Bill Weld’s 2020 Primary Challenge Against Trump | The Daily Show

Bill Weld’s 2020 Primary Challenge Against Trump | The Daily Show

WOOD: With all the focus
on the Democratic primary, people forget that there’s
also Republicans lining up to snatch the nomination
from Trump. But who the hell
are these guys? Let’s just say one of them is running
on a very different party line. Donald Trump is a raging racist. What kind
of Republican candidate calls Trump a racist out loud? I’m a fiscally conservative,
socially liberal Republican. (quietly): I don’t even know
what that means. I was all about LGBTQ and all about,
uh, medicinal marijuana, you know, 20 years
before anybody else was. Let me get this straight. -You called Trump a racist…
-Right. support gay marriage,
support legal weed… -Yeah.
-Jesus Christ. Oh, my G… You’re a Democrat, man. That’s some Democrat shit
coming out your mouth. I’m not running as a Democrat. I’m running as a Republican directly against Donald Trump
in the primary. Your (bleep) sign is blue. It’s light blue. I didn’t design that. No, I think there’s a lot
of people in this country who are gonna vote
in the Republican primary who are thirsty
for something new. Oh, I see what you’re doing. You’re positioning yourself as the healthier version
of Trump, right? Like Trump Zero. You could certainly say that. I don’t have demons
propelling me forward. Same Republican taste, but just
none of those filling demons. Tastes great, less filling. You got it. WOOD: The problem for Weld
is 87% of Trump voters think Trump is doing
a good job, even with all this
impeachment shit. So I assembled a focus group
of Trump voters to see if there really are Republicans
thirsty for something new. We all know this is our
leading brand right now. What drew you
to this brand in 2016? -Not a politician.
-He’s a fighter. Wants to get things done. Was there a moment
after you voted for Donald Trump
that you went, “Holy shit, I voted for
a reality show host?” Yes. I mean, instantly,
when I filled in that bubble, I did think,
“Did I make a mistake?” And I took a little while to kind of settle down
with that. See, that didn’t hit me
until Charlottesville. Shouldn’t be an issue
for someone to say, you know, Nazis bad. White supremacy bad.
Don’t do it. How many of you are concerned
by his hesitancy to condemn white supremacy
or anything that is racist? How many of you all
are concerned about the fact
that he tweets too much? He’s got nothing better to do
than to sit on the toilet -and tweet about God knows what?
-Let it go. A show of hands
if you feel agitated with the way things have gone
the last two, three years. Embarrassed is a better word. What about embarrassed? Well, what if I told you
there was an option other than Trump
that is Republican? -Cool.
-Yeah. -You would be open to that.
-Sure. -Yeah. I’d like to introduce to you,
Trump Zero. -He’s a politician.
-He’s old. Trump’s old. I never said– I mean, yeah. That’s Jill Stein. It’s the next election cycle’s
Jill Stein. But his name is Bill Weld. But, I mean, you can
put lipstick on a pig. It’s still a pig. Shut the (bleep) up, man. I just need to show them
that Weld’s policies are the flavor
they’re looking for, even if it takes all day. He’s fiscally conservative,
never been bankrupt. Doesn’t tweet
at 3:00 in the morning. Probably watches Jeopardy! He’s in the bed at 6:40
with a warm glass of milk. Hand-off approach to markets, and– and…
a hands-off approach to grabbing women’s genitals. Bill Weld says that the
government should never be able to stop you from holding a gun or another man’s penis
in your hand if you’re married and gay. Show of hands
if you’re with him. Oh! Looks like Trump voters
are thirsty for change. Now, based on everything
that we’ve discussed today, stand up if you would consider
voting for Bill Weld. Like, now.
You need to stand up now. Again, when I say stand up. Damn! So no Weld? I hope that doesn’t mean
what I think it means. How many of you are still open to voting for Trump again
in 2020? But Charlottesville! You just said… You’re not sure if he knows
Nazis is bad. Stick with the evil
that you know. WOOD: You’ve got to be
(bleep) kidding me! I’ll be right back. Good news, they all agree
that you’re a Republican. Bad news: you’re gonna lose. Now, it could be that the three
of us running against Trump taking up votes from him so
it weakens him in the primary, and then like the last five
sitting presidents who had a primary challenge,
they go on to lose. It wouldn’t be wining,
but it would be a good thing. So even if you don’t win, you and the other Republicans
running against Trump could be enough to sink him. You must have done well
in school. I did not. Oh, okay. Well… WOOD:
There you have it. Bill Weld: a man who
is prepared to lose for the good of us all. (cheers and applause)

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  1. I know this is a comedy skit but I have to say, it was sad. I just don't understand. I laugh at the same thing during that SNL skit what if Trump did this… BUT these are real people. What is wrong with them?

  2. You liberals are poking a sleeping bear. Sooner or later, we’re going to get tired of all this false information and lies and just straight up end you. Be ready.

  3. Why is this show so biased towards liberals? This is an honest question that I need answered. If not, it’s just called propaganda without you explaining yourself

  4. Lil stfu man. Why you pointing out obvious facts. Lol that trump supporter should get hired or looked into. Funny as hell

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