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Dependability Commitment Success… Being trusted and heavily relied upon by your customer, comes with hard work and dedication. That’s why we took a trip to Little Rock,
Arkansas and met up with a company that pours its heart and soul into everything they do. Meet one of the world’s greatest in the metal service industry: BOYD METALS With 25 years of dedicated experience, Boyd Metals is THE name to know for just about ANY metal need. Boyd Metals is a full-line steel service
center. We are totally committed to providing our
customers with the quality and the best service possible in the steel service center industry. We are very flexible and responsive because we are privately held, and we can make decisions quickly. And, we can do that to where a lot of the
competition cannot. To where we will service our customers in
a quick manner because we can make decisions fast and make changes if need be. We take the time to invest in our customers and really get to know them and their industry. Cause really, the products we sell in the
market, a lot of people can do the same thing. But we really like to break down to service
them, to where we can get stuff to them the next day. We can load it out that night and get it to
em. The niche is that, with us being a full-line
service center, to where we have carbon products, stainless products, aluminum products… We can really get that to them and cater to ANY service they need. There’s always some type of niche that we will be able to develop and help and service to make them more profitable as a company, and at the same time, to where we can grow with them. With the mission of providing their customers with the best overall service and value in
the metal service industry, Boyd Metals supplies the most quality products at competitive prices, which are packaged properly and delivered in a timely manner. Just in time delivery is what we refer to
as when a customer needs it, they need it now. Because, when they have things that they could be doing or have somebody be doing, they don’t have any material to work on… they’re losing money. And so that’s where we come in. Because if we’ve got it, they’ve got it the
next day. Well, service center is basically where we will bring in material from the mills in
large volume and we’ll break that material down to deliver it to customers in like a ‘just-in-time’ situation or a timely
manner. We’ll also add in quality processing where we do burning, sawing, shearing… in-house, first step processing. And we’ll try to make that to where we cater things just to what the
customer needs. As a continuously growing company, Boyd Metals, and their customers remain excited about the future. We basically offer a unique service to customers as a result of our business model. And our business model is: Quote everything on an order if at all possible, and, satisfy the customer and make sure that we’re taking care of their wants and needs. The fact that we can save a customer time and money by giving them a reasonable, competitive price, gives us an advantage in the marketplace because we can also offer em a time level
to work with. In other words, “How many days do you need it by?” And they can work with that time. The fact that we offer competitive pricing, one-stop shopping, and outstanding customer service allows us to be unique in the marketplace. Providing the metals their customers depend on, BOYD METALS is one of the world’s GREATEST!

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