Battle Plan – Golmud Railway – Battlefield 4 (BF4) Conquest Map Strategy

Battle Plan – Golmud Railway – Battlefield 4 (BF4) Conquest Map Strategy

Hi YouTube, Darth Here:
Today I’m going to kick off a new series all about strategy in Battlefield 4. One of the
essential parts of playing the objective Battlefield is coming up with a strategic plan about the
best strategies and points to take at any given time.
I did a simple outline of Operation Locker in my Being a Better Teammate video, and today
I’d like to do a more detailed outline for this first episode of Battle Plan. Today,
I’ll be looking at Golmud Railway and the big picture strategies you can use to help
you achieve victory on conquest. On Conquest Large, Golmud railway has a daunting
seven points, tied for the most in Battlefield. On Conquest Small this is reduced to five
points. In either case, the point that you should be considering at the start of the
map is Delta. The train at Delta is the center point in
this map, and once captured, it slowly drives back to be just outside the spawn for either
team. I usually move to secure this point at the start of the map, as once it’s safely
in my team’s possession; it often gets ignored for the rest of the map. If it’s well into
the game already, if you can capture this point back, sometimes the enemy team won’t
bother trying to take it if they don’t already have Charlie next to it when it rumbles by.
I like to think of Conquest on this map in three distinct zones. First, there are the
Alpha and Bravo points, which are primarily infantry-centric. The bottom portion (encompassing
Echo, Foxtrot, and Golf on large) is primarily an armored combat zone. The middle generally
sees a mix of everything, but its fate is generally tied to whomever controls Alpha
and Bravo. However, the defining characteristic for this
map is that it is very friendly to armor. There are a lot of wide-open sight lines and
the distances between points are often in excess of two hundred meters. The large version
starts with six pieces of armor on either side: five tanks and a mobile anti-aircraft.
On conquest large, an Infantry Fighting Vehicle spawns at both the echo and golf points on
this map, so you may wish to consider that when you are capturing the point from the
enemy team. If it spawns, definitely take it as you’re next to the enemy base and you’ll
need the help. If you’re already in a tank, encourage your gunner to get out and take
the empty piece of armor. On the small version of conquest, there’s
still a good amount of armor, with two tanks on either side. However, on conquest small,
the map tends to focus around Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie, so there is an increased emphasis
on the infantry game. One last thing is that the southern-most point
(Echo on small, Foxtrot on large) controls the ability of any commander to spawn in an
AC-130. On Golmud, the AC-130 flies a large circle around the southern portion of the
map, and for the most part only harasses the point that supplies it. Keep that in mind
when you see it in the air, as it’s not going to be a problem for the northern part of the
map. With some of the logistics of the map out
of the way, let’s talk a bit about some strategic decisions you can make on this map. As I stated
earlier, Delta is easily the most important point to have in your team’s possession, but
sometimes it’s just out of reach, so what can you do?
I think the next easiest set of points to lock down on this map is Alpha and Bravo.
These points are usually far enough from the spawns that if you can force the enemy team
out of both of them, it’s easy enough to control them for a good amount of time as reinforcements
take a long time to arrive. At that point, the next best target becomes
Charlie, from which any enemies that were defending Alpha or Bravo will be defending
and attacking. Additionally, on conquest large, Charlie is the spawn point for one of the
scout helicopters on this map, which can help quite a bit in clearing infantry from the
north. I think one of the best positions to be on
Golmud is controlling Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie as it locks down the north pretty heavily
in your team’s favor. Again, the long travel time from one base to the points on the map
plays in your favor. Most infantry are going to need transportation to get anywhere useful
in a timely manner. From the north, you simply have to intercept any reinforcements that
attempt to arrive from an enemy base. For the most part, I believe that the Southern-most
point on Golmud is a spoiler. This means that it has very little effect on the outcome of
the game. Masses of enemies usually focus on this point, and it doesn’t provide a particularly
great advantage on the map. It comes with rocket artillery, but this map is so large
that the artillery provides a limited benefit. This is because the range of the artillery
puts it relatively close to the action, and in danger of being targeted by the plentiful
enemy armor. This, of course, assumes your armor or air
can actually take out a rocket truck. Echo and Golf on conquest large usually remain
in the hands of the team that they are on. Again, because of the distances involved,
these points are rarely captured by the opposing team for long, so the effort seems wasted.
So in order of priority on conquest: go for the train, and then seek to lock down the
north by capturing Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie. If you can capture Alpha and Charlie at the
same time, it’s a bit easier to get the trifecta as assaults from Alpha and Bravo toward Charlie
have to go up a narrow middle corridor, or over open ground where they can be easily
spotted and shot down. Getting this combination, and defending it
throughout the game, can be strong enough to win you the map outright.
But what do you do if the other team has already taken Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie from you?
Well, as I suggested above, this is a really difficult situation to assault. I can guarantee
you that Alpha-or Bravo depending on what side you’re on-are going to be ready with
defenders. In this case, I usually like to take Charlie. On a sixty-four player server,
there are usually only about one or two defenders. If you’re with a squad, it becomes much easier
to take. Once you’ve taken Charlie, that usually begins
to draw enemies away from Alpha and Bravo. You can stay there and defend, or you can
use the opportunity to work your way across to Alpha and Bravo. Let’s talk loadouts. Because there’s so much
armor on this map, I’d highly recommend playing as an engineer. With a good mid-to-long range
carbine like the AK5C, you’ll be able to take on infantry and armor alike. You should definitely
take advantage of the openness of this map and equip a rocket launcher like the SRAW
or Javelin. If you’re jumping into a tank, remember to bring a torch. Otherwise, SLAMs
and AT Mines are a great choice, especially for defending Alpha and Bravo, where tanks
are easily channeled into the small lanes of approach.
Running recon or support with C4 is just a bit riskier, as you won’t always have a good
spot to hide when attacking a tank. A good approach might be to try to ambush them in
the narrow lanes inside of Alpha or Bravo. If you’re going with a tank on this map, I
like to run with the Sabot shell as a primary and a Staff shell in the secondary. The Sabot
shell gives you the ability to reach out and hit armor at an extended range, and the staff
shell can be used to hit armor hiding behind a rock or a ridge, as it’s a top-down attack
locks on at close range. Whatever your loadout, I encourage you to
remember the strategic choices you’re making at the time. Do you need to take alpha or
bravo? Consider something to deal with infantry and ambush tanks. Are you going for the southern
part of the map? You’re going to have to worry more about enemy armor. If enemy airpower
is getting out of control, perhaps it’s time to get aggressive with that AA gun or bring
along a MANPAD. Uh… by the way, that’s a man-portable air defense, not a maxipad for
men. That’s it for this episode of Battle Plan.
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28 thoughts on “Battle Plan – Golmud Railway – Battlefield 4 (BF4) Conquest Map Strategy

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