Brightest LED Bulbs Save 80% On Your Electricity Bill

100 thoughts on “Brightest LED Bulbs Save 80% On Your Electricity Bill

  1. great deal as usual good job Rosalyn thanks for all the time you guys put into finding us these deals keep it up Matt

  2. Bright ideas for these awesome finds…two great ways to save money and during the summer that is a plus! Thanks!

  3. Love LED lights. We recently changed out every light bulb in the house, and switched them to LED. Will never go back to the old style lights again. Great Deals. Love the Motion Detection on that one light. 🙂

  4. I am glad that Rosalyn LED us to amazing deals on bulbs. Bright IDEA!

    In SE Michigan, one electric company, DTE Energy, has a Home Energy Profile program where they will go to a customer's home and give suggestions for SAVING electricity. Part of their program is to GIVE … FREE … LED light bulbs (up to 20 per customer) to replace incandescent bulbs that are installed in the house (and for those stingy people, the let you keep the incandescent bulbs!). I had 20 bulbs replaced INCLUDING 3 decorative round bulbs (a ceiling fan) and 6 miniature decorative bulbs in a chandelier. The total VALUE of the bulbs were $60-$150 (sale price vs. normal price).

    People can call DTE (if they are your utility) at 866.796.0512 … use code =>1261246<= when you schedule this FREE appointment.


  6. Hey Matt and Roselyn, Great Deal I have not found them for less anywhere. Matt, FYI – The reason you keep turning them on in front of your face is because you need it "Brighter" in the room.  I Know from first hand experience   lol.

  7. Congratulations Lauren Rector! 🙂
    You can never have enough lighting/light bulbs in the house because they are so sensitive to burning out, getting broke or you just need more lighting in a specific area.
    Just a personal note: I find I need more lighting as I get older so I appreciate ANYTHING that helps me see better. So, THANK YOU once again for presenting great deals on these kinds of products. 🙂
    Have a bright week, folks!

  8. sometimes I wish you wouldn't have started THE DEAL GUY. I'm buying (and happy with) a lot of things these days. Thank you

  9. Thanks Matt and Roselyn! These are great to save energy and I needed. a deal on them. Thank you so much!

  10. Hello,
    I have spent hours..( seemed like hours)😂😂😂 trying to find better prices or attractive presentations…why..cause I'm retired and like to save money….guess what…I have not found better deals or attractive presentations online ANYWHERE!!! THANKS for Caring..and for SHARING!!
    PEACEFULLY Julio Covington Sr

  11. OMG did the Motion Sensing LED just sell out?!?!?!?!  "Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock."

  12. Matt and Rosalyn, thank you for the LED light bulb deal. I just used my last light bulb and I was going to buy more this weekend.

  13. Have been switching over to LEDs slowly. This will certainly help. Ordered the bulbs. Unfortunately the light bar apparently sold out. The power of the DEAL GUY!

  14. I love the LED energy efficient bulbs!!! Now I know Matt, Rosalyn is the sustainable energy lady!!!! I love to see solar, water or wind power products. The LED sticks are awesome and love the price.

  15. Can't wait to get the light for under my cabinets. Usually I get items for my Grandchildren but this will be great for me! Speaking of grandchildren..Matt do you have any deals on the new Nintendo DS ?

  16. thanks for the awesome deals, too bad the motion sensor ones are gone now, came too late…guess there's always next time!

  17. hey Matt..awesome stuff bro..I had a light bulb light right above my head..huh..forgot what I was gunna say? ha jk..good stuff

  18. Hello, I would like you to find a good deal for me on an induction cook top. (cool to touch) A single and double one if possible. I need one for the RV. Thanks

  19. Hi Rosalynd! Good to see ya! I was laughing as well when Matt looked directly into the light. Reminds me of the flash on an iPhone. Always forgetting how darn bright it lmbo. #squintyeyeselfies.

  20. Gosh…why they couldnt be the ones that didnt have the screw on the bottom…uggghhhh…but great deal guys…

  21. LED is the way to go! Changing out ALL of our lights & fixtures thru our whole house. Can't beat the savings or the brightness. Love that the prices keep getting lower & lower!!

  22. This is the fifth item I bought from your deals. The led strip light works great but how do you charge it once it is stuck to the wall of your closet? You have to buy a power bank or power adapter or 50 extension cord to go from your computer to it. I should have done more research before I bought this or maybe you should have mention it.

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