Big Metal Shoe (feat. Casey Lee Williams & Lamar Hall) by Jeff Williams with Lyrics

100 thoughts on “Big Metal Shoe (feat. Casey Lee Williams & Lamar Hall) by Jeff Williams with Lyrics

  1. By her face, Cordovin kinda looks like a little white weasel. As Weiss is a squirrel. Coïncidence ? I THINK NOT.

  2. “There once was an old woman who lived in a shoe, she had so many children she didn’t know what to do. She gave them some broth without any bread, then whipped them all soundly and put them to bed” damn old shoe dwelling lady is pissed

  3. 1:52–1:55 "You would be great and terrible if only you had a brain!"

    That… accurately sums up Ozpin's thought process as of now…

  4. Hearing a song about porridge, blind mice, and weasels never gets old! Rwby stays bringing that heat!

  5. Reads description, accepts challenge. Learns the rap bit in 30 minutes. (The london bridge part throws me off cause I wanna extend it to fit the nursery rhyme lol)

  6. 1:27 I find it interesting they say the word "THE" as if referring to a fisherman we already know/saw/are gonna meet.

  7. haha literally when i was listening to this on spotify i thought it was some huggies as at first

  8. And even now I still think Cordovin seems like a fusion between Tanya von Degurechaff and Rudol von Stroheim, but that's one high quality original type of song, at least for where I live.

  9. Keeping up with that rap is so damn difficult. Took so many attempts to stop tripping up at the eeny meeny mi part.

  10. There was an old Lady who lived in a metal shoe. She got her ass beat by so many children she didn't know what to do.

  11. And my mom said learning to rap quickly would never benefit me in life, it made lesrning Lamars part a 1000x easier

  12. Eminem: Lyrics comin' atcha at supersonic speed
    Lamar Hall: Holdmybeerandbuckleintightimmabouttoshowthispunkwhatsright

  13. "You're gonna wind the robin up…" But the rhyme is "wind the bobbin up"? Is this an American thing or a typo?

  14. Love it when Jeff sings. The man is 50 and can hit those high notes like a damn god.
    I'm truly inspired by him

  15. Who is more better in rap Lamar hall or Eminem to me Eminem did rap God and more so that means Lamar hall is fast at rap to rvb and rwby I will say Eminem is in number 1 and Lamar hall he is in number 2 agree or no vote now ok thx bye now peace out 😉

  16. I thought "I'm the one" and "Red like Roses part 2" were fast but they're nothing compared to the 20 second rap in this song

  17. Here's the rap in case you find it easier to sing/hum along to^^.

    Pop goes the weasel, time to defeat you
    Hickory dickory, flawless victory
    Carve your tail like three blind mice
    Better listen up, I'm not saying it twice
    Ring around the rosie, you can't oppose me
    Let you know now, I'm here to take you down
    You're gonna meet your end in a splendor
    No more pretending, your fall pending
    Your star won't twinkle, squeeze to a wrinkle
    Bloody up the scene, a nightmarish fiend
    London Bridge is down, you can't make a sound
    The wheels on your bus have just been crushed
    Eenie meenie my, time for you to die
    Catch 'em by the toe, never letting go
    No time to pray, it's your last day
    A, B, C, D, you can't see me

  18. Saving this track if I get my hands on doom eternal….
    The energy
    The excitement feels great for murdering the denizen's of hell

  19. The fisherman is a reference to the fisherman who wished on a red herring he made wishes but the wishes turned malicious.

    Do not let the enemy's intimidating appearance scare you, for our faith in Atlas will prevail!
    Release all airships and counter their attack!

  21. There are times where I forget that RWBY draws a lot from fairytales and has them for various motifs, then I listen to this song.

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