Battlefield Hardline Robbery, Getaway and Betrayal DLC Wishlist and Predictions (BFH)

Battlefield Hardline Robbery, Getaway and Betrayal DLC Wishlist and Predictions (BFH)

Hey, hows it hangin guys, kris here, and im
just gonna talk a bit about battlefield hardlines upcoming dlcs, now pretty much all of the
stuff im gonna go on about in this video is mainly speculation, possible ideas and well,
things id like to see. Non of the stuff here has actually been announced so you probably
wont learn anything new here, but I just want to go over my wishlist and possible predictions
as to the kinda stuff we ‘might’ see in future hardline dlc packs, weve already had criminal
activity and the other dlcs are coming soon, and no doubt were gonna see new maps, gamemodes
and probably weapons in the next 3 packs, so these are just some of the things we might
see and things I’d like to see. Now we’ve got a bit of a clue as to what all
the dlcs are loosely gonna be based around, Robberys description is, ‘Take down the opposition
head on and progress through key locations with major cinematic action. Available summer
2015’ So were most likely gonna see some locations from the story maybe, these might be the key
locations the descriptions on about. And im guessing this ‘major cinematic action’ might
be referring to big scale levolutions. Now big scale levolutions usually means big scale
maps, so maybe some of these maps might be larger than ones we’ve seen in the past.
Getaway is described to have frantic, high-speed chases that immerses players deeper into the
heist. So by the sounds of it, there could be a new, chase like mode added in here alongside
the new maps and stuff, I really wouldnt be suprised if a capture the flag like game-mode
is put into this one with the game lacking a mode like that at the moment. This could
account for the high speed chases and the tense action like described. Now, you cant
have high speed chases without high speed cars, so this might be hinting at new vehicles,
maybe of the sports car variety to be added too.
And the last dlc pack, Betrayal, has quite an interesting description, Theres a rat in
every operation and players will have to find out who to trust. So this is hinting at a
new game-mode too, maybe one where players have to seek out a hidden enemy on their team
who has to stealthily take out their own teammates, perhaps. Whatever it is, it sounds different
to the typical bog-standard modes were used to seeing copied and pasted from other shooters.
Now as far as map ideas that Id like to see pop up in the future dlcs, there’s one map
idea that id be pretty suprised if it didnt show up, a prison map makes perfect sense
for a cops and robbers game, now I know we saw a prison map in battlefield 4 in the form
of operation locker, but that was one built in the Chinese mountains, and itd look a lot
different to an American prison that we’d likely see in hardline. Big open courtyards
and guard towers thatd be perfect for snipers, could make the map a lot different to operation
locker and suitable for hardlines infantry based combat. There could even be holes blown
through walls, and breach points, as though the criminals were trying to break someone
out, or a partially destroyed environment, like theres been a prison riot. being a game
that consists of criminals, id be very suprised if we dont see a prison map at some point
down the line. Another idea thatd be quite fitting to the
whole criminal theme of hardline would be a gang hideout in abandoned warehouses or
factorys, these could be near the sea or on the docks with shipping containers thatd give
players a lot of places to hide and hunt down their opponents. Also if it was near water
sources like the sea, then maybe we could see more water vehicles like the gunboat,
which hasnt really been used much yet in hardlines multiplayer. Maybe even jetskis could return
which would be good for getting to objective points or escaping from areas.
The idea of using the abandoned school from the main campaign might make a good map, maybe
with that as a central point of the map and the outskirts being the playground and other
nearby buildings. I guess if this was to make an appearance then it could possibly be put
into the robbery expansion, with the description stating that itll feature key locations, though
I wouldnt be too surprised if it was put into one of the later dlcs if a school map was
to happen. So, Criminal Activity game us some new weapon
attachments, and this gave me some more ideas for other things thatd be quite good to see
in hardline in future dlcs. For another accessory that could be added,
could be a gun-mounted taser, the taser guns already in the game are hardly ever used down
to them taking up your secondary weapon slot, they kinda seem like a gimmick, and carrying
a trusty secondary weapon is a big thing in battlefield. The whole concept of being able
to take someone out non-lethally is a good idea and then interrogating them afterwards
revealing enemy positions is a nice incentive to use the taser, but the fact that it takes
up your secondary weapon slot which a lot of players really rely on (especially snipers)
kinda means the taser that exists in the game isnt really used as much as it should be.
Now I know what youre thinking, the whole idea of carrying a taser instead of a pistol,
is a sacrifice to take for dealing with close ranged players and gaining that ability to
interrogate them, but a gun-mounted taser would take up the place of maybe an accessory
instead of the laser sight or canted ironsights or even take the place of the underbarrel
attachment. in theory, it could work like an under-mounted shotgun or grenade launcher
from the other games and toggled on and off whenever you want.
There is actually a semi-auto taser shotgun called the MAUL created by a company called
metal storm that fires taser shotgun shells, the guns got 5 shells and fires as fast as
you can pull the trigger, now in reality the weapons got an effective range of about 30
yards so a gun like this in hardline would probably be ridiculously overpowered, so something
would definitely have to be done to nerf its overall power, but The maul would be a cool,
creative new weapon that I think would fit the whole hardline theme. Now as I was saying
before about the under-barrel taser attachment, theres actually a MAUL attachment that already
exists, and can be fitted under assault rifles, so these ideas really aren’t all that farfetched.
Another nice gadget idea would be an enemy radio, a way of knowing that youve been spotted,
and give you a chance to react to all the nearby enemies that are chasing you down that
you dont know about, itd be a really helpful gadget, even if there was just some kind of
indication that someone has placed an orange spotting Dorito over your head, so you know
to get the hell out of there. One of the main reasons for getting killed in Battlefield
is by being spotted, now im not saying to give the spotting ability a counter, or by
getting rid of it, but at least an indication maybe in the bottom corner of the screen or
something to let let you know youve been spotted, and that nearby enemies are on your tail,
to give you a chance to duck and cover rather than the false impression that you’re totally
safe standing in the open. This could take up a gadget slot so that you still have to
decide whether its worth equipping or not, but at least itd help you out in a lot of
cases and itd be a perfect addition to battlefield hardline.
So guys these are just a few of the ideas and things I think would be quite good if
they were put into hardline, like i said earlier on, non of these things have been confirmed
for the dlcs from when this videos been published, and theyre all quite simply my ideas and possible
predictions, but who knows, maybe some of these things might show up in the future dlc
packs, Ill be covering all of battlefield hardlines expansions as they come out, but
for now these are just some of things id like to see. So I hope you liked the video guys,
make sure you let me know your ideas and things youd like to see put into hardlines upcoming
dlcs down in the comments. Hit that like button if you enjoyed the video, and stay tuned to
see loads more on all things battlefield and everything else, take it easy guys, and ill
see you in the next one!

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  1. You should be vicerals ideas guy no joke man nice vid, and if you want to see gameplay of all guns for the new robbery dlc look at dannyonpc channel nice vid!

  2. Nice video, but the spotting feature should never be implemented as there is 3d spotting in the game, and if someone tries to sneak up behind enemies all of then would be able to tell immediately. Also a team that spots will always have an advantage, but if the other team will know they are in enemy sights it will turn the tables and put the team spotting into a disadvantage. There would be no point spotting.

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