Build Welding’s Future With Hope Struse

Build Welding’s Future With Hope Struse

One day Hope asked me if I
would show her how to weld, because she wanted to make
something for her brother Zane. The first weld that I made
was on a Miller Passport, it was a machine that my dad’s
had for probably 20 years. From there, it was a
thrill, it was a spark. And I didn’t know what I was
gonna do after high school, my mom said take a college class. Take a welding class,
because I love to weld, so. I remember that she was obviously shy, and it was new for her,
being homeschooled. It was scary, it was really scary, especially being a homeschooler, I wasn’t around very
many people growing up. I came in here and Mr. Brown
had created an environment where I could learn. I
didn’t feel threatened, I didn’t feel intimidated. It was just me trying
to do the best I could. I play the cello and the piano. You practice hours and
hours on a specific piece, a piano piece, for a performance.
And in that same instance, welding, for a certification,
to go out and get a job, you practice hours and
hours for perfection. You could see when she
got out of her shell, she was just hungry to learn. It seemed like she never wanted to stop, she just kept going. He was spending the time
to really encourage her. I nominated Hope for some
really interesting reasons, because she’s really a hard worker, she puts a lot of effort in. Hope is always the type
that is asking questions and just challenging herself, it seems like, wanting to be able to do more and better. One day, he just called up, and he goes, “Check your e-mail, you won the contest.” They were generous enough
to allow me to pick exactly what I wanted for the
prize, to promote a program dedicated to girls or young
women in this community to teach them the basics of the trade. She started to play a role with showing other students stuff,
because other students were seeing what she was doing,
they were coming for advice. That student has no
idea what they’re doing, they see a bright light,
and they don’t know how to control that bright light. And you try everything
to get them to learn how to weld, to see
the puddle, to actually see what they’re doing. You don’t know if you put down a good bead until you lift up that
hood and they see it, and they go, “Oh, that’s
what it feels like. And that’s what it’s
supposed to look like.” He’s our hero. What can I say, he’s encouraged her and brought out the best
in her, and helped her be better than she could’ve been. I hope for welding’s
future that more people, when they see welding, when
they learn about welding, have that spark of
interest to go and try it, because once they try it, they won’t want to let go.

9 thoughts on “Build Welding’s Future With Hope Struse

  1. Yay For Hope!!! Hope is one of my favorite people I know!!! Place brings back so many fond memories. Scott Brown is so awesome to.

  2. We're all saved! Thank you miller! Thank you for virtue signaling and giving me the biggest warm and fuzzy I've felt since 2008! The welding world is now complete with a woman weldor and everything! What's next? Can we highlight a transgender or a gender-non-doofloppy something or other? Oooh wait! I have a great idea….how about a welding machine that automatically shuts off the welding current and goes into meltdown mode if a Trump supporter picks up the torch? I think it's a great idea. It's genius in fact. Brilliant to be honest.

  3. Knowing Hope is a treasure. In every way she is a diligent, hard working, young woman with a sweet spirit eager to share all she knows so others can benefit. Thank you Miller for featuring Hope, she is a credit to the profession.

  4. World War Two (1941-1945 saw some women as welders of ships and airplanes for the war effort as there was a shortage of men, who were fighting on the front in Japan and Germany.

  5. I couldn't be more proud to know this wonderful young woman. She has been an inspiration for our daughter from the start. What an amazing role model she is and what a big heart too. Congratulations on all your success Hope, I know this is just another amazing accomplishment which will be collected and treasured and shared in your life!!

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