– [RCSparks] All right,
so getting right into it, in the last video I
completed the mast section. Now, that was pretty amazing on it’s own, but there is much work to be done still. You’re going to be a little bit mad at me, I did jump ahead a little bit because some of this
is rather tedious work and to put it on video, well, sometimes it’s good to
give you a summation of work that I did, plus show you a little bit around. So, this is the cage I
covered in the last video, I was gonna paint the
whole unit blue and black with yellow accents. Now, this light itself
actually came with the bolt that went right through
and had a nut that came on, and then I used some shrink tube and a small zap trap that’s supplied to cinch it up on the side. Now, LESU sends these lights that are just small LEDs. Now let me see if I can find one here, there we go, look at this. Just a little tiny light-emitting diode. You take this and the wire, and you actually build the assembly for it to sit up on it’s perch, and then run it through and even assemble these sidelights. Now, what do I mean by that? Well, this was actually
three separate pieces. The clear piece, the black
piece, and the orange outer lens. You actually have to
sandwich everything together running the wires through
the pieces and glue them. So I’ve pre-glued them and had them done for the show today. Also, you’ll notice that
there’s a bracket up here, look at this neat little bracket. Wouldn’t that be cool
if that came assembled? Or, would it be cooler
if you got to make it? Well, look at this. It isn’t even bent, but it does have some gouges in the metal that help you basically bend this into place, and I want to make sure
to do this carefully, one handed, one camera
in one hand using zoom and the other one making a light bracket! Nice, you can tell I’ve had
a few years of experience. Okay, so there is that right there. Now, this itself is gonna
get mounted up on this side, there is a receiving hole right here. So, through the magic of TV, now that you understand
how these lights are made: It’s installed, ha! So the side looks just like that, where the wires are run
through back on the other side, and here is the other LED. I haven’t put the lens in yet, but just so you could see how
it was kinda put together, and then of course I’ll
put a screw and nut right there to fix it up. And, in this shot, who
can tell the difference? What is different? No hex nuts on the inside, I removed them. I was actually supposed to use a smaller, 3 mil screw almost, really really small with no nut on the other side, it shows right here. So, there you go, just to let you know in case you’re building along with me. Now, for this next move you can use heat-shrink or tube or whatever you want, but I’m going to use this
tubing as a sheathing for the wires going everywhere. You’ll see what I mean, I’m just gonna start cutting it into place so I can help run these wires and not have them all straggly. Man, this wiring takes a long time when you’re trying to do it right, but check this out. Now, this coping doesn’t come in the kit, I just want to be clear. This is just something
I had in my toolbox, but I cut it long enough to where I could run both of these
through this one tube, and then I was able to
squeeze these two wires and put all four of them into this tube, coming down and making sure to mark which ones were the side indicators. Now, which one is which? Uh, that’s easy to find out because this one is on the farthest side, it’s the shortest. So, I don’t have to worry about that, but I’m gonna get these
cinched up into place and we can move on. Speak to me, oh book of the wise, what do you have for me on 15? So, we are installing
the back brass weight, we’re going to be using a
couple of ball-headed bolts as it says there, two of the M2x3s, and just basically bolting it right on through the back, right on. Then, number 16, I didn’t paint the interior, I’m gonna leave the interior black. If I don’t like it later on, I’ll paint it, that’s no problem. We can get that situated
right into the cab itself, so lets get on that back brass piece. All right, the brass piece, you can see I’ve painted it all up several layers of caution yellow, I figured with a blue forklift you’d wanna have some
bright colors on there just so that it can be seen. Only two small holes on
the back, check that out. Put that up against the back cab, and then two bolts right on the inside. Two screws, rather. Using the bit itself was a lot easier. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Whoa! (laughs) Reach way over here and grab the interior, put it in on an angle. I like this, there’s even
a hole notched in there for the electrical wires. Put it in on the angle, let it, (laughs) let it
fall through the cage, fumble fingers, here. What’s going on is, the
coping is slightly larger but because it’s rubber
coping it doesn’t matter ’cause it fits perfect, ta-da! Then I reach way over, grab that one, right… I know, it’s still recording, this is the reality of filming. (laughs) There we go. And then, carefully, wires down through there, and like so. Yes, coming together! Now, four bolts on the
bottom, four screws rather. If I get all these lined up properly, like that. Aha, now, almost looks a little bit like my Hakko soldering station! (laughs) Starting to look really good though. I need to put in that other lens, that other one’s just
kinda sitting in there, right on, next. All right, 18 has to do with the seat placement, so we’ve gotta find a plastic piece, that piece, bolt them all
together with the seat and then get the seat and
the steering column in. So, that goes into this
small piece right here. I love how every LESU bag– Or, every part is bagged, really. Lemme see here… Just so we can have a look. Oh yeah, so since I have a black cage and a black theme, I don’t really need to
paint the black pieces, which is a bonus, but I can move ahead with this right away. So, install the steering column, and the steering wheel, no problem. So, the steering column
would drop in like that, and then two bolts are gonna line up. (laughs) So, I’m looking around for these pieces, I’m like, I just don’t get it! And I check at the
beginning, it’s checked off, and then I see here, “loudspeaker”. So, this is the sound kit, this is the speaker that actually sits underneath the chair, how cool! Here’s the sound kit, here’s the piece I’m looking for, the speaker itself. That is super neat, that it is already assembled. It shows here that you want to assemble it but you don’t have to, all you have to do is put
it in the bottom of the seat with the speaker side down and then bolt it in with
the countersunk M2-8 mils. This build is getting cooler and cooler every moment I keep
going here, look at that. Who doesn’t want a subwoofer
underneath their seat when they’re in the forklift, right? You know what I’m talking about. (laughs) I wonder, there’s a screw hole here but no way to screw it in, hm. So, the cab, this goes underneath… Make sure it’s planted properly… Like that, and then screw that in. ‘Kay, look at this! Number 21, I get to install the shifter with a hex nut, and look at the shifter! It’s nice, (laughs) it’s perfectly cut, it’s beautiful. I don’t know if it’s cut or cast or what, I think it’s cut, look at
that, hex nut on the bottom. What a great accessory. For my next magic trick, I’ll be installing the
stainless stack on the back, underneath there’s going to be a nut but it is huge. There we go; if you’re
following along, now you know. Look at this, it’s almost like it was metal 3D printed. It’s gorgeous! And then in 22, they’re asking me to put
this back pin in here which also has that threaded nut, but I’ve yet to find that
piece to put in there. So, because it’s stand-off– like, stand-alone, I’m gonna leave it for now until I do come across it, which is not a big deal. Then I take the small, let me see, right here. Look at this: All these tiny details, guys. Look at that, finally get to put that on and then I get to run the main
kingpin through, you’ll see. And around the back of the vehicle, I just drop the pin in. Underneath, you’ll see that
I’ve already attached the latch. Now, step 24 obviously led
me straight to step 25, which confused me a little bit because I was wondering, where’s the motors and gears and all this fun bearing stuff, and all of a sudden I realized they already did this section! So, that’s a big bonus, unless I wanted to go in and check all the bearings and whatnot, but if you check, all this comes together into one piece, and then I’m jumping straight to part 29 where I can take this outdrive here, this is a pin drive system,
if I can focus there, and basically hook it
straight up to the end. Beautiful! And then a few tires. The super scale guys
are going to love this. Watch this, so here, in goes the drive pin, right, then comes the drive adapter like that with all your holes, then comes the washer– or, pardon me, the locknut… Let’s see if I can get
that threaded on there… Get that cross wrench, I’m
just gonna hold on to it, get it fully threaded, now it’s a nylon locknut
so we don’t have to worry about it backing off once you got it on there nice and tight, and then, da da, da-da-da-da-da: you take your tire, line
up your holes like so, and then take your cap and then you get to bolt on all of the bolts individually right through all three pieces, babam. It looks like a nice perfect axle. Once you have both all locked in, of course in a star pattern– look at this, limited slip diff guys. No longer having to worry
about that straight axle issue, I love this. This is innovation on it’s own, and listen: It’s so quiet. Okay, perfect, onto the next!


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