Can Dogs Smell Electricity? RIF 43

Can Dogs Smell Electricity? RIF 43

Baby puffins are called “Pufflings”. 11 of the 12 men to have walked on the Moon
were in the Boy Scouts. Every month in the Netherlands, 133 billion
insects are killed colliding into cars. Squirrels can remember the hiding places of
up to 10,000 nuts. In 2011, cheese was the most stolen food in
the world. During pregnancy, some women crave non-edible
items, such as paper, clay and metal, it’s an eating disorder known as Pica. A man from Florida was arrested after calling
911 three times asking the dispatcher if she was interested in going on a date with him. Gladiator sweat was used as a beauty product
for one’s skin in Ancient Rome. The expiration date on bottled water is actually
for the bottle, not the water. The most times a person has been stung by
bees without dying is 2,443. Dogs can smell where electric current has
been and human fingerprints that are a week old. Under the provisions of the 1912 Scottish
Protection of Animals Act, the Loch Ness monster is a protected species. The lion used in the original MGM movie logo
killed its trainer and two assistants the day after the logo sequence was filmed. California consumes more bottled water than
any other product. Spiders are extremely carnivorous. 10,000
spiders sealed in a room will eventually result in one enormously fat spider. Lava can flow as fast as a sprinting greyhound.

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  1. Pica is a serious and often dangerous eating disorder NOT just confined to pregnant women, ANYONE can suffer from it and should seek treatment just as with ALL eating disorders, so that is slightly wrong. Pregnant women are more likely to crave edible foods, but if they are craving NON edible foods it suggests an imbalance in the body for which they should seek the help of a doctor for.

  2. Another RIF on the MGM lion. The noise it makes it actually made by a tiger. A lion's roar sounds like it's trying to vomit!

  3. Hey here in California were in a drought so it shouldn't be very surprising that we drink bottled often. Also the drought has been continuously going on for a few years now.

  4. so that awkward moment. when you didn't even know there was an expiration date on water bottles.. never thought to look lol 

  5. If that's true then squirrels plant trees or there's just that one deeply squirrel who forgets where he buried his nuts.

  6. You have the best videos! Hey what are your thoughts upon religion, can you do a video about what you think which religion is more accurate.

  7. A lot of people can't stand his teeth. I don't really see anything wrong with them, but I, for one, can't resist that wink ♥

  8. Totally unrealted to the video.How many people actually supports this channel with money and how much do you actually get?

  9. every month in Holland. 133 billion insects are killed by collision by cars

    good god.. XD we need more cars here hahahaha
    there are stil fae too many insects around at the summer.😂😂

  10. bottled water, it's like tap water but ina bottle and you have to pay for it.

  11. 10,000 spiders locked in a room. I wouldn't go in that room even if there was £1million in there for me.

  12. I'm sorry +Thoughty2, but every man that walked on the moon were in the Boy Scouts. All but Buzz Aldrin were Eagles, the top and most difficult rank (Aldrin only got to Tenderfoot).

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