Battle Plan – Dawnbreaker – Battlefield 4 (BF4) Conquest Map Strategy

Battle Plan – Dawnbreaker – Battlefield 4 (BF4) Conquest Map Strategy

Hi YouTube, Darth Here:
This is Battle Plan, and today I’m going to be talking all about Conquest Dawnbreaker.
If you’re not familiar with this series, I talk about all of the bigger picture strategies
you can use to help you achieve victory on a particular map. I received a number of requests
for Conquest Dawnbreaker, and I’m happy to oblige. So let’s dive into this one. Dawnbreaker is one of the most dynamic maps
there are in the game. On Conquest Large, there are five points: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie,
Delta, and Echo. And at any given time, any one of these points could be under attack.
The major difference between conquest large and conquest small, is that small has fewer
vehicles in the spawn points. Rather than two tanks, there’s just one at the spawn,
just one stealth jet, and there’s no scout choppers at all on small. But otherwise, they’re
pretty much the same. As I was saying, the points on this map are
often in contention, and very little is safe. This is because the average distance between
any two adjacent points on Dawnbreaker is only about 150 meters. Additionally, there
are multiple rooftops that can be accessed be elevators, and even more that are frequently
staging areas for enemy troops. One bit of advice before I continue, if there
are enemies on rooftops, don’t expend too much energy trying to take them out if they’re
not moving to capture flags from that spot. Yeah, they’ll kill you from time to time,
but they’re really not affecting the outcome of the battle at all. They’re simply annoying,
like mosquitos. Of course, if you have an unopposed air vehicle, feel free to “rake
in” the kills. With all this mobility, it becomes very difficult
to defend any point, especially when enemies could be attacking from literally any direction.
So suffice it to say, this is one of the most fluid and dynamic maps in Battlefield 4. So
how do you go about coming up with a plan for this map?
Well, let’s break it down. There are three major avenues of traffic on Dawnbreaker. One
lane is between Echo and Bravo, another runs straight up the middle, and the last major
one is between Alpha and Delta. Plus there are all sorts of cross-overs between them.
Most of the enemies attacking you are going to be taking one of these primary routes.
As a single player, you’re not going to be able to stop or control traffic along all
three of these routes simultaneously. You’re going to have to pick your battles on Dawnbreaker,
and that’s why I recommend a more defensive approach.
Imagine either side of this map as a struggle to control three points, now arrange these
points in a triangle. As a player, you’re going to want to pick two of these points
and make this the route you’re going to run. You can try to control the third point as
well, but you’re going to find yourself doing more traveling than shooting and capturing.
Only resort to trying to cover three if your team is having serious problems defending
the other point on your side of the map. If you’ve got your points under control, start
focusing on controlling the traffic of the lane(s) that run into your points. If you’re
in armor, this becomes profoundly easier as you have mobility, protection, and firepower.
Try and help your team out by intercepting anyone attempting to access the areas behind
your front lines. You can try and get aggressive, but play cautiously since overextending yourself
beyond the cover of your infantry means you’re facing a lot of enemy armor coming out of
the enemy spawn. Now I want to talk about the individual points
on this map, and let’s start with the map’s primary focus: Charlie. Unlike focal points
on other maps I’ve talked about, Charlie matters quite a bit to the outcome of the battle on
Dawnbreaker. Firstly, it acts as a magnet to the enemy team’s forces. If you can control
it, you’re likely drawing enemies to it from all three lanes. And if you’re in armor protecting
it, it’s like moths to the flame. Secondly, and somewhat related, the point
acts as a gateway to either side of the map. And while there are ways around, its central
location provides easy access to either side’s points.
And finally, it provides access to the commander AC130 ability. The AC130 is particularly devastating
on Dawnbreaker because it can eventually hit everything on its circular path around the
map. Nothing is really safe, and it might be the only reason why there are two stealth
jets and an M.A.A. on this map. That being said, Charlie is a bloodbath. Every
sniper on the map is looking at this point. Every weapon on the ground is trained on it
the moment it starts to capture. Armor is frequently rolling into it, there’s mines
and C4 everywhere, and I’m fairly certain it’s a portal to hell. There are only a few
points of cover. If you’re lucky to survive capturing it, you might not make it out alive.
Honestly, this entire map is a bloodbath, as you’re vulnerable from just about every
angle at every time. So when you’re playing as infantry, be sure to move from cover to
cover, especially at Charlie. Now that you know how dangerous it is, there
are some important avenues of approach to consider when assaulting Charlie. The building
to the northeast provides some of the easiest cover that overlooks the point. This is often
a hotspot for the U.S. team when assaulting the point. It provides extremely effective
cover from enemies below, and easy access to the point itself.
There are many other approaches, and assaulting players tend to gather around the cover on
the point. The capture area for Charlie is limited to the central areas above and below
the bridge, so keep an eye out for infantry on the roadways, over the bridge, and next
to the supports. One thing to consider is the abundant cover
on this map when capturing a point. The size of the capture areas for most points is actually
pretty generous, so make use of that when capturing a point.
Let’s focus on another flag. Echo, this time. It’s the easiest point to defend on the map.
Despite being next to the spawn point for the Chinese team, if the U.S. gets a spawn
beacon in the building, they can be exceptionally difficult to eject. It’s one of the few points
with plenty of hiding areas and cover from the rooftops.
If captured by the U.S., it’s a significant stumbling block for the Chinese team, as it
can effectively block all traffic from their spawn. So if you’re on the Chinese team, you
definitely don’t want it to fall into enemy hands.
The Chinese team can equally frustrate the U.S. team by controlling the building between
Charlie and Bravo. However, it’s a bit of a stretch to keep control of Bravo, and the
building itself is not a capture point. Most soldier traffic from Bravo to Charlie goes
through this building, so a single squad can really jam up reinforcements to Charlie. A
squad in this building can be exceptionally hard to remove, especially if they have a
spawn beacon. If you can’t get into the building, another
way you can lay into this source of reinforcements is from the great vantage points from the
bridge and the hills near Charlie into the overlooks into the building.
So when is a good time to reach into enemy territory and capture one of the four exterior
points on this map? Having Charlie certainly makes it easier, but maybe you need to draw
a little attention away from your side of the map. Taking a point behind enemy lines
is certainly one way to do it. But from my experience on Dawnbreaker, it’s
generally not enough to turn the tide of battle on a 64 player server. If you can run an amazing
defense of a rear point with a squad, then you might be able to pin down enough enemies
for long enough for your team to do something. That is, assuming your team is up to the task.
But for the most part, this temporary capture gets squeezed by the enemy pretty fast.
So if that doesn’t work out, try refocusing on what I discussed earlier. The plan for
this map is to control your lanes, control the important points you’ve chosen, and prevent
the enemy from gaining access to the areas of the map that they can cause the most trouble. Let’s look at some loadouts that can help
you out on Dawnbreaker. First and foremost, it’s extremely important to have competent
armor players on this map. In fact, you might find yourself up against many of the top armor
players in the world on Dawnbreaker. There are a lot of long lanes and open areas
that make it easy to shoot down enemy infantry and vehicles, and plenty of cover for smart
drivers. If your team can keep enemy armor down, it becomes extremely easy to control
the map, especially around Charlie. With that in mind, my typical tank loadout on a map
like Dawnbreaker is the HE Shell, Autoloader, APS, and your choice of machine gun as a secondary.
As an armored driver, I’m going to recommend you be exceptionally careful if you’re trying
to take the outlying points. The capture areas are very large for all of them, but there’s
a lot of cover that enemies carrying C4 can come out and get you. Really, your best bet
is to support infantry that’s already taking a point on this map.
So, if enemy armor is giving your team trouble, run as an Engineer with mines and your rocket
launcher of choice. There are absolutely tons of chokepoints and hiding spots on this map
to lay down mines. On the off chance that enemy air is seriously harassing your team,
you may wish to consider a shoulder-fired anti-air missile. For the most part though,
if you have a competent Mobile Anti-Aircraft driver, most helicopters are only up for a
few moments. If you are the Anti-Aircraft driver, then
I highly recommend getting aggressive with the M.A.A, equipping the Zuni Rockets and
Proximity Sensor. The infantry action is pretty intense on this map, and an aggressive AA
driver can bring an amazing amount of pain, even from the safety of a captured point.
With the amount of armor on this map, you’ll want to keep your cover close if a tank starts
sniping at you. As this is a very intense infantry map, Assault
is definitely a good choice if the enemy armor is being dealt with. Now, depending on where
and how you’re playing will influence which weapons you use. If you’re being a bit more
defensive and cautious, you’ll probably want to run with a mid-to-long range weapons like
the AR160, M16A4, or M416. If you’re a bit more aggressive, or you’re playing in the
tight areas of the map like Echo, Delta, or the building near Bravo, consider balanced
weapons like the SCAR-H, L85A2, or ACE23. If you’re interested in trying to hold one
of the exterior points (that’s Alpha, Bravo, Delta, or Echo), consider running as a recon
with a TUGS and spawn beacon. Getting your beacon onto the roof of either Alpha or Echo
makes it almost impossible to get rid of your squad. Just don’t stay up there. And that
TUGS makes it exceptionally hard for enemies to take the point from you, as you’ll always
have the drop on them. And as for support, there aren’t many safe
places to set up a bipod, a mortar, or really any other focused gadget. There aren’t a lot
of great flanking opportunities either, as the Battlefield is pretty open. So the huge
bullet store you normally get from an LMG doesn’t really get put to great use. So you
may wish to consider a carbine like the AK5C on this map.
However, you can get some good use out of the UCAV against helicopters, rooftop camping
snipers (of which there will be a limitless supply), and the plentiful armor on this map.
Consider also running with C4 for the good opportunities you’ll have to ambush armor
in tight spaces. However you decide to play this map, remember
the zones of control, and that you’ll want to find ways to limit your enemy’s access
to your side of the map. Staying fast, mobile, and defensive is the best way to ensure your
side’s dominance of Dawnbreaker. This map often gets out of control for whichever team
achieves early dominance, and if you can hold onto that lead, that’s the game. Or at least,
that’s the plan. That’s it for this episode of Battle Plan.
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