Big Surprise Under The Root! – Metal Detecting With Unexpected Finds

Big Surprise Under The Root! – Metal Detecting With Unexpected Finds

I’m on my way to the location… It’s raining, but that’s OK. I have absolutely no idea what to expect. This will be my first find. 70:30 chances of trash. Foil. It’s a small piece of lead. That’s a good sign. But let’s “move on”… I’m heading towards a certain part of the woods… …but that doesn’t mean, that I won’t look around. Hmm, let’s see. It’s a button. It looks “old”. GPS (POI) #1 It didn’t sound good. A shotgun cartridge. It’s a musket ball. A rain drop, or dirt got on my lens… I have no idea what this is. That’s a mushroom. I have to move… I don’t think, I would find much there… Hmm, it’s a small coin. In a very bad shape. Probably something from ~1800’s. It’s an aluminum sausage clip. Hmm, should I go up there? Maybe just a little bit… What looks like gold is foil. I went down after a while and found this spot… Something under this root. It’s a musket ball. The area here looks modified. Could have been a path from top of the hill… Sounds good! Even the sun came out. A nice looking button. Looks “very old”. With flower design. It took me more than 1h to find a promising spot. Although this area feels already detected… …if a button like this has been overlooked… Maybe because of this piece of foil next to it. Iron. But it sounds “old”. I have to see it. Other than that, there are not many iron signals here. I can touch it, but it doesn’t want to come out (yet). I apologise for the camera angle. (just a second) Whatever it is, it’s old. It’s under this root. Oh no, the laughing bird! We’ll see who has the last laugh… I have to be careful. After a button like this, it could be anything. It’s right there. This must be silver! A big hammered silver coin. Date says: 1622 (I believe), I’m not sure about the rest (yet). There is a guy. I will show you pictures of this coin at the end. Is the bird screaming in the distance? I don’t find coins like this very often… It’s a pleasant surprise from time to time. What’s the “depth”. “That” deep. That’s iron, but I have to check. Hmm. Doesn’t sound clean, but rarely a target on the Deus does… …in undisturbed ground on “Deep” setting filters. That’s probably part of a bullet casing. The soil shaped like a dinosaur for a second… Could be a button… A lion?… No. The air is out of this button. #5 WWII shrapnel. It’s a bullet. Right next to a (filled) hole. A button. Sounds like iron from this direction. Just a nail… A .50 caliber bullet. Hmm… I have no idea. Could be a piece of lead. A deep signal? Interesting. What’s this? Looks like a “foot”. Don’t worry, it’s plastic. Hmm… The signal improves… Could be iron, but… It seems deep. I have a shovel… …at home. I can’t carry everything. Still nothing? Come on – the hole is almost 20″ (50 cm) deep. At this point the signal improves “because” of the hole. I think, I was going to ask the foot what to do. It’s pointless, I may return with a shovel some day… Shrapnel. A shotgun cartridge. I’m trying to check the sides. Some large iron… I’m going back… Now I’m in the “valley”. I guess “good” targets are out of reach here (depth wise). Part from a wine bottle? Hmm… Part from a trailer? Well… Look at the steam. One more time… That’s enough! But I would like to do it a few more times… There was the silver coin… I will check this slope, but I believe that this “valley” is “newer”. It’s slippery after the rain. Dogs noticed the Deus… A last short section and that will be it… I detected a very small portion of this area. I don’t know if I got lucky, or if there is more… It’s under the root. A piece of lead. One last target. Another piece of lead. I guess, that’s it. I think my assistants are happy. The iron. Pieces of lead. Musket balls. The unknown coin. A button. Another button. Almost smiling… Notice the lion on this button. The first button. Probably a medieval button. The material looks like lead. The silver coin. 1/4 Thaler – Johann II, Duke of Palatine-Zweibrücken 1622? Trash… And treasure. Detecting time: 3h

21 thoughts on “Big Surprise Under The Root! – Metal Detecting With Unexpected Finds

  1. Erst dachte ich "wie Überraschung unter der Wurzel? Das war doch eine Musketenkugel". Doch dann das hämische Gelächter des Vogels, und ja ich habe ihn auch jammernd davon fliegen hören ? wunderschöne Münze. Die Luft aus dem Knopf war raus, definitiv. Ein kleinen Spaten kannst du dir ruhig in den Rucksack packen. Jetzt wissen wir wieder nicht was es war ?. Wo war eigentlich der Löwe hat der Urlaub? Und was war das für ein mysteriöser Sound in der Zusammenfassung? Die Spannung bleibt ??

  2. Look at trees if lines of trees lean one way you might be on s old road they will lean in on both sides of a old road

  3. A Russian once told me the real deep signal is probably old Cossack motor cycles ! Not worthy to dig ! I have one thing to say shovel !!!!

  4. I loved watching your video I want to start metal detecting and have been watching random videos and came across yours honestly I liked that you didnt talk and to me hearing some sounds and dirt digging sounds actually gave me ASMR it was relaxing 🙂

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