Black Ops 2 | Funny Text to Speech Commentary | “Long Dick”

Black Ops 2 | Funny Text to Speech Commentary | “Long Dick”

Hey everyone, Mr. Rager Engager here. Bringing
you some highlights of one of my first black ops 2 game plays. In this video, I totally
butt fuck the competition with my F.A.L. And that doesn’t make me gay because I am the
one giving, not receiving. Am I right? Watch me nade the noob. He fucking ran towards that
shit. Couldn’t wait to die. Look at this fucker running away from me. He doesn’t want to
get butt fucked. Even Hunter Killers are afraid of me. Gunned that fucker down with my sexy
long dick aim. Watch this nade. This Fairy faggot ran right to my shit. Like a college
fraternity whore, Can’t get any easier than that. Fucking capping flags like superman,
Where ever you are soldier boy, rest in peace. Jesus another nade kill, how many times do
I have to wreck their asses with my nades before they get the point. Wow, Another fucking
nade, This cunt was just posted up camping, You bring the tent, I’ll bring the marshmallows
and lubricant. Better to be safe, than sorry. Jesus Christ another camper, my nades have
that long dick range. I switched guns like a little bitch. I apologize for my failure.
Suck on my hip fire ho. Look at that reload. Can’t fuck with me. Damn pussy fucker, in
the parking garage hiding like a sneaky ninja bitch. Look at DAT AIM mother fuckers. I was
about to lock on and launch his ass up out this game. Damn I fuckin sprayed, I have been
killing that same pink emblem fucker the whole game. He needs to off himself right now. Thanks
for watching friends�

6 thoughts on “Black Ops 2 | Funny Text to Speech Commentary | “Long Dick”

  1. That voice sounds hella sexy, ha ha.
    0:21 He wasn’t running away, he was presenting his butthole, ha ha.
    0:39 Ha ha, he thought it was Lance Armstrong’s testicle.
    0:59 Don’t you mean, “before they get the tip… of the penis?
    And then the whole shaft. And balls?”
    1:13 “You know what, forget the lubricant.
    I really want you to feel it.” ha ha.
    1:27 Ha ha, it’s cool.
    I thought it was funny, my concern is to spread them out
    because it may get stale if it’s every single video.
    Otherwise, well done.

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