BRING ME THANOS! Building Stormbreaker: Part 2

BRING ME THANOS! Building Stormbreaker: Part 2

Hey guys, on the last episode of Make it Real We started building Stormbreaker, Thor’s new weapon from Infinity War Now, it’s time to build the Hammer end of it To build it we’re going to be using a cool technique where we plasma cut steel plate And then weld it together to form the 3D shape Now the neat thing with this technique is it’s something you can do yourself because most machine shops will actually do plasma cutting for pretty reasonable prices It’s what we did before we had our own CNC plasma table And make sure you support us on patreon to gain access to our design files. So you can recreate our projects at home Now casting it would have been a bit more realistic to the movie but for the size of the hammer you would need some pretty big equipment to cast it successfully Which, we don’t have Yet If you guys like this project make sure you check out some of our other Marvel builds Like Cap’s electromagnet shield, his new Wakandan shield, and Thor’s original Hammer Mjolnir Complete with all of it’s different abilities Let’s get building, to start we’ll be designing it in CAD before we plasma cut It’s going to be a lot more pieces then the blade and a lot of welding As you can see we’re drawing the 2D outline of each piece And then adding it to the 3D model to make sure everything lines up when we do the welding Now that we have all the pieces complete we’re going to export each part as a flat pattern DXF file For the plasma cutter to use The plasma cutter we’re using is a Maverick CNC from Elite Metal Tools Our source for industrial machinery. It’s enabled us to make even better projects since we got it Alright so the plasma cutter cut this hole a little to small Probably could have accounted for it but I was in a hurry So we’re going to have the lathe down this pipe And we’re going to make it fit Oh man That’s the one I don’t want Put this guy in Now, learn how to use the lathe Ian, I want to reverse right? I didn’t touch it Definitely forward That way Success! So that goes inside the center of the Hammer portion of Stormbreaker To reinforce it when we’re smashing things And then these guys all stack up on top of this Alright, so we’re actually going to make the end of Stormbreaker replaceable Since we’re going to smash so much stuff So this is actually the head of the hammer And I’m going to weld this M16 bolt on there, and it will actually thread into the core of the hammer Using this nut which we can insert into the pipe Try that again There we go So now, this will go like this The next fun part is jamming this into this hole Now the threads are broken Ya we’re going to have to cut off the end of the thread It’s warm. But it’s still not in far enough Where’s the sledge hammer Use all the projects I need more room to swing this Is that one a spare No I knew this would fail I see you’ve noticed I’m not wearing a normal Hacksmith shirt Limited time merch now with the link in the description below Well, that can go in the scrap metal shelf Take 2 There we go Is it crooked? Ya it looks crooked The ultimate test Slightly crooked Alright so before we weld the hammer together, let’s see how much it’s going to weigh just in steel alone So just to remind you The axe portion, which we already made weighs 24.5 pounds or 11.1 Kilos Let’s see what this weighs 10 kilos Are we missing something? … oh I was like, that’s way too light There we go. 12.6 kilos or 27.8 pounds So, as of right now the hammer side is going to weigh more Plus we’ll probably use about 1 to 2 pounds of welding wire So we may have to add a bit more weight to this So the whole thing is balanced As all things should be Alright let’s start welding How are we going to do this? We’re going to start by welding This into here And basically the whole thing will stack on top like one of those baby puzzle things That’s the good stuff It’s already getting heavy Just like that I think the reason I like welding more than woodworking is cause with woodworking if you cut a piece too short you’re screwed but with welding You just fill it with weld It’s kind of like cheating Does this thing work? It does Grinder and paint make me the welder I… Should we try filling the weld? probably not I am kind of curious I did it It’s so heavy Alright now to stop it from rusting Alright so before we finish this let’s do a quick little test I’m going to go up onto the roof of the garage And drop it onto 5 panes of tempered glass This stuff is actually really hard to break. Here’s a clip of our Wakandan shield not even breaking one with a full punch Let’s hope this fares a bit better Bring me my hammer! Holy S***T, that is heavy I’m glad the rope has knots in it Ian No going back now Am I almost there? How much do I trust this safety rope It’s not like we have a real fall arrest harness in the garage or anything I feel safer then not having it So I’m on the roof here and I’ve got the hammer portion of Stormbreaker Which we are going to drop off the roof onto 5 panes of tempered glass Ok, everyone ready? Throw it to James It’s just I pulled my back out the other day So you know I just haven’t been myself Take 2 A bit of a dent in the garage door Ok you can pull now It didn’t go through all of them You broke the last one The middle one survived? That is weird Here we go Destroyed Don’t miss Here we go BOOM If I could have one super power it would be the ability to jump off of high buildings The screen didn’t blow up though did it It exploded out the back Alright so after we did those destructive tests The hammer wasn’t too damaged, it was a little scratched up But we got Owen to do a whole bunch of sanding And then we actually added a few more detail pieces along the hammer And we posted a whole bunch of updates on instagram about this So if you’re not following us on instagram or facebook and twitter Make sure you do that cause you can see the projects as they’re being made before the video comes out Anyways, now that we have the 2 pieces mostly finished We still have to polish this a bit so it’s nice and shiny like this guy Let’s see what is looks like together Oh it’s heavy Alright let’s find a temporary handle perhaps a bit flimsy Oh boy This is ridiculous This is actually probably how most wood would behave actually too with this much weight So, make sure you’re subscribed. In part 3 we will be welding this together and finding Groot Well I hope you guys are enjoying this series. This project has been a ton of work Next up is attaching the 2 sides together permanently and then finding Groot And you know we’re going to have to test this thing with an awesome destruction video We even found Thanos Subscribe, turn on notifications, blah blah blah. You don’t want to miss it Why do you have a camera? Get that out of there, you’re not allowed They took our jobs! Well, when we have bloopers and we’re not looking for bloopers you’ll thank me

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  2. Hacksmith:BRING ME THANOS!!!!!!


    Both are fighting

    Thanos just eating chips

  3. How to make engineering extremely interesting 101

    Step1- watch The Hacksmith video
    Step2- keep watching their videos

  4. Don't you mean Metal working not welding. Sense welding is permanently joining two pieces of metal together, not cutting one into two pieces.
    Also depending on what you're making with wood you can join two pieces together in multiple ways and still be structurally sound.

  5. You guys should use the magnet from the captain America shield and put it on Thor’s axe or hammer and the hammer or axe will come back to you and be worthy with it!

  6. Hacksmith: "If I could have a superpower it would be the ability to jump off high buildings."
    Me: You already do, it just hurts.

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  8. You hit the edge of the tempered glass, of course it shattered. That's literally the shatter point of it.

  9. I've noticed you have to fish out all the pieces from the catch tank of the plasma cutter. Couldn't you build a raising floor or even a simple net to raise the cut pieces up to you?

  10. make a giant stormbreaker that serves as a lightning rod with a laser bazooka down in the shaft so you can blow stuff up in a lightning storm LOL im a huge fan

  11. hello guys i got a quick question ,what is the purpose of throwing the hammer from the roof?i mean what did u prove when u broke the glass?

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