(Bagian 2) Membuat Pahat Bubut Widia dengan Las MIG tanpa Las Kuningan

Assalamualaikum … See you again with HOBBY WORK TECHNIQUES This is the second video from the previous video about making a chisel using widia chisel eyes in the previous video I showed how to make a lathe using MIG welding this time I will test what is the MIG welding that I do strong to hold the load when cutting on the workpiece I did the test using two lathe chisels on one type of workpiece this is the first lathe chisel for the first test I tried at a depth of 1mm now I will try at a depth of 2mm now testing on a second tool with a cutting depth of 2.5mm we can see the making of a chisel by using this MIG welding apparently not inferior to welding using brass thank you for watching this video wait for my next video don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE see you later …

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