Big Metal Bird Episode 10: Veterans

Big Metal Bird Episode 10: Veterans

This great nation of ours was built by people devoted to serving it. Today, those heroes are our friends, family, coworkers, and protectors. I’m talking about Veterans. So, buckle up as we take off to meet some of the Veterans who work at United on this episode of Big Metal Bird. ♪♪ Veterans have always been at the core of United Airlines’ DNA. And today, United is proud to employee over 9,000 veterans, who bring their skills and expertise to virtually every sector of the company. I say we meet a few of them. So John, how long have you been a United pilot? Just about eleven years now. Okay, but before that, you were a pilot of one of these. Something a little bit bigger than that, yes. A Blue Angels pilot. Yes, I was. That’s pretty awesome. One of the things I learned in
the Navy, particularly in the Blue Angels, was teamwork and coming to United now you see that every day, from the guys that are putting the bags on the plane to the mechanics to the gate agents, the flight attendants, the pilots, it takes everybody, customer service- it’s one well-oiled machine. When landing on an aircraft carrier, the tail hook is what grabs the wire, they call it a cross deck pendant. This part right here is what catches the wire, and stops a fifty-thousand-pound airplane, and when you catch a wire, you stop at about one hundred and eighty feet, and that’s pretty intense. At United, I try to stop a little bit longer distance, more like six thousand feet. I’ve been with United Airlines for two years as a Cargo Supervisor. I think anyone that comes out of the military automatically has some kind of leadership skills and you can apply that across the board and in any area you want to go to in your life. So, I joined United in March of 2005, later that year I enlisted in the National Guard. I’m probably in uniform four months or more a year, almost as much time in uniform as I have been working for United. But it’s been a good experience and I think that both sides help me with the other. So I started in the Navy in 1994. I had two dreams, I wanted to become a Flight Attendant, I also wanted to serve in the United States Navy, I wanted to give back to the United States, I’m an immigrant from Jamaica, and it was the best way for me to give back to a country that had afforded us so many opportunities. I love seeing active duty members on a flight that I’m on. If they’re not in the Navy I recognize the uniform they’re in – something else I always give them a little bit of a hard time, you know, start off by saying, “Wow, you know, the Navy still has opportunities,” and they’ll look at me, “Ma’am I’m not in the Navy,” I said yeah, I’m sorry. And instantly they’ll know I’m a veteran, okay, she or a family member must have served. I’ve been at United about almost six years now. It’s been, every step of the way has been a blessing, so I enjoy it. Coming out of the Marine Corps, I was looking to join a team, a team that was cohesive, a team that was solid, a team that I had a good future
with as well. Finally, here at United I think I’ve got a team like that. Guys that were very, very smart, very mission-minded and also you know, just there for the cause, right? To have safe, reliable aircraft. I’m here with Vince Bertucci Senior Manager at United, to learn more about United’s commitment to those who serve. What attributes make veterans ideal for roles within United? Many of the same skills that are required for success in the military – like leadership, efficiency, attention to detail, dedication and teamwork are equally crucial for the success of the airline. I understand that United created a program to support veterans as they transition from military to civilian life. Tell us a little about United 4 Veterans. United 4 Veterans gives us the opportunity not only to network but to discover and pick up the skills that we need to succeed. There’s really no limit to what a veteran could do at United. The obvious ones are becoming a pilot or a maintenance technician, but with the skillset that you come out of the military with you can really serve in any role at United. Whether a veteran, or still serving, these heroes continue to shape our narrative. But I do have one last question… Which branch of the military is the best? Army! Navy! Marines! Air Force! Coast Guard! That’s what I thought. Thank you and we’ll see you next time, on Big Metal Bird. Alright, Phil. Drop and give me twenty. ♪♪ Well if you ask any military pilot which branch has the best pilots, most of them will say the U.S. Navy since we can do everything the Air Force pilots can do, and we can land on ships. I will not say which branch of the military has the best pilots. We are all one team. They better say that, too, because if they don’t, then go back to Air Force.

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  1. One of the best episodes of Big Metal Bird! That is cool to see a former Blue Angel's pilot with the airline! Happy veterans day!!!!

  2. This is nice, United, but come on, you guys need to really set up your game. You guys have been doing really lackluster lately in the business.

  3. Would you please take acting classes? Please. You’re terrible. You know looks aren’t enough right?

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