Bound by Flame: Journey Through Vertiel

Bound by Flame: Journey Through Vertiel

Bound by Flame is an RPG that takes you to the world of Vertiel, a land threatened by a lethal undead army, led by the 7 Ice Lords. You are a mercenary the last line of defense against this unyielding evil ravaging your world. It might help that you are being possessed by a flame demon, promising you strength and powers. Will you reject the demonic influence to keep your humanity and your heroic abilities, or let the demon dominate yourself and unleash the powers of the beast? Beware: there’s no turning back. During your journey through Vertiel, fantastical enemies will try to slow you down. Don’t underestimate them, as there are many creatures in this world more ancient and dangerous than the hordes of Deadwalkers. Explore every corner of the map to collect tons of weapons, armor and components to build incredible equipment! Swords, axes, warhammers, crossbows, daggers, plenty pieces of armor… you will have access to a vast array of equipment, entirely customizable thanks to an intuitive craft system. Progress through the story and the numerous side quests will grant you experience points to spend in your 3 skill trees. Fight as a warrior and unleash powerful attacks with your heavy weapons. Be a formidable rogue and favour a stealthy approach and fast-paced combat style. Toggle between these combat stances on the fly as the combat situation evolves. Your demonic side will also let you use devastating flame spells, transforming you into a feared pyromancer! During your journey, you will meet 5 different companions. Each has their own specific story, skills and character. The way you interact with them might have a huge impact on your story and your combat strategy. Good luck on your quests in Vertiel, and keep tuned for the upcoming video that will describe the dynamic combat system of the game in more detail.

55 thoughts on “Bound by Flame: Journey Through Vertiel

  1. This got potential, focus is a good publisher and this looks great. Picking an announcer for the trailer was weird though

  2. I just feel like something is missing from this game. Maybe they should have added guns or something or some aliens too. We all know games without guns don't sell.

  3. I really wish you guys at the studio would do a Q&A of sorts about this game because i do have quite a bit of questions, but over all, I'm really excited and waiting for a release date!

  4. Seriously? Someone chose that narrator and all the team thought it,s ok? Putting that aside, looks really interesting, very much Witcher-y, but I hope it has something unique there, cause you know, Witcher is Witcher;)

  5. Looks like a very simple Action RPG , but sometimes Simple games could be damn ass fun. Looking forward to this , but little worry for the Developer didn't even develop more than 10 games in total so far @@

  6. I dont like the "hack and slash" of this game, with very basic moves, looks like Deadpool. But I caught the story and the arsenal of weapons and armor. Reminds me of Fable.

  7. Having actually really enjoyed Mars War Logs, I'm pretty excited for this. Feels like it's borrowing from games like Dragon Age and The Witcher, but that's not a bad thing. And while the story, characters, and setting might seem "generic", I'm willing to give 'em the benefit of the doubt. If all of those things are represented in a quality format, then there's no reason not to be interested. 

  8. Looks nice but unfortunately it leaves me with the feeling that the game will be linear as fk with only generic side quests adding a last bit of hours on this 6-7 hour game.

  9. Do we have any crafting trailers yet? I only ask because the trailer said it was going to be "intuitive." So, I would love to see a trailer on that!

  10. This get's a watching eye from me at least. I'll need to see more. This company HAS made quite a bit of shovelware in the past though…

  11. For some reason my thoughts this game were "Oh.. looks bit like Dark souls and God of war made a bastard child."

  12. The monster design is awesome and I want to play it just for the cool bosses, but I hope they won't screw this up.

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