Arc Welding Tips For Beginning Welders : Selecting an Electrode for Arc Welding

Arc Welding Tips For Beginning Welders : Selecting an Electrode for Arc Welding

Hi! This is John from In
this video clip I will be talking about selecting the proper electrode. When you take a look
at different electrode sizes, the first thing you want to look for is the thickness of the
electrode itself which is that metal core. It can come in several different thicknesses.
The next thing that you want to look at is the number of electrodes, so this electrode
is 6013 or E6013. 6013 is a great general-purpose electrode. It can be used with both DC or
AC welding and you can be welding in all positions with this electrode, so you can weld in a
flat position, the vertical position, the overhead position or the horizontal position.

31 thoughts on “Arc Welding Tips For Beginning Welders : Selecting an Electrode for Arc Welding

  1. E6013 rutile is not recomended for descending weldings..Only the E6013 rutile+cellulosic is proper for this task..

  2. I just bought a 130 amp TIG/ 90 amp arc welder and tried welding with a 1/8" E7018 but the elctrode kept dying out even with the current adjustment all the way up. Is it possible that the 1/8" electorde is too thick for a 90 amp arc welder and that I would be better off using a 3/32" electode?

  3. 90 amps is to small for 1/8

    3/32 5/32 or 1/16 thats it and you will have issues on 90amps with 7013 rods
    if you want to burn off 1/8 then buy a big welder

    i have a 90 amp and have leanred its limits and i stick with that .. next toy iam buing is a MIG 140 which will more then due even for trailer building and repairs and so on .. but of course thats using flux core wire in it ,, the mig welders when using mig wire withthe gas do not penatrate very well compared to the fluxcore wire

  4. We use E7018 in class and i do believe they are the best beaded rods!! Bein a woman in this field is hard and the guys love to joke and kid with me so much i feel like part of the family!!! LOL

  5. Nobody has mentioned anything about Duty Cycle on welders. The cheap Chinese made junk at Harbor freight averages 10% (or less) duty cycle. That means you weld for one minute, and then wait for 9 minutes for the machine to cool down, or your circuit breaker will trip. Not only that, the warmer the machine gets, the more difficult it is to keep that arc going. So if you new guys want to learn how to weld. don't start with a cheap hobby machine. It's not worth the money you think you saved.

  6. Okay, I laughed so hard reading your post that I had to call my entire family in to read it too. Thanks for the rolling-on-the-floor belly laughs we all enjoyed!!! We totally agree with you, brother.

  7. when i just her your name at the beginning of the video i switch to another video because you look like a dead guy and your annoying

  8. hmmm .. i couldn't here a thing … 3 different adds kept popping up and playing on the side … WHO THE HELL makes adds that play sound pop up on their you tube vids …

  9. I stumbled across your videos here as I'm looking to learn more about arc welding- Your videos are clear and concise, I found them to be helpful. Thanks!

  10. Well there we go ! A great all purpose advert for using 6013 welding rods, where was the rest of the SELECTION ???? Dohhhhh !!!!

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