Battlelogia #02 › BF4: AEK-971: “A queridinha”

Battlelogia #02 › BF4: AEK-971: “A queridinha”

Hey guys, I’m Oz and this time i’m going to talk about AEK-971 as most of you requested. It was made by the soviets
and appeared for the first time on the first Battlefield Bad Company franchise. But its origin is dated back to the 80s. In 1980, the Soviet Ministry of Defense
secretly started the Abakan Project and its goal was to modernize and
replace their assault rifle AK-74, which was still used for more than
a decade during the Afghanistan war and presented serious flaws. This project lasted from 1980 to 1994 and had 8 prototypes, among them the AEK-971. But the chosen rifle was the one that
we don’t have on Battlefield 4, but on Battlefield 3. It was the AN-94, which was known as “ABAKAN”. But if the weapon of this video wasn’t chosen, what happened? The AEK, which means (Avtomat Experimental
Koksharov) Automatic Experimental Koksharov, named after its designer, was indeed reproved by the Russian army, but not because it wasn’t good, it was because the AN-94 was superior. The government soon realized its potential and decided the produce it for the Russian
police use and also for exportation, but even though it was a success its production was shut down on 2006
due to the lack of demand. Anyway, this doesn’t matter, the important thing is that we have it on Battlefield 4 and as some weapons are being
forbidden in competitive matches, it became the 5 vs 5 Domination players’ sweetie pie. The interest in this gun by pro players
is motivated by its fire rate of incredible 900 rounds per minute and it is only left behind the CZ-3A1 and FAMAS, which reach impressive 1000 rpm. The rate of fire is its greatest advantage because the damage is the same
as the other assault rifles, staying behind only by SCAR-H and the new Bulldog. Despite Battlelog shows you the damage on 30, the maximum damage is 25 and it is necessary 4 rounds
to shoot down the opponent. After 8 meters, the damage gradually decreases
until it reaches 55 meters when it stabilizes on 18 and takes
6 rounds to shoot down the opponent. It is important to remember that the damage
varies with headshots and defense privileges. The AEK-971 firing range is another advantage. It can reach up to 850 meters, but the spread of shot increases as the gun recoils. You have to be careful and control the trigger. The AEK has single shot, automatic
and three-round burst modes. With the last mode is possible to have a better grip
to hit fixed targets at reasonable distances. It’s Muzzle Velocity, or the speed of
the bullet when it leaves the barrel, is the second slowest among
the assault rifles which is a cons. It reaches 580 meters per second and reduced to 320 if you’re using a silencer, which it does have stealth advantages. So once more controlling the fire rate
is important to compensate its low speed on duels against other weapons. AEK-971 is a rifle used only by the Assault class and the loadout I use comes with heavy barrel, which increases precision considerably in 10 points and combined with a tactical grip
increases the accuracy to 70. Now, if you want better performance
on hip fire for close battles, use ergo grip or vertical grip. If you’re looking for stability for longer shots, use the angled grip or folding grip. I also use Kobra sight which gives me
the impression is faster to aim, but for sights, the choice is totally personal, none of these optical sights change the weapon’ stats, including long range sights which
give you a maximum zoom of 4x. At last, I use the tri beam laser which
is unlocked in the battlepacks. The laser is great to blind your opponents and increases your hip fire in 17 points but demands caution because it can reveal your position even in long distances. You can turn it off when you feel is necessary. To the unwarned, an advice, most of assault rifles allows you
to use UGL or Underslung, which is possible to attach to the rifle and launch M320 grenades, also known as GP30, or M26 MASS compact shotgun. This underslung rail is
an important ally on battlefront because it reduces considerably the necessary time to switch between the two weapons. To access this second weapon is the same with or without underslung rail, but look here the difference of time
used to switch one gun to another. Look at the difference when switching weapons: On the left I show you the UGL rail and on the right side the switch move with M320 as an autonomous weapon. An important note: AEK allows you to use the
underslung rail only with M320, so if you like to use M26 MASS, AEK is not good for you, but SCAR-H or M16A4 might help you out. AEK-971 comes with a high capacity clip of 30 +1, but the time taken to reload is another
negative point of this gun. When totally unloaded, it takes 3.6 seconds to reload, the third slowest of these kind of rifles. With one or more bullets remaining it reloads in 2.3 seconds, which is an average time, and as this gun is good for closed maps, is important to be aware and
reload at the right time because this difference of more than 1 second
might be crucial in close combat. Why did I say 30 bullets + 1 instead of 31? Because if a bullet remains cocked in the barrel while the 30 bullet clip is replaced, the game shows you 31 bullets. But when you reload the
gun when it is completely empty, after reloading it show you 30 bullets, which is the capacity of the clip. Its recoil is not one of the easiest to get and requires a little bit of practice
to turn it into a natural move. The main reason, to me, is the fact it is diagonal, pulling more to the right in 0.40 degree and less to the left in 0.15. The vertical recoil is also high comparing
to other assault rifles reaching 0.38 degree and the first shot multiplies it in 3x, which makes this gun move more than 1 degree up. So, to control it is necessary to make this diagonal
move from up to left down and this will concentrate your shots in one place. To conclude this, I say this gun potential is on the firerate added to the high number of bullets with
great performances in closed maps, but I wouldn’t say that statistically is the best assault rifle. I think the fame came from BF3 and famous players from competitive matches. Those guys are very good with it, especially when they use its velocity
united to mouse precision. But I do admit this credibility is important, so, go for it!! On campaign mode is possible to find it as a collectable item
on mission 6 Tashgar. It stays leaning by the green boxes on top
of the last building on the left, right before getting to the
command post and it comes with, as a suggested loadout, Russian PKA-S sight, heavy barrel and potato grip, close to my loadout. That’s it! This was my detailed AEK-971
Soviet made assault rifle analysis. You can leave in the comments your reflections, questions and also suggest other weapons. I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did, don’t forget to click on “like”. If you want to keep posted about new videos, subscribe to this channel. Thank you very much for those
who stayed until the end and see you in the next one! Thanks!!

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  1. Cara , espero que um dia vc seje grande como o zigueira e outros youtubers , pois qualidade tem , sua voz é boa , a ediçao n tem muito o que reclamar , e o gameplay tbm , vc traz informações precisas de um jeito bem dinâmico me lembrando do canal nerdologia , se n é pedir muito adoraria ver um video da minha arma favorita do bf4 e bf3 a pkp pecheneg e da m60 tbm , otimo video like + fav + um inscrito

  2. Muito Bom seu video…conheci vc no grupo do facebook Battlefield Mil Grau. Me inscrevi e dei like 🙂

  3. Cara. Muito bom e super recomendado. Mas ainda acho q a ACW-R é melhor q a AEK-971.. faz o video dela tbm por favor.

  4. Se as PDWs fossem all kits, a CZ3 seria otima pra DOM, como assault e recon, e seria equilibrada pois PDWs n sao boas a long range, e Carabinas tem muita precisao pra perto e longe, tornando as LMGs SMGs e ARs quase inuteis no game, foi uma escolha ruim pro jogo eu acho carabinas all kits, bem minha opiniao, e a AN94 tem que voltar no Final Stand……grande video brother

  5. Oz parabéns! Seu vídeo é muito bem feito! Gostaria de saber se vc mesmo que fez essas artes em blueprint, eu adorei!

    FODA =')

  7. cara,só uma canelada aki,quando vc fala (6:04) "uma bala gatilhada" esta errado o certo é "quando tem uma bala na agulha",AGULHA=ao cano da arma

  8. Oz vc precisa falar mais rapido, sua voz fica meio massante, gosto mais de ver seus videos com uma velocidade maior :/ 
    mas um otimo video 😀

  9. vc podia refazer esse video, tem coisas faltando. tipo, o que da a precisao na aek-971 é que a cada disparo, um contrapeso é empurrado pra parte da frente da arma, dae diminui o recoil.

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  13. Oz, vc esqueceu de dizer que o protótipo da arma no final dos anos 80 era diferente da arma vendida entre 2000 e 2006 (e a mais nova é a que está no BF4).

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    Há qual o melhor rifle de assalto do jogo ? Não sou jogador de Ruchar e nem pro player agradeço se puder responder jogo no PS4 e pra controlar essa AEK tá osso kkk

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