Black Metal Satanica 2008 Full Doc. English with Spanish subs.

Kenda Naevia is one of the richest parts of the world with almost no unemployment a low crime rate and everything is clean and nice and everybody is happy in their pretty little houses but underneath this perfect surface lies a monster a beast sometimes the Beast wakes up and shows its face to the world the name of the beast is black metal to understand why the Scandinavian black metal scene is so special and literally exploded in the 90s we have to go back more than a thousand years to a time when the Vikings ruled the north before Christianity was enforced upon the Scandinavian people I think it’s really important to remember that the evil and brutality that the Christians actually the way they did here in Scandinavia especially in Norway they they slaughtered thousands of people and oppressed them and stole their children they converted dividing stood the religion Christianity they can appear and forced us to believe in that shit and they also they they forced us with violence forced snakes down people’s throats so they yeah and so many really crazy things to get people to be Christians you know this is just like pure brutality because of the kings they wanted to sleep with the Pope in Europe to get more power then they enforce the Christianity on normal people up here maybe have a great history and our unit a legit we are not Christians from the source store and wooden has great guts and it’s much great in this room you read about it it’s very black money they were more personal in the way that they had contacted when it comes to like to put it into black metal it has something to do with the nature your blood the feeling around you if you I think it’s special in Scandinavia especially in Norway because it’s really you have the dark it’s force its water it’s hard you know and you you get like a you really feel it in your body when you’re in contact with if you do it right but you have to like put your hands in the ground and like feel the nature where you come from and then you’re like even you’re the read and then order them it’s all that you really like you know those people they yeah they weren’t so bad they had a really good idea about what respect is honor especially self respect everybody think that and they were just running around killing and raping and being fucking idiots all the time but they did that when it was necessary of course they were pillaged some monks and blah blah blah and stuff like that but the they had when it came to like the normal people they were like if you respect me I will respect you if you don’t respect me I don’t respect of what life is but to explain it this like it’s massive you know and it takes really long time but that’s why I think it has something to do with especially for me personally in black metal it’s the it’s there so more personal guts and of course you don’t believe in them in the sense but you believe in the spirit of look you know like the inherited something you don’t work I don’t work around and believe anything because I’m a theist to the bone but I I see things sometimes that I like and it gives me a good life you know vibration and feeling the Vikings were seafaring traders warriors and pirates who raided it and colonized wide areas of Europe from the 9th to the 11th century they were known for being brutal on their Crusades the Viking mythology was based on their own beliefs their own gods like Thor the God of Thunder and Odin the warrior God I don’t know if you say the same thing in English but in Norway we call it the previous fiscal holy which means many gods you have like Jehovah and crap but from the juice this like mono so you have one god that controls absolutely everything but then it comes to like an early mythology I think a lot of us feel more it fits like the Scandinavian people better I think even mythology is a big part of black metal so are the symbols the early days of black metal mainly consisted of upside down crosses goats heads and pentagrams white witches so to speak they have it where the point is turning up to eternity heaven whatever this one turns down to me I am eternity I am my own God so that’s what the other ones are in a squeeze yes east west north so but the main thing is that it’s been said of pointing up you’re supposed to turn to heaven and pray to the God it points to me today we see more and more symbols from the Viking and heathen era like the hammer of Thor it is a symbol or forgotten pasta more like no reason who walks the street like they don’t they know as much as she liked they know nothing you know and the symbols are I think when you go with this you know like people are not so fuck you know like Hitler and all those guys use this stuff for that know right before yes for real for the power I don’t care no it wasn’t theirs in the first place so people must see behind that you know like it was their plan years before that so I can’t I can’t really stand for what the fucking guy did 60 years ago like he doesn’t own these symbols and so for me it stands for power and nothing else and you know because of course I don’t believe in the signal up in the schedule praxis hammer and it’s not bad a thousand years later many names places and stories from the old Viking mythologies can be found within the black metal scene both days band names members and in various you can even hear old Viking tunes in some black metal lots of the Norwegian bands have a inspiration song folk music you know like where they have their elements of folk music that’s ideal to make a great black metal aluminum so Norwegian folk music or Swedish or of this is dancing notes you know like them to lose that’s great for making dude black metal when we are writing about this Nordic mythology we don’t mean it like the religion we mean it like the way the Y Kings used chose to live their lives the heathen mythology and anti Christian beliefs are not the only things that have inspired the black metal scene but also the nature and the climate do you live up there it’s not a lot of the times cold big mountains everything is a little different and I guess if I was living on a beach in Florida it’s not to get so negative against lying down having a strange I like him burn like it’s raining all the time of course your nose can be happy all the time what I necessarily like that everybody you know then they here in suite and we have learned like she said we have three months with summer the rest of the air we have winter or fallen I think it’s Fitz or it sounds like blackmetal you know the Nordic climate is very dark and it’s cold and that’s a part of our music – it’s what also to see more like the Scandinavian metal as a whole that there’s more from like America yeah I think that there’s a lot of compares man even even if there’s something different – in Swedish and Norwegian Finnish bands but they have more in common I think also to go out and play in the States and all Europe you can see that the audience in Hollander they have a very what most respectful discriminate advance I think there’s some kind of major position in black metal or extreme metal in seen in Europe and also its kind of exciting when we come to States in play and people are going bananas and so I think God I don’t know the interpretation of the Scandinavian music mystery metal scene is is helping us a lot of the in deterring and all the festival system it’s quality more less people always talk about they talk about the soul an atmosphere atmosphere in old black metal and you can really hear that because the new bands they don’t have it you really like when you listen to like a place of the Lord and sky or dark medieval times or maybe even like battles in the north for the immortal Lois is really more rock and roll type of black metal I think but you feel like or definitely amber up a light side again in the night side eclipse you get like there’s almost like you are like in this at night like in the woods and like really getting the feeling of nature it’s like something really primitive about that I think like it’s if you take the you have northern mythology you had the Saint assume you had getting away from the mass the masses of the world you know like everybody follows a flock there in the she thought they go to work they drive the car they’re standing to you you know they paid their taxes and then when you’re like 60 $60 suppose then you can rest you know how you can die so you get wanted wanted to get away from that the whole fucking thing that social democracy where everybody’s the same and everybody loves each other all the time you went like into the forest had to leave you know I went plucking the most the thing where like where do I come from what am i and then you really and that’s like that’s why people don’t make good black metal anymore like they did in the old days they don’t have like that really primitive type of truly specialists like a philosophy that I can’t explain the Viking era and their heathen mythology ended when Christianity was forced upon the Scandinavian people back in the 11th century a thousand years later the heathen gods would return in a new shape to get their revenge on Christianity it’s a battery of course is very inspirational it’s created great music for so many years you know he is absolutely my inspiration of course it’s in Sweden not a Blackman look back for you know it’s like probably one of the best black metal but when I listen to the music of battery I get I get this special feeling battery formed in Stockholm Sweden in 1983 by the then seventeen-year-old or thought for thon is considered by many to be one of the most important persons in the creation of the genre black metal although Venom’s album black metal was the first record to coined the term it was Bathory’s early albums featuring satanic lyrics and a brutal vocal style that gave life to the beast and a new genre was born black metal Bathory was to inspire many Norwegian bands which extended black metal in the deepest abyss in the beginning of the nineties the later era of Bathory hortense musical concept changes direction from the satanic side and adopted the legacy of his forefathers the Vikings and their mythology quorthon died in 2004 from heart failure when Omaha Lamar and battery did something very important when they started out they started out very far away from the heart of like Nutella and I still think that no one has really been able to touch the thing that gave life to black metal in the first place because it takes so much it takes intense study and it takes for more than being passionate about the music form to approach that the dangerous and abominable thing that gave birth to black McDonagh but when black-metal really started to take the course towards its darkest side was when Swedish guy hurrying Olli Elias dev joined mayhem in 1988 before dead joined mayhem he was the singer in this Swedish cult band morbid a few weeks after dead had joined mayhem hell hammer also joined together with Austin Arsuf Elias euronymous who founded mayhem in 1984 the three lived in an old house outside Oslo it soon became clear that dead had some strange behaviors he buried some of his clothes for months in the earth and brought them to the mayhem shows where he wore the rotting clothes during one tour with mayhem he found a dead Raven which she collected and stored in a plastic bag he would often smell the bag before he went on stage saying he needed to inhale the smell of death mayhem with the new members and Dead’s fascination for death the atmosphere of music changed drastically after some live gigs mayhem started to work on their first full-length album dem mysterious miss autonomous though by that time of this eventual release the two cornerstone members would not be alive shy calm depressive weird but also a nice person that’s how many describe dead he hardly had contact with humans and he once said that he was not a human and that he did not belong on this earth he knew that he would die soon dead wanted to play in his homeland Sweden but it would never happen on April 8th 1991 dead killed himself at 21 years old he first could open his veins and then blew his head off when your anima Slater arrived at the house and discovered Dead’s body he ran to the first shop he could find and bought a camera he went back to the house and took pictures of Dead’s body one of the pictures ended up as the record cover on the dawn of the Blackhearts album rumor has it that you’re on Imus had taken pieces of dead spring to eat it however Euronymous later said that he had not actually eaten any part of Dead’s body though he had intended to Euronymous also claimed to have collected fragments of dead skull and sent some pieces to those he felt worthy amongst those rumored to be in possession of such pieces are the members of Swedish black metal bands Marduk and abrupted Dead suicide affected necrobutcher so much that he took a break from mayhem in deads and necro burgers absence attila now handled the vocals and Burzum and Vaart witness elias count grishnak took over the bass position in man Varg Vic earnest started the band Burzum in 1991 Burzum was mainly a one-man project and has played a key role in musical development of black metal but Fitness was soon to become notorious for other acts within the black metal scene he was one of the first to take the ideologies of black metal from words into action and to declare war against Christianity 1992 the font offs Table eight church one of Norway’s architectural treasures dating from the 12th century was burned to the ground and throughout the years more than 80 churches in Scandinavia have ended up in ashes bickerness was found guilty of several of these cases and many more were directly connected to the black metal scene Vic earnest has stated that he was motivated by pagan ideology when performing these acts another reason for burning churches was to push back Christianity Varg once said that his next album release would come with a lighter to inspire church burnings fucking happen just exploded if it wasn’t for the church burnings and that stuff like that will being so big either so they can do whatever they want I don’t give a fuck if they burned out his fucking churches is that it’s a row against Christianity no way and nobody was forced to become a Christian country thousand years ago and this was a statement that they wanted to take away back represented I guess that’s their statement they’ll say most of it will be wrong for me to tell what was their intention anyway I completely respect what these people did definitely as acts of their own will but to speak of a church burning as a way to defeat Christianity I mean the only Christianity they defeat that was the last piece of Christianity within themselves know which is a very good beginning of course but it was acts that were important mostly for people that did it and it may have served as inspirations for other stuff but it doesn’t reach further than that I mean he cannot say that the war against Christianity was started by burn now we have lighter put fire up the gas petrol everything the doctor from the church we got up to the forest watch this church burned down to the ground plates and the firemen came after about 15 minutes pretend it was too late the church has already brought down to DeKalb does not take Methodist ashes Kevin’s Bobby big deal like pretty cool actually and I promise you you received word that take a step activities into the future it would mean if it happens in a black metal context that people have started to write music again that music that was able to manipulate the will of people or to lead people into action and that in turn would mean that the forces that were evoked through black metal would have manifested on this earth and that is of course very good thing because it means that they were revoked with true devotion and with true passion which is two of the most important things for writing it was kind of music grave desecration was the next morbid act in the sign of black metal on one occasion one member from a Swedish black metal band was sent to jail for desecration of more than 200 graves for a couple of years in the mid 90s grave desecration happened in several places in Scandinavia the Norwegian black metal band Fareed Drude the media’s full attention after a former member broke into a chapel and open up coffins but it was not a Satanist act you know and I the other guys who went in the Sepulveda may was hip-hop heads like so it was just freak they cut off the head of a dead man and brought the head to a farce this was a big fight I think it’s challenged like that the Aryan alike we never give up the fight couches Middle East stuff like that they killing each other because of residential or some held up it’s an honor you know upon the end do something good one of you oh yeah with draw will be cool I will always fight them all the time I will never ever bow down to those people never ever they’re like the biggest destructive force that has ever been in the world I never when I see them I just they scared the living shit out of me sometimes you know when you see like those they have their meetings you know they speak in tongues as they say they’re fucking crazy you know like they I mean they they cut off their the genitalia over the children in many parts of the Islam world Christian people that you know they always killed like homosexual people just because like if you’re a grown person you want to fuck a man fuck a man you know as long as you don’t do it with me I don’t understand like they control the sexuality they controlled people like people’s economy you know still it’s like I can’t die you know anymore even I have to be buried in a church but they call it like an atheist burial you know but I have to be buried in a holy ground cemetery when you have to be baptized you know like every like major event in people’s life they still control that’s what they have like every time it’s a tragedy in Norway like yeah if we see a fairy go down and 13 people like fucking priests there what does that priests doing there you know maybe half of those people don’t even believe in God I mean what is it 80% of the people in Norway are do not like believe in the Christian God but they’re like a member of the of the church in Norway because that’s what you born you become a member you not only that’s like you don’t choose that when you’re like two months old that’s something that people do for you until you have a priest saying like we have to have the mercy of God the works in mysterious ways I think it’s it’s absolutely disgusting it’s so yes I really that’s what really pisses me off when it comes to that’s what the major drive for me when it comes to that’s why I really like fell in love with like the black men like that little thing I heard people say like the same thing that I feel you know like when I was back in 93 or 94 I remember I heard like pure Holocaust with a mortal and stuff and then you saying this is like even that’s like the meanest thing this is me in the Metallica and Slayer and maiden and everybody at the same time you know and then they you had like the sense like this is like you feel so like a slave in society you want to break free and that’s what I liked saw back metal was freedom to be whatever the fuck I wanted nobody should tell me anything religion to me is a very negative word and religion to me is you have to do this you have to do this if you don’t do that you’re gonna go burn in hell and you have to be in church on Sunday believe in it or not but you have to show yourself in church that’s religion to me people like I said they are they like to have something to lean back on and they like to be led because people like I said they cannot really handle freedom in that sense and I mean if I would be born in a prison I would if I would be born in a prison pretty much unaware of what freedom was like and I would not consider my precinct or prison guards as her enemies I would see them as the people who showed me what to do and people that were the people that were actually in charge and I would probably pay respect to them and that I think is exactly what people do when they pray to their gods and when they’ve been there short just they do it in honor of their people who are guarding their prison and to the people that give them food and the people that put up the rules that they are supposed to live by and it’s it’s a comfortable life for them and it’s easy to have someone to it’s nice to have someone to blame or something goes wrong but you people are like they are the bad people not sickness because they sit there and they can be so mean and they can be they can kill in the name of the Lord but if you do it in the name of God it’s okay right I do not go out and kill people in the name of Satan because it’s not right to kill people you don’t do that but God go ahead God will protect us because we’re doing it into this name and that is to me it’s it’s like you go to church on Sunday and you ask God to forgive you for your sins and of course the piece says you have been forgiven now you go home and you act like an asshole and you mean to your kids can you beat up your wife doesn’t matter because Sunday coming and next Sunday you go to church and you ask God to forgive your sins and please forgive me for beating up my wife and hitting my hips and God forgives you for next week you’re an asshole again to be a Satanist means to live in constant opposition and to live my life as a wolf rather than as a sheep to constantly be hungry instead of being satisfied after just one single bite to always be on the hunt and to always aim to transcend the barriers that are in front of you the barriers that human life presents I mean at all times because the human nature is built in such a way that people are people aren’t really meant they’re not really capable of handling through freedom and if these people are Muslims and these people are something else they go out and kill each other that’s both lifting each one is right all religion is shit it’s bullshit I get so fucking pissed off because they all they all follow fucking the quick rules and I think one thing that really pisses me off is when people are killing in the religion in the name of religion and they are blaming it on fucking a holy war we can kill them we can rape her we can do whatever we want I hate it so much that I can’t explain it in words I can’t I I do not support it never be supporting religion people I know lived in Florida by the time an through Hurricane Andrew was coming and they were telling everyone to leave and they decided to pray to God for protection and after they prayed they sat at home because God was protecting them and bang here comes Andrew and you everything off the whole south of Florida they had two kids both kids died and they wouldn’t have died if they would have left because they wouldn’t have been in the house but the kids both of them died and then they sat and said that it was the will of God so they are now in God’s and everyone is fine with it because it’s what God wanted and then to me that’s like so dumb you can’t sit around on your butt because he prayed to God and expect everything to be okay same thing my daughter died it was the middle of the moon and she’s better off now cuz she’s in God’s hands I would be much better off if she was still alive so to me all that is is it’s just you know like reality is not like that you can’t sit around and expect a God to take care of you you have to take care of yourself but the Satanism is like I am with some left church fifteen years ago and I read there until they raise the back Bible and the found like oh yeah that’s that’s sort of way yeah that’s the way old life yeah like Christian saints that didn’t the comic book evil is the way of life it’s like you don’t know like for us we don’t have a book you understand we we do have a very strong foundation which has inverted Christianity or jus inverted Judaism and to do this is is not an easy task you come from one comes from the you know different kinds of backgrounds and one basically has to believe very strongly that it is right to kill it is right right to do all these wicked deeds and then when you realize that you do it for a higher power that is when you when you actually believe that you’re a slave under a higher power which is and that you do it you do certain deeds in this way only then have you so that you’re seeing in person seeing devil worship there’s lots of devil worshipers up there but they don’t see what the do in August 1990 2000 the drummer of black metal band Emperor was just walking around in the forest in Lillehammer Norway when a totally unknown man came up to him and proposed that they should go further into the forest and have sex Faust walked with him a bit and then stabbed him with a knife more than 30 times the man died in Faust went to jail another member from emperor guitarists Sabbath went to jail for church burning a while later another member served time in prison for grave desecration Euronymous is by many considered to be the grandfather of black metal not only did he start mayhem but also started one of the first black metal record labels deathlike silence productions his label released albums from enslaved abrupt and merciless from sweden sake from Japan and Burzum Farva Cronus band Euronymous and Varg became friends and vard played session base in mayhem when your anomalous was to release versions first album his label didn’t have any money so he had to borrow money from Varg this was when the problem started to arise between them their friendship got worse and worse and rumors started to circulate that Euronymous had a plan to murder vicar Ness farg got a message from euronymous that he wanted to meet and discuss the contract the same night bargain a friend snore drove from Bergen to Oslo the drive takes about seven hours and they arrived at euro no mice’s place around 3:00 in the morning Euronymous lived on the fifth floor while snore had a smoke outside vark went up to the flat and rang the doorbell iran homeless was asleep but woke up and opened the door Varg handed him the contract but something went wrong suddenly blades were flashing and bart was chasing her on thomas down the stairwell with a knife stabbing him in the back your honor miss fell and barnes stabbed him in the forehead he died instantly with the knife still stuck in his head Varg almost got away with the murder but was later arrested for manslaughter in church burning he is currently serving a 21 year sentence at a maximum-security prison in tromsø Norway there is much speculation regarding the motive for the murder but bitterness is stated that he acted in self-defense black-metal was now taken in a different direction some bands went more towards the Viking metal and epic style while some Nan’s went deeper into the abyss in 1997 Jean note vite the vocalist in the Swedish black metal band dissection was sent to jail for assisting in the murder of a homosexual man in Gothenburg as John was a Satanist and played in a black metal band the event got big headlines in the papers when John was released from prison in 2004 he started up dissection again but now with a new lineup in August 2006 John was found dead in his apartment in Stockholm he took his own life in the name of Satan another notorious Swedish Satanist and the black metal scene is called it because he is too evil to have a human name it played in the band erupting who got a record deal with Euronymous as label death like silent productions back in the mid 90s it was one of the leaders within what was called the satanic black circle part of the Swedish black metal scene as all John Roos have subgenres so does black metal Viking metal national socialistic black metal troll metal and Christian black metal gets wet too and I think about I don’t understand it it’s well it’s not that I don’t think I can say anything in much about that it’s just totally fucked up beyond recognition Cristina Blackwell the thinner oh gosh nothing not no question it’s like to have a pol pot like Santa Claus it’s it’s I don’t know they think about do you want like something to you shake when I heard this word the first time Christian black metal I was speechless I you know I was thinking okay the evil Christians or are they like Christians who want to be evil or is it what is this it’s just yeah must be so embarrassing so embarrassing – I wonder what they think you know I wonder how they feel when they go to bed at night and thinking that you know once again Christianity had to use the devil in order to to spread their message but I know it’s it’s always nice to see that no one can escape Satan when he looks for you he even got them when they are standing like you know frustrated zealots like schizophrenic trying to trying to kiss children with machine guns it’s it’s fun to see must be very embarrassing for them the thing is pretty much done setup and well as I said I don’t I can’t I don’t understand the meaning of it why they do it but it’s the same thing as if you’re in Israel and you walk around like in the lawfulness uniform SS uniform you know it’s like people would put you in the psychiatric ward and that’s what we like to say the opinion I have about Christians playing lockers but I think it’s like it’s a really like smart move to to do it maybe because isn’t that really smart to like if we had something but has declared like war on what you believe in and you take like the essence of what we have and you use it in your own ideology to make like maybe chop up a couple little bits off four legs autonomy it’s really smart move but I don’t think they have like a future in that sense but of course then they go out to the museum of course I course cushing people they probably mental violence do something do they like like the genres of plates but they could play death metal in maybe other stuff I don’t understand if they play death metal I Drive a van but the because I guess 99% of the bands there probably have the same opinion especially doing black metal but I think it’s really pathetic and it’s probably more laughable the first time I heard it I was like fuck you know I’m not like more that I did but now it’s like okay good for you you know there’s something wrong with you as I said like a Jewish guy walking like oh you know I mean it’s like just to say it’s really insane and then maybe makes you a really apathetic person maybe if you do it that way but it’s a fucking good tactical move goodbye two people in a particular blue line at the bottom of the black metal genre list there is an undefined genre maybe the darkest genre within black metal I wouldn’t call shining a black metal band even though a lot of people do that and we’re probably more black than all the other bands open well at least most of them the whole idea in concept about shining is suburban misery basically to extract misery and like for example what what differs shining a lot from other bands is that is not a religious topic I’m extracting in the music and lyrics what I do is basically take my own experience and I live a very strange life right now for the last years as you probably can see although I’ve been destroying myself and the whole object and the whole main thing about shining is to learn people to destroy themselves as well or force feelings with self-destructive and suicidal imagery and lyrics you know you’re a union thing they say song mmm black metal band shining after aliens concerns done what horrid mood Co siren song and Lana not scores a rock plot so Cinderella suit iffy on of course I gave them razor blades the whole intention of shining a service to hurts but I think a lot of people misunderstood shine because when I started a band I came with this foolish idea to call it suicidal black metal which resulted of course in loads of bands using that same thing you know the problem is that they completely misinterpreted the vision you know because it’s not about expressing anxiety or like you know trying to use the music as some kind of therapy bullshit and it’s not about teenage angst or stuff like that it’s about force-feeding people with us they’re shining say mr. hurt and that is what loads of these people have misunderstood and that sucks anyway I think it’s good that they follow the you know footsteps but it’s really bad at they are you know misinterpreting it because there’s so much potential out there and I would rather see shining giving birth to bands who want to give birth to future Psychopaths you know a future future breed of people who believe in the destruction of man people are not really ready for a satanic prophecy when they haven’t even begun to realize that how the world is built you know what we present with Matane is a symbol of our beliefs we are ready as we see we all experience magic like sitting at a very young stage in my life I came to the conclusion that I wanted to explore evil such as them started to destroy myself both physically and for most psychologically I try to break all the borders to fuck myself up and to get to a higher level because that’s when you do stuff like this you either die or you rise above them and of course some periods have been really really bad for me because of of course if you play with fire eventually get birds like the instance we had earlier this week no it was just the way I had been fucking myself up pretty bad and I just got this complete psychological breakdown so they had to put me put me in that hospital when you have to have the correspondence with her it has taken a lot of strife and a lot of pain to get where I am now and it is it’s simply a bit too hard and a bit too time craving in a bit too tough to even start to think because it is I know very comfortable theists that life rule you instead of the other way around it is it’s I mean that’s what we are that’s what humans are here for but I don’t know seeing the things that I’ve seen and knowing what I know it’s just there is really no way back I mean people ask like yeah but wouldn’t it be nice just to give up all this madness and to you know get back to a normal regular life yeah nice I don’t worry what my eyes have no reason to close them where am I when I left the bomb you know when you get into a situation when your life really gets bad and when everything is so fucking pitch-black that you know you can’t see a continuation of anything except that is just going downwards you don’t really care about the elders around you know so I just left to Norway and I didn’t have contact with anyone which resulted in speculations and bla bla bla bla bla because you know every fucking kitty who sit with their fucking computers have access to all these message boards stuff like that they sit and discuss you know these things and all of a sudden our manager had to post this statement about it but he never said it I was dead but for all these Mongoloids who don’t understand English or you don’t understand common sense they thought that I was dead you know well that I faked my death to bla bla bla but just a mere me a question of survival you know because I I wouldn’t have survived if if I stayed in home stuff for many many reasons and this when I found out that the band was gonna do this sermon ceremony show you know like a last thing I talked with the tiller and I told him that he should come up and like you know try to fool the band or something that he’s this vocalist and they actually fell for it I think was fun but then it was really bad reactions when they knew that it was me come out later speaking about Italian subshell I don’t open ways dangerous I mean it means it has come to mean everything for me in the animation everything for me and other people involved because I think we show us at the pretty early stage to you know stop bullshitting around and stop you know just having it as a hobby just pretty much of the one year we realized that I mean either we do it or we don’t because at the time when we started out that was my date everything was really I mean there weren’t really any balance anymore that seemed to take things that seriously and there weren’t that many bands that actually consisted of you know people that did so much more than just play the music that they liked and the same kind of music that their idol display I just had this racer thing that was going out and I like grabbed him by his arm and all of a sudden I saw the ball was up here you know just opening up wide and feeling have you ever seen the ball of of yourself for example it’s a thrilling experience actually you know but this guy almost fainted of course it was actually kind of a tragic tour because we’re the only like 10 shows and it was six I think six visits in total to emergency hospitals in different different countries mostly him actually because one one time also we played in German and I cut this leg open and I tried to get the flesh out to feed a whore that was standing and looking at Patti she looked hungry so I I took this little fleshly and I put it in her mouth of course the stupid bitch spit it out I think I met like three or four women during my entire life that has actually been worth talking to the rest should you speak ill how we all play play with darkness in some way of course but I don’t know the level it has come to now is so intense that I’m not really certain if I will manage manage to long Morphin actually but I try to balance it you know because you can’t this world can’t lose me I’m the best thing that ever happened to this world you know I’m here and people get hurts and it’s wonderful it was they really reacted on this Furion thing for one man we actually lost our entire distribution in Germany and some other country because of maniac you know thank you we can sell the records over there because of that which is really stupid you know because what happened there was that he carved a swastika in his forehead you know okay that’s not probably not the wisest decision and it’s probably not anyway it was just heat up the moment you know things happen it was just his his his way of having fun you know and he came out on stage and beat me up and made this made this song with me and the media reacted of upon the fact that he had this soft occur you know and they also asked me the German media like is rock hard and all these other faggots just went up to me and was like fuck you know are you all nuts about I’m just like no doesn’t matter if you if you’re black or white or green or whatever you know you’re all equally worthless the discrimination you know it’s stupid if I have a death wish deaf is breathing down my neck every passing second you know but I’m a friend of him I do his needs so I don’t think he will cut me off in the first you know I hate life when I hate living I truly truly hate life in all its fucking reverse forms and the most nature everything that grows must be put to that soon but that’s just fantasy skin I think mankind is pretty good at fucking ourselves up in a way you know but that if I came in there and help pushing it a little bit that’s good I can I can tell you this that if this core of a world would last even ten more years you’ll find something heavier than normal sculpt I can tell you that something more advanced something more devilish I hope something more extreme I don’t know if it would be a raping babies or if it would be burning priests in local television swear I I don’t know if it would be some kind of genocide which is filmed in the camera would really like to see the world why float you know like the black metal scene there’s some really really good bounce especially here from Sweden we have like bands like about hang for example or old scope for that matter who actually like put this scene or whatever they call it into a new light it seems like people actually get afraid again and I think I think a lot of that has to do with that tiny eye I saw them live actually and I hadn’t met Eric in in years but I just saw them when they played here annoy when I was amazed by the darkness today they actually provoked on stage like Mateus were real often referred to us as a band that do things you know to the extreme and over-the-top and I don’t know to me that’s that’s really the only way to do this kind of thing because there is no colorful way of doing it inside the unit I mean Christmas music is the most horrible thing on earth but also like the most beautiful my favourite album actually after all time is cat all of you but only the a side the B side is like it gets too much children singing again but even that comes in the insight I highly highly recommend it you know to have anyone you know because of the fact that just look at the fucking sewer suicide rates in Christmas Eve you know so maybe we’ll do a Christmas album woman would that be odd then it takes for more than passionate about the music form to approach that the dangerous and abominable thing that gave birth to black metal and that is the only relevant evolution of black metal as I see it bands that instead of copying what others did before try instead to dissect it and to understand it in order to bring it even further down and that is just the opposite of what most you know famous bands do these things because they’re just living of the old blueprint but it doesn’t after 20 years of black metal and deserts it doesn’t really work to do that anymore you need to take things a step further and that is what we are doing because there’s something something really wicked going on which I think many of the Swedish people are responsible for and thank God for that black metal has inside of it an incredible potential it’s a primal a primal magical force to me that it was evoke by these early bands and brought into the world and this kind of force is not so easily dealt with it demands that you understand it and it demands that like I said it demands much more than being passionate about music because music has always been just one side of the black metal : while magic and spirituality and religion and sexiness the other side which is at least equally important if you really want to lasting but you’re going to peak and especially I always said people use a condom definitely stop to that I’m having so many children and then we have to really stop this because if it comes to 12 to 13 billion people living in this planet you’re not gonna have anything but people and people that are okay to a certain degree but when it comes you know that to many people is the most disgusting and terrible but it’s in the world you see cities that are so big now that they don’t even have clean water they have to shit in this week you know because everything is going totally out of control and I don’t know I think it’s I don’t think you should overestimate yourself as a human being but I think it’s my message to everybody don’t think that you’re so fucking special just because to you you can read or write or something like that and have a conversation you are probably one of the most parasitic beings that exists in the world fucking life out of everything that you come here all the time I really believe that in real life history and I think people should know more history yeah people tend to make me say that a human being is ism it’s an evil entity in the way but in a bad way because it’s life the way these sick human beings behave is that no one wants to see a car crash apparently but as soon as it happens and you see the blood and the you know the these you know guts and limbs are all over the fucking Street you know they can’t stop fucking looking because they have this morbid curiosity if people want to pay respect to black metal they should live by it’s by what it wants from them I mean being into black metal I’m saying like metal demands a lot and the first thing it demands is for people to think about what the fuck they are doing because I look at a black metal scene and I see a bunch of mission does sheep and it’s a bit sad when it’s supposed to when they even proclaim to advocate the opposite of that so think before react black metal is not for everyone we have a death wish yourself

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