BFH | Night Job | Battlefield Friends Easter Egg

BFH | Night Job | Battlefield Friends Easter Egg

What does this button do? That’s the PA system, don’t touch it! I didn’t touch it! OK, great! Don’t touch it. OK! What is it? It’s the PA system, never touch that. I didn’t touch it! I didn’t say you touched it; just don’t, OK? OK! Just leave that off. Can I steer? No, you can’t steer. You gotta watch- Let me fly! No I’m not going to let you fly… You need to learn to watch- like, watch me and learn… And then I’ll let you fly. I need to do the stick! I know you need to do the stick but you need to observe before you actually practice. I can’t learn; I’m hands-on. Yeah, you can learn! I’m a hands-on guy! Well just watch, OK? Just watch. Can I watch with my hands? No, you can watch with your fuckin’ eyeballs. That does not work! Yes it does! It does! I can watch you all day; I’m not gonna get it until I feel it! Watch me, how I do it, and then when you get in here you’ll have a better understanding of what you’re supposed to do! How high are we right now? We’re super- we’re not… wherever we are, it doesn’t matter. They look like ants down there! They’re cute aren’t they? They’re adorable. Do we know how high we are? I have no idea… Well there’s the- I mean you can look at your altitude meter and figure it out. Do we need oxygen? No… No! We’re never gonna go that high. OK, because I’ve seen people get sucked out of planes! (?) This isn’t a plane; this is a helicopter, dumbass! OK! Can I steer? NO, watch! You’re watching me! I’m not gonna learn this way! I know, you’ve said that! Just let it happen… Alright? Don’t argue with me. Can we do, uh, a whizz by? (?) What are we whizzing by? (?) A swoop! Yeah! I can do a swoop! Can I do the swoop? No, I’m driving. No, no-one can do a swoop. I’m driving. OK? OK. Do you know what all these buttons do? Yes. All of ’em? Yes! Yes, It’s my job! That’s a lot of buttons! I know, it’s a helicopter! What does this button do? Well that’s your flares. That’s the flare button. Flares? Yeah. When you’re getting locked-on, someone’s shooting at you, you wanna hit that button. Shouldn’t it just say “Flare” on the button? I mean, if you wanna label it, you can! It doesn’t matter to me, it’s just up to you… I know that, OK, it’s that button. Can- One more question… OK, OK yeah, what? Can I steer? No! No, you can’t steer. Wait… Is the PA system fucking on?! No! It’s on! What are you talking about? The light’s on! OK? Turn the PA system off! I never turned it on! You absolutely turned it on, you’re over there!

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  1. And it was atleast 4 times louder than the normal Police shoutout guy which almost made me threw my headset on my monitor as soon as you activated it the first time.

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