Battle Plan – Propaganda – Battlefield 4 Conquest Map Strategy (BF4)

Battle Plan – Propaganda – Battlefield 4 Conquest Map Strategy (BF4)

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: This is Battle Plan, where I talk about all
the big picture strategies you can use to help you achieve victory on Battlefield maps.
I looked at the last time I made one of these and got a little embarrassed, so it’s time
for another. This time around it’s Conquest Propaganda — another highly requested map,
and probably my favorite DLC map. In this video, I’ll go over all the tactics, strategies,
and tips that you can use to help your team to victory. Let’s break down Propaganda — The US team
spawns in the north and the Chinese (or sometimes Russians) spawn in the south. A fairly typical
setup on Conquest Large, this map has five capture points: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta,
and Echo. If you look at the map, you can see that it’s
roughly two maps put together, and it ends up playing out this way too. You’ve got
the rail side over the train tracks with Bravo and Delta, and the “main” east portion
of the map with Alpha, Charlie, and Echo. So let’s further take a look at the distances
in play on this map. From this overlay, we can see that the developers
definitely wanted a lot of infantry action between Bravo and Delta, with short travel
times between either. You can see a similar distance between Charlie and Echo, with Alpha
slightly further away. All are easily traversable in a short amount of time without any need
for vehicles. However, I would like to draw your attention
to some of the serious considerations on this map. First, this map is clearly skewed in
favor of the southern team, which is usually the Chinese nationality. Both of their closest
points are closer than the US team’s, and Charlie is also closer to the Chinese uncap
in terms of walking distance. And this disparity is also backed up in Battlelog data, as the
Chinese team wins this map roughly 27% more frequently than the U.S. team. But, it’s not so imbalanced as to be unenjoyable,
and there are quite a few strategies you can use on either team to obtain a victory. Before I forget, I’d also like to mention
the conquest small version of this map. With only three points, it distills the action
down to a smaller area. Alpha and Charlie are in roughly the same position as their
conquest large equivalents, while Bravo is much more centralized in the rail-side of
the map. To be honest, I almost never see the conquest small variation of this map,
so I’m not going to specifically talk about it today. However, the general principles
of how to play the map should be similar. One last thing about Propaganda’s overview:
it’s easily one of the Zerg-iest maps in the game. I frequently see teams get into
chasing matches, where the vast bulk of one team will simultaneously assault a single
point. This mob mentality is going to affect both the Battle Plan for the map, and the
individual point strategies which I will talk about somewhat later.
So let’s look at a fairly typical situation on this map. A near total split. The Chinese
team in the south is favored in spawn time, and will generally be favored to capture Charlie
first. Thus, the U.S. team has their work cut out for them as they start at a three-to-two
disadvantage. In this situation, as long as there are enough defenders keeping the Chinese
off of Alpha, I’d recommend the U.S. team push Delta. Now here’s where things get really easy
to predict on this map. ANY time a team completely captures the rail-side of the map, I can guarantee
every soldier is going to immediately attack the next closest point. If the U.S. is pressing,
they usually split between Echo and Charlie. As the U.S. team, I’d highly recommend pushing
Echo first, as it’s going to present the least amount of resistance. Additionally,
splitting the forces into a defensive ring at Charlie makes it a lot easier to take.
The U.S. team could even force a five-cap at this turn. However, let’s say that this situation was
reversed, and the Chinese team managed to take the rail side of the map. Again, I guarantee
a flood of soldiers is going to move from that side of the map, and most likely to Alpha,
even if Charlie is in U.S. hands. And this is where the map can become extremely
circular and zerg-inducing: each team back-caps one another, and starts moving on to the next
point. They continue circling the drain like this for the rest of the map until one of
the cross-center pushes gets broken up. Defense gets extremely discouraging on large servers,
because how do you defend against twenty or more players? Here’s how, at least strategically: you
need to start thinking about where the Mongolian horde is not currently rushing. You can try
capturing the last point that the horde just captured, or the previous. This is usually
somewhat effective in at least peeling off small groups of players to try and defend.
Depending on where you catch the enemy team, it can put them in a very compromised position.
I’ve seen whole teams get stuck in the center of the map with no points at all because they
got slammed in this manner. Next, let’s talk about some specifics in
the individual capture points. Let’s bring up the map so I can show the
spawn behavior on Propaganda. I want to draw your attention to something specific: in addition
to most of the flags having circular spawns around them, they’re all exposed to nearly
360 degree traffic. This makes it extremely difficult to capture a point on your own if
there are more than a few defenders responding. Keeping yourself safe while capturing is going
to be essential on Propaganda. Only one flag splits the spawn points between
factions, and that’s Alpha. The rest share a common set of points. So let’s break down the individual flag
captures. The U.S. gimme point, Alpha, is actually one
of the most important points in the game. It’s surprisingly important for both teams,
so it sees a lot of traffic. It’s relatively easy to take for the Chinese, and somewhat
more difficult to take back by the Americans. It has an overlook onto three sides, with
a monument in the middle and lots of surrounding clutter to cover the approaches. I find that
when taking this point, although it seems like an obvious play, the enclosed container
here is actually one of the best capture spots because of the circular spawn points. There is also a RAWR that spawns pretty much
in the middle of the point, so if you can get to a safe location, it can help to slow
or stop the zerg that commonly assaults this point coming from Bravo. Speaking of Bravo, Bravo is a bit more enclosed
with two buildings — one of which is partly inside the capture point. Most of the spawn
points at Bravo are to the west and north, and foot traffic returning to Bravo is also
going to come from the opposite direction. Another tricky point to capture, but there
are a few spots that offer some protection. First, there’s the metal crates and concrete
in the southwest corner. I think this is my favorite position as it gives a good view
of all the spawn vectors while offering great cover from all directions. Next, there’s the wall next to the point
that actually includes some of the capture point. This one I don’t like as much, as
you’re open to at least 90 degrees of fire, but not a lot of defenders think to check
here. If you’re defending the point, the southern
wall is also a fantastic way to cover incoming traffic from Delta. It gets better as the
match goes on, as almost everything on the rail side of the map is destructible. Next, let’s look at Delta. It’s very similar
to Bravo, but just about everything at Delta is destructible. As time goes on, taking Delta
gets increasingly difficult. The spawn points at Delta are nearly surrounding the point,
so the more protected you can get yourself while capturing, the better. Ideally this
is the kind of point you want a buddy to cover the angles you can’t. If you’re outnumbered,
this becomes an extremely difficult task. Unless the enemy team is heavily engaged elsewhere,
I actually wouldn’t recommend trying to capture this point without backup. However,
if you’ve already captured Bravo, this point becomes somewhat easier to take, and I’d
recommend capturing Delta and Bravo as a duo of points. Charlie is the point that everybody seems
to gravitate to on Propaganda, and the one that ultimately matters the least. It’s
not particularly defensible, and it’s a deathtrap for armor. The sole perk of Charlie
is that it can provide access to every other point on the map. Realistically, teams that
take Charlie generally just zerg to either Alpha or Bravo. Given the barriers between
Charlie and either of the two points, this is generally going to slow down any offensive
from either team. If you are trying to capture Charlie, the
western building, or even the center pile are good ways to tie down the point. The center
becomes much better when you have a squad to cover alternate angles. Take care to expose
yourself as little as possible, as big maneuvers can open you up to fire from just about every
direction. There are a couple other features at or near
charlie that I want to draw attention to. First, the alleyway with crates on the far
eastern side is a trap. You’ll get bogged down in here with even mediocre resistance.
Second, I’m a big fan of the wall that separates Alpha and Charlie, as on the Alpha side of
the wall, you can jump up and get a great view of the oncoming traffic from Charlie,
and even get some shots in. Now, if your team is applying no pressure
to Charlie, the zerg becomes very strong very quickly. So be sure that at least some attention
is being paid to Charlie before going off on an adventure at Bravo and Delta. Finally, I’d like to talk about Echo, the
Chinese gimme point. Echo’s spawn points are entirely on the eastern side, so defenders
are likely to come from that direction (or the spawn) if you’re on the American team.
Additionally, keep the return routes from Charlie in mind on either team. My favorite spot at Charlie is tucked into
the corner where I can intercept some defending respawns, while still having a view on the
street. If you’re lucky, the defenders won’t notice you until it’s too late. Otherwise,
this is again another point that is better to have a buddy to cover you. At any point on this map, you’ll need to
exercise care to know from where defenders are coming, and the state of the map. Knowing
where the likely enemy columns are rushing is incredibly important. If the rail side
gets taken, either Alpha or Echo are going to be pounced next. Charlie is very nearly
always filled with action. As the U.S. team, you can’t let Alpha fall. As the Chinese,
be sure to press the spawn distance advantage on Delta, Echo, and Charlie. Oh — and remember
to reload! Now let’s talk about how you equip yourself
for success. As for the loadout you should consider, I think Propaganda is one of the
best balanced maps in the game. Every class has something to contribute. The long lanes
can be covered by light machine guns, dmrs, bolt-actions, or long-range assault rifles.
Short skirmishes are great for shotguns, pdws, and other automatics. What class you choose is really up to the
situation on the ground. If you find that the enemy armor is getting a bit out of hand,
which is actually quite easy on this map, engineer is probably your best choice. I find
that the RPG is generally the best choice for maps with short distances and lots of
corners to peek, which Propaganda has a lot of. Additionally, there are tons of opportunities
for mines to cause havoc for careless vehicles. As assault, there is an endless supply of
infantry action on this map. Again, you’ll want to consider where you’re fighting when
picking a weapon of choice. But I’ve found that medium-range rifles tend to fare best
on this map: so weapons like the M416, AR160, and L85A2. If you’re in the rail-side of
the map, closer range rifles or shotguns may better suit you, but crossing distances on
the road becomes much more difficult. As for support and recon, defensive-style
gadgets are actually not good choices. Without great places to stick things like claymores,
a TUGS, beacon, or other defensive gadgets on this map, they’re somewhat less than
useful. Instead, I find that the UCAV for support is particularly useful to remotely
defend against point captures, and for recon the motion sensor balls are a bit more viable.
C4 for pitching over walls is also an excellent choice. Whatever weapon you use, if you’re finding
yourself in lone wolf situations frequently, you may wish to consider a silencer. Because
of the close-quarters action on this map, and the huge number of ways in which the enemy
can surprise you, keeping off the minimap is often very advantageous. Particularly on
points that have devious hiding spots. Keeping hidden also gives you a better chance of defending
against large waves of players attempting to capture a point. Finally, if you’re choosing to go for armor
on this map, I have to emphasize that you must play carefully. There’s a lot of infantry
pockets that show up on this map, and it only takes a few engineers to give you a bad day.
That’s why I’d recommend you go with a pretty heavily anti-infantry loadout if you’re
getting too much heat: active protection, reactive armor, AP shell (as tanks still are
a thing), and your machine gun of choice. If the infantry isn’t pressing you quite
so hard, I’d swap the reactive armor for an autoloader and the machine gun for a canister
shell. Ultimately, armor is not going to win this
map on its own, but it can help to shut down the infantry zergs between points. So let’s look at the big picture. Propaganda
is skewed slightly towards the team in the south, which again, is usually the Chinese.
I happen to think that the victors are usually the team that most consistently controlling
their gimme and the rail side of the map. Controlling the rails and Charlie is extremely
unlikely as the bulk of the enemy team is going to be on one side or the other. And knowing where the enemy team is will generally
help you succeed on this map. I try not to confront the bulk of forces, but rather pick
up the captures that the enemy is not. Ultimately, you’re going to need to come up with strategy
on the fly based on the enemy’s disposition. I like to keep my large map on “speed dial”
with my middle mouse button, and call out troop movements to my own team. If you can
successfully keep the enemy team guessing, outmaneuver, and out-capture them: that’s
the match. Or at least, that’s the plan. That’s it for this episode of Battle Plan.
Be sure to suggest a map for the next episode, and as always, thanks for watching, and I’ll
see you next time YouTube.

33 thoughts on “Battle Plan – Propaganda – Battlefield 4 Conquest Map Strategy (BF4)

  1. First! Nice Video Darth. I really like this series, please do Battleplan more often! 😀 I suggest you go with Dragon Valley 2015

  2. Nice vid, Darth! I really like Propaganda (and all the Dragon's Teeth maps, actually) so I'm glad you covered it. The sweet infantry action on the other side of the rail tracks is always overlooked during most matches.

    For your next Battle Plan, I'd like to suggest Operation Outbreak, the community "designed" map.

  3. Reactive is pretty useless altogether. I personally prefer smokescreen, but on this map its use is rather limited, so APS isn't a bad choice at all.

  4. Nice video Darth!!!Also I have a few map suggestions for your next battleplan.Maps like dragons valley,Operation firestorm,Operations outbreak and gaints of karalie would be GREAT maps to feature on this series

  5. I always feel like trying to hold A, C, and E is like playing a game of Risk and trying to hold Asia. I'm a big fan of getting my crew to try to set up a fort at B and D, and continually picking off which ever one of the other 3 looks weakest. The remainder of the team usually does a respectable job of holding the gimme point, anyhow.

  6. Hey veda, can you one day do some battleplans on Battlefield Hardline, it might've died on p.c. but its still going on console, which means i need an advantage over the enemy. Good videos, Keep up the good work.

  7. Excellent. I agree, this is one of, if not my favorite DLC map. Perfect amount of infantry and vehicles, long range and CQB, with lots of action at all flags. BTW, what's up with the blue doritos in IR Optics? I would be shooting my teammates all day.

  8. I got to disagree with active protection for tank anymore, its time is so short that it rarely helps. Fire extinguisher of the other hand gives you your mobility back so you can dodge behind cover, and you can use it ever few seconds. I am sure that many will disagree but I cant remember the last time someone popped active and it saved them from me, or me from them when I used it. The extinguisher on the other hand has done so for me dozens of times since the the big patch.

  9. This is actually one of the few maps where the mortar can really shine. If you can get to rank 3 of indirect fire and can time your new replenished mortar right (1 minute cooldown), you can fire around 20 shots in very quick succession. Since most of the map is open and flat, there aren't a lot of obstacles to mortar fire.

    Once you start getting those huge infantry blobs stuck around choke points engaging in pitched battles from cover, the mortar can wreak havoc. It can also contribute against armour if it happens to sit still for a few seconds and can be a great way to finish off a tank that retreats from the battle to repair.

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