Boilermakers Change Welding Polarity With Push of a Button

Boilermakers Change Welding Polarity With Push of a Button

Primarily on a boiler
maintenance outage, we go in and we repair the boiler tubing. The biggest portion where the manpower’s concentrated at is inside the boiler. We’ll run like a hundred machines in different elevations and you may have bank of 20 or 30 machines, with leads coming from everywhere and a guy could accidentally flip the lead to different polarity or
change a setting on it. The XMT with the FieldPro remote eliminates the possibility of another man accidentally
changing the settings on a welder’s machine while he’s welding. The FieldPro remote also eliminates a need to switch your
leads in between processes. It can go from straight
to reverse polarity and we have control of our amps and volts at the arc. Click of a button. That easy. You switch polarities. You can adjust your heat. It takes away frustration from guys if they’re at their own polarity. It takes away from repairs to be made on the tube work and it
saves you time and money.

4 thoughts on “Boilermakers Change Welding Polarity With Push of a Button

  1. Where do you see " switch polarity" ?????????? I see only switch between tig and mma. And nothing else. Fake video

  2. Es genial el proceso tig , quisiera seguir aprendiendo y conociendo este mundo de lo que es la soldadura siguen mostrando más de lo que pueden aser gracias

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