Arc Welding Tips For Beginning Welders : Proper Ventilation & Shop Safety for Welding Fumes & Gasses

Arc Welding Tips For Beginning Welders : Proper Ventilation & Shop Safety for Welding Fumes & Gasses

Hi! My name is John from
In this video clip, we will be discussing fumes and proper ventilation. Dust fumes and
metal particles can be very hazardous to your health. It is essential to have a good ventilation
system if you are working in a shop or in an indoor area. While someone is welding, you will notice
that there is quite a bit of smoke produced and there are also chunks of metal that will
fly off.
If you do not have a ventilation system hooked up, one thing that you can do is prop open
a door.

35 thoughts on “Arc Welding Tips For Beginning Welders : Proper Ventilation & Shop Safety for Welding Fumes & Gasses

  1. Expert village videos are just a waste of time. Welding makes smoke, If you want to ventilate prop open a door ???? What an expert.Thanks for the great advice.

  2. THX FOR TALKING ABOUT RESPIRATORS JOHN why dont you go sand some break parts and breath deaply. o and dont forget to whisper while the welding is on .

  3. Is it okay to have a small fan blow across the welding work to move the smoke away from you as the work is being done?

    Just bought a small arc welder and researching techniques here at YouTube before I use it.

  4. a fan blowing across the weld is not a good idea, the un-even cooling of the weld will cause it to warp and be very incosistant.

    but, if you turn the fan around so it sucks up the fumes, it wont disturb the weld too much and should remove most of the fumes. although, it's no match for a good ventilation system.

  5. I could have made a 1 minute video of just a picture of a carpet dryer. and it would have been better than this

  6. @decelectronicsltd you dont use argon gas when stick welding, you use it on a MIG wire feed welder , he was using a Stick welder totaly different

  7. hey there if you knew anyting about welding you would know that stick welding the wire is coated with flux already,, there is a process called fluxcore welding that uses a machines called a flux core wire feed welder, the inside of the wire has flux in it,, arc stick welding which this video is the flux is on the out side of a steel rod ..
    i guess ill have to post some videos of arc stick and flux core welding, and explain them and the others ..

  8. I wear a respirator with a hose that connects to the filter cartridges clipped behind me on my belt. It's uncomfortable, hot in the summertime, makes me sweat more, people make fun of me sometimes, but at least my lungs aren't being ruined. Maybe one of these days when I get some extra money I'll buy one of those battery powered fan ventilated ones. They come full cover so you don't have to worry about sparks burning your eardrums.

  9. @snocamo154 You don't want to have a fan blowing directly on what you're welding. That welding smoke is protecting the weld from contamination. If you blow the smoke away from the arc, you'll have a weaker weld. However, you can always direct the fan to move the smoke without blowing on the arc. The moving air will draw the smoke towad that direction.

  10. "Good ventilation system" is vague. Some ideas:
    1. Open a door AND aim a fan out the door. Larger is better, try a "whole house air circulation" fan. Aim it blowing away from you.
    2. Hardware stores sell wall-mount exhaust fans and louvers that automatically open & close.
    4. HVAC / Furnace places often have scrap home furnaces out back with big blowers that can handle blowing through long ducts. Ask politely and bring tools (screwdrivers, wrenches, wire cutters).

  11. @shortyjk95 It does tend to stick to the weld, so you need to practice. Scratch the electrode like striking a match, try to keep a gap the same size as the electrode diameter. When it starts to stick, yank it away.

  12. @KevinMillard68 Yes, AND a fan blowing away from you, AND wear a half-mask respirator! Zinc fumes are toxic and will make you sick, at least give you a bad headache. Not sure if they do permanent damage.

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