Bush Welding ► All 4 Adventure TV

Bush Welding ► All 4 Adventure TV

Hey mate, you there? Yeah, gotcha. What’s up? This rotten old tow-bar of mine has come loose
again. All right, mate. I think I’m going to have to weld it or something. I don’t know. We’ll have a look at it. Getting a bit sick of it kicking me in the
bum. Well, that’s about the 3rd time we’ve tightened
that up. I think we need to come up with a better solution,
mate. So we need to weld it, I reckon. Sounds great to me. Get some welding going on. I’ve got a little welder there that we can
use. I’m just going to need a couple of batteries
to do the job. I’m going to use them to power up this welder. Because we’re in the middle of nowhere, this
is what’s going to do the job. So it’s this little device that I picked up. And we’re going to run a couple of fillet
welds, and we’re actually welding the towbar to the chassis, but we’re not fully welding
it. Because they do need to be bolted. And we’re just going to help the bolts, basically. Because at the moment, they’re just coming
loose. The thing just flicking up and down. And then eventually it’ll just flog it out
and destroy it completely. So a bit of preventative maintenance before
we get a complete failure. So positive-positive, or you’re turning it
to 24-volt? 24-volt. No, no, we want 12-volt. Positive. Positive. Let’s get it right. Negative is black. All right, see how we go. All right, that should do it, mate. Good job, buddy. That’s enough. Well, it’s not the greatest weld in the world,
because I’ve got a toolbox in the way, and I’m struggling to get in there and grind all
the paint off. But that should do the job, Simon. It will, mate. Can’t be any worse.

14 thoughts on “Bush Welding ► All 4 Adventure TV

  1. question , why not tack weld the bolt head and nut to the mounts after tightening rather than the tow bar to chassis .
    nuts and bolts wouldn't be able to come undone, and would be removable with a minium of Grinding?

  2. is that wire fed? interesting, i havent seen a wire fed trail welder. in the video you said you want 12v though, did you figure out you actually wanted 24v or does this kit have an internal switch mode power supply to bring the volts up?

  3. Burr the base of the thread with a screwdriver or chisel and hammer and put the nut back on. It'll lock up and works as good as or better than a nylock nut

  4. You guys make awesome vids, but may I ask, why not use big American trucks with v8, lift kits, not huge ones, just 3 or 4 inch, and build custom beds like the ones you've built for the trucks you drive now

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