, so the metal’s just forming back together, unlike aluminum. There you go, you can chew indium like gum. What’s cool when I’m biting this, is like I showed before you can feel the crystals reforming in there and sliding past each other, so you hear the little crunching sound while you’re biting it. Hey everyone, thanks for watching another episode. If you haven’t subscribed yet, consider subscribing and remember to hit that bell button so you can get notified when I have a new video out, and you can leave me some comments in the comments section of what you’d like to see me put in my hydraulic press or what you’d like to see me put in my vacuum chamber or under my Fresnel lens or anything else cool you’d like to see me do let me know and I’ll see you next time.

100 thoughts on “Can You Really Chew An Indium Stick Of Gum? Metal You Can Bite!

  1. So….. y’all know when you put a nail or a old fork in your mouth and it feels uncomfortable on your metal fillings? Yeah fuck that.

  2. I like your channel, really. However I think that things like chewing metal gums are unnecessary for the purpose of education. Lots of children and stupid people out there. Be careful

  3. Yep you can. And you can swallow it. as long as you don’t make it into a salt and inject it into your bloodstream you’ll be perfectly fine.

  4. 85 degrees what the hell that's not room temperature that's painful temperature how the hell do u survive!? We Brits hardly get close to 85

  5. Two Weeks Later :
    Some people said that you can survive jumping off a cliff so today were going to test that out.

  6. At least it will not loose its flavour like gum and uhh when the teacher says stop chewing gum in glass you can say WAIT A MIMUTE LADY ITS METAL

  7. I know mercury is toxic but what would happen if you swallow it, could it even go down your throat because of it’s density?

  8. Wow what an interesting video, very cool. I can't imagine chewing that with amalgam fillings…. if a fork touched mine, I'd get a good amount of pain.

  9. Oh my god. So when I was ten I accidentally broke a thermometer, and I thought it was mercury… but it looked pretty cool, so I threw away the glass and hid the metal in my bathroom closet, and from time to time I would take it out and play with it on my hand.
    I bet it was actually the gallium indium alloy.

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