Electric field | Electric charge, electric force, and voltage | Physics | Khan Academy

Let’s imagine that instead of having two charges, we just have one charge by itself, sitting in a vacuum, sitting in space. So that’s this charge here, and let’s say its charge is Q. That’s some number, whatever it is. That’s it’s charge. And I want to know, if I were to place another charge […]

Inwerterowy półautomat spawalniczy MIG 145 NO GAS – NOWOŚĆ

Mig 145 no gas is the smallest semi-automatic welding machine in the Magnum brand offer. The device is intended only for welding with a sheath wire. That is, the lifting of a heavy and troublesome cylinder falls out. Handles, both work and bulk, are permanently installed so you do not have to think about the […]

028 – A Flux Too Far

Om Nom Merge: The Mathematics behind the game

hello friends welcome back. Om Nom Merge is a game where you merge two similar cute looking monsters called nommies to create a new upgraded Nommie. this is a very simple concept where you keep on merging the nommies; till you reach the highest level nommie; which is level 49 in current scenario. I don’t […]

Merge Plane Gameplay #9 – WAR THUNDER EVENT! – Walkthrough Android – GPV247

hi everyone gameplay vids 24/7 here welcome back to my merge playing gameplay walkthrough series for the PC days and German we are back here on merch plane or do you hope you’re all having a wonderful doubt there thank you all so much for tuning in to another episode so apparently there is a […]