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  1. Seriously has no one played an RPG before? The combat is extremely similar to Witcher and Dragon's Dogma. Weapon customization is something to get excited about? I guess no one has played Diablo, Kingdoms of Amalur, Darksiders 2, or any MMO. Dynamic enemies? Wat. You mean you have to actually dodge attacks? Only three classes? This game is one of the most generic RPG's I've seen and everyone is going apeshit over it which makes me think two things: no one has ever played an RPG or they haven't played an RPG in a really long time. I'm not saying this game is necessarily bad. It just brings nothing new to the genre.

  2. The two now canceled games Elveon and Project Offset looked a lot better (especially the combat) than this, not excited at all. Will probably buy this when it is 10€ (and i have a PS4) and i am bored.

  3. I don't know about you.. but I cannot play anything else beside dark souls 2.. I have been a huge fan of metal gear solid, i bought the new mgs5 yet i havent played it.. still playing ds2 ng++…..

  4. 0:37 0:43 Gee, such lack of combat feedback and crappy enemy response animation. You are literally slashing and cutting through air… Not a best way to show off the combat.

  5. This is likely a 7/8 game. It doesn't have a big budget, think of it as a AA+ game and there you go. It's a hold over for DAI or Witcher 3. There's really no action rpgs coming out for a while.

  6. I have zero knowledge of this game other than that of the video, but it does look a lot like Dark Souls (I-II). Why not just play that?

  7. rather unresponsive combat… looks like Kingdoms of Amalur combat. I have no issues with graphics but yea i get easily bored with hack and slash. I really want more games with combat as in Dark Souls, Dragons Dogma or Monster Hunter it keeps you on your toes and moveing learning your enemies. This looks more like a bash fest. Still gona look how it does and then decide.

  8. This game's going to be out on my birthday :). came out of nowhere and i'm right on interested to give this game a try. 

  9. Seriously, the combat look like Two Worlds 2.
    The same weird sword spinning animations and abrupt transitions.

  10. fck, open your eyes… there is nothing similar to The Witcher or Two Worlds in gameplay and graphics. It´s way more skill forcing here and has a tactical portion, i would rather compare it with Dark Souls, since you also have to watch your enemys actions very much in Bound by Flame.

    Two Worlds is completely different and is as much dynamic as an old granny. Even The Witcher isn´t as dynamic as Bound by Flame, the only similar thing is that Bound by Flame is also a semi open world, where you can discover open world per chapter only.

  11. Yea the combat doesn't look all that great to me. Seems like it'll be a good time passes for those of use waiting on watch dogs. The combat seem good enough. not the best i've seen. I'll probably get it though. 

  12. about the hit detection, it was made claer by the developers that some creatures are resistant to some types of damage and when hit don't show any reaction : point 15

  13. The same company made an indie game called mars:war logs n it has a lot of similarities but u know I enjoyed the shit out that game n this has to be better than dragon age 2

  14. This looks good, but I hope when it's released, there would be more visual feedback when you slice an enemy, like blood spurts! Or shockwave effects when your weapon hits!

  15. it looks like no impact on collisions. they should look at it or this game will never have a good feeling whenever you deal damage. 

  16. Honestly, i've played their previous game "Mars: War Logs" and i'm really impressed that the combat in this game has improved sooo much. I'll definitely give this a shot.

    P.S. The narrator is so pleasing to the ears.

  17. I would like an epic RPG to play on my PS4 so i want to like this.. But it seems very much "by the numbers". It doesnt seem to be doing anything to stand out from other RPGs out there.
    The review embargo seems to be the day of release (although i could be wrong) which is never really a good sign. I will wait for the reviews to start popping up so i can make an informed decision for this.. 
    Fingers crossed.. Hopefully its good

  18. Oh look, more QTE orientated combat mechanics, just what the fucking RPG genre needed. Combat looks paper weight and totally shite.

  19. Looked cool but it´s a generic run of the mill action rpg, better graphics then last gen given but generic and standard none the less, good fun for someone who enjoys this type of thing, I will however pass.

    It looks good enough, but as others pointed out, it looks like the combat is sluggish, with out impact and immerse.

  20. When I saw the trailer, I was really hoping it was going to be something along the likes on Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning combat, but with next gen graphics but alas…Very disappointed in the combat, which is sad as I really do like the graphics.

  21. I'm assuming all the footage from the numerous trailers are from last gen machines? This better not be PS4 footage.

  22. It's great that a publisher makes the effort to show the combat system instead of hiding it behind cinematic's.

  23. The song in credits can't be found because it's not a song performed by some known singer. But, here you can listen to game tracks –

  24. i hope the narator here also narates ingame, like maybe tutorials, because i would love to hear that.

  25. Армия тьмы, герой с демоническими способностями, ролевые элементы, второстепенные задания? Кажется, все это я уже видел

  26. Frost lords, Fire demons, undead legion? 
    Is this a Action RPG version of Heroes of Might and Magic?  I'm just waiting for a tribe reptiles from the swamp

  27. can someone tell me what the point is of buying an xbox one  exept for some of the exclusives    cause i cant see it 

  28. The games video trailer looks so good… Why does the gameplay have to look so bad :(. Just looks like a ton of other games out there. Old games.

  29. Would be cool if it were like $40 on the consoles to, but $70 seems like im being robbed for whats presented.

  30. Im not bitching about this game, many games have poor animations but the gameplay is good…..just make a hard game, with a lot of content and forget about casual players….

  31. I loved the game!!!! It was a fun RPG I'm glad I bought the game and my next play it through I'm gonna deny the demon! Way to go Spiders when we getting a DLC? or part 2?

  32. Just played Bound by Flame and holy shit I am impressed.  For being an unknown game made by a small company I am speechless.  It's not quite as good as Dragon Age, but it is very entertaining and fun all the while the 40 dollar price tag is just icing on the cake.

  33. I like the stealthy combat :] 
    Damn, I thought I had to buy a PS4 for this, but I don't have to spend the money since I already have the 3. Stupid ass… Stop making games for previous gen consoles.

  34. I got this game for 30 bucks and am a big rpg fan. Good combat (not the best but still pretty good and on my ps4 the graphics are as good or a little better than dragon age inquisition although dragon age is much bigger in scope and I can sink many more hours into it

  35. I'm a big RA Salvatore fan from his books and D&D stuff and the kingdoms of amular is definitly better than bound by flame as far as rpg gameplay but this one was still fun

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