Buy A Welder, Fix The Gate, Learn Stuff.

Buy A Welder, Fix The Gate, Learn Stuff.

– Have you ever had one of those projects where you’re not quite sure if you can fix it or not? You and me together. This is our world. This gate has been not
working for a couple years and I finally decided, see you gotta shove it, I’m gonna try and fix this. Are you ready? Here we go. Garden Fork, making things, making food. If I can do it, you can do it. Couple of challenges here. It’s like threatening to rain, kind of started raining. It’s New York City. But this was put together, well let’s just say by people who were kinda, they just, they didn’t, I mean if you’re gonna do it, why don’t you just do it so it works and it doesn’t work. These two hinges here, the one on the bottom pinches, this one pinches less. So our challenge here today, you and I, is to remove these hinges and then weld in new hinges and I just got a new
welder and I love welding and we’re gonna fix this. Well we’re gonna do our best and hopefully the rain, the rain was supposed to stop and I gotta get this done so we are multi challenged as usual. Okay that’s not working. Okay I can hear now. So these, I need to get those off. People staring at me as I do this but that happens. I’m gonna cut these off, it’s not gonna look beautiful but done and done, done, done is better than perfect in Garden Fork and that’s what we’re really
looking for here is done. Trying to cut those off. Over here, ow, that’s hot. I think I’m just gonna
try and clean that up. This one is pretty low key already. Re-hang it, pin some hinges on, and let’s see what happens, right? So, I can’t talk, can I. It’s four o’clock, I need a cup of tea. So I’m just gonna try and clean this up a little
bit, make it smooth, as smooth as welded metal can be. Here we go. Grinding wheel, smooth this down. Let’s see what happens. So before this gap here
was too tight, like that, and the door would pinch and not work. So I’m gonna introduce a
little bit of space here all the way through and then it will latch over there I hope. So this is very much a hey, let’s try this and see what happens except we’re dealing with
metal and we’re welding. There kinda isn’t a
undo button for welding kinda sorta, so let’s see what happens. Like everything in my life, nothing here is square or plumb or level. 120 year old building. I mean fairly recent rod iron but I’m trying to shim this, it’s tight here and
there’s a big gap there, gap there, gap there. So I’m just gonna have to wrestle with it. It’s hard to kinda show that on video so just think I’m wrestling with it, okay? (calm music) I might have fixed it by accident. My limiting factor has
been this gate latch and I just realized if I
cut the gate latch off, I can hang this and
then put the gate latch to match the pin, the bolt, so I’m gonna cut this off because that’ll just make life easier and that’s what it’s all about, right. I think I have a spare
one of these in the shop so I’ll have to go digging. All right, several boxes this could be in. These pesto jars make great for holding screws and stuff by the way. I remember seeing this a while ago. I know I have too many cable ties, but that’s for our new ply wood boat. Let me just dig through. More cable ties. I’d like to have a cable
tie intervention here. Box number two, you know, you never know what you’re gonna need. This might be helpful. You never know what you’re gonna need so I just keep a couple boxes of stuff. Oh I think I see it, is this it? That is a beautiful thing. Not bad, huh? It’s much louder when you take that off. It is New York, after all. I’m wondering if this
will solve the problem. Let’s rehang the puppy, see what happens. This is Simon. Hello Mr. Simon. Did you see that, did you see that love? Fox terrier love? – [Man] You’re making a
nice little fence for me. – Labradors are inside. I think those fit right there and then another set down there. What do you think? I don’t know, let’s try and see what happens. You’ll let me know in the comments, right? So I ground off the zinc coating and I have bare metal here, nice grinder. Luke, it’s the force. No, I got a new welder. Link below to the actual model because I’m really happy with it so that’ll be in the text below video, but time for welding. Here you go. Big hint. All right let’s weld that in. Luke, no it’s not Luke, its Eric. Not the greatest tack welds, but this is, that’s a lot better than it was, I’ll tell you that. So I took this off of here, I’m gonna put a new one on, and the gate might work. That could be a thing. All right here we go. And that is a beautiful thing, it worked. I’m gonna finish up these welds here, just tack them in to see if it works. There’s more of me, let’s continue this journey. More welding right here, just click on those videos. If you’re interested in the welder, info below for that, but right here, more welding, more Eric, more of this.

24 thoughts on “Buy A Welder, Fix The Gate, Learn Stuff.

  1. Got the same one on June 7 havenโ€™t had a chance yet to use but from your video โ€œI think I like itโ€ lol yeah canโ€™t wait to see it completed! I commend you doing that in nyc! Lol Iโ€™m here in jersey and I canโ€™t have any spectators ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. So is this welder a good improvement from the H.F. welder you used in the past? Also, too many cable ties? I don't comprehend.

  3. A lot of spatter, canโ€™t remember if that is to much lead wire or head to far away from work. I know very little

  4. Looking good. Hopefully those hinges hold up; they seem undersized for the task. Worst case scenario weโ€™ll see you do gate-repair-video-version-2.0, which isnโ€™t a bad thing for your viewers. Thanks for sharing your videos.

  5. Nice gate…now it needs a paint job. Was that the latch you bought three years ago and finally caved? Anyway….your not afraid to tackle anything. Bless you….

  6. get rid of the gas hood with flux core welding you can get a plastic end to cover the tip makes it easy to get into hard to reach places and easy to weld , you can also use the screw holes to tack and weld the hinge on like spot welding

  7. More welding vids

    New welder I use

  8. I donโ€™t know what part of New York City that you live in, but I love your neighborhood. And a good job of repairing the gate.

  9. I am Electrician and i looooove Cable Ties ! And looking at MY skills , you are a Welding EXPERT , Eric ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Eric ,Iโ€™m Impressed.Thanks my wife is going to kill me,now I want a welder ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿญ ,looks like fun

  11. That was impressive. (I bought my impact drill based on your recommendations, but Iโ€™m gonna pass on the welder.) I do, however, need a circular saw and I donโ€™t know what to get because there are so many types out there.

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