Bill Weld 2020 Campaign Ad

Massachusetts 1990 a state near bankruptcy Corrupt Democratic machine they called it Taxachusetts One-party rule no Republican governor for twenty years One man had the courage to stand up and fight a crime fighter appointed US Attorney by Ronald Reagan Bill weld ran for governor on his record top boston city officials retire They claim accidents US Attorney bill weld investigates the claims fraudulent weld prosecutes gets broad conviction jail Millions saved in taxes now Bill Weld runs for governor his platform what it’s always been guts integrity independence They said it couldn’t be done No Republican could win Bill Weld beat the odds Historic victory bill weld cut taxes 21 times. He balanced the budget reformed welfare I’m not happy to be on welfare because it ain’t no way to live I don’t want my children growing up seeing us living off of the welfare system now I’m actually out there contributing doing something to earn my benefits. I support all the way What governor Weld is trying to do now that I’m working I can feel like I’m somebody I feel like I can contribute out there Bill weld made Massachusetts safer and every day he cared Katy’s father and I lived together for 14 years. I became pregnant he left Non-payment of child support was the most socially accepted form of child abuse. Governor Weld and lieutenant governor Cellucci made Non-payment of child support what it should have been long ago a crime No other administration has ever done for the children of this Commonwealth what the wild administration has done He transformed the state Won re-election with the largest margin ever in Massachusetts bill weld made history Today we need bill weld more than ever because America deserves better He’s a war hero because he was captured I like people that weren’t captured okay. Aaa I don’t know what I said aaa, I don’t remember And Mexico will pay for the wall Shameful dangerous and weak some of the words lawmakers from both parties are using to describe president Trump’s remarks with a Russian leader Vladimir Putin today I moved on her like a b**** I couldn’t get there and she was married and when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything. Whatever you want. Grab ’em by the p**** Hello how are you Knock the crap out of ’em would you seriously, you know you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes Blood coming out of her wherever you also had people that were Very fine people on both sides I love WikiLeaks Uh, I know nothing about WikiLeaks America as a choice, New Hampshire 2019 A better America starts here Bill weld for president join us. I’m Bill Weld and I approve this message

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