Arc Welding Tips For Beginning Welders : How to Strike an Arc When Arc Welding

Arc Welding Tips For Beginning Welders : How to Strike an Arc When Arc Welding

Hi! This is John from In
this video clip, I will be discussing how to strike the arc when arc welding. To strike
the arc, the electrode must first touch the base metal. The end of the electrode must
then be withdrawn to the correct arc distance or arc length, which I talked about in the
previous video. So when you come in here to strike your arc, you are going to have to
touch the base metal and then pull it off. If you leave it on the base metal, your electrode
is going to stick to it. Again if you strike the arc and pull it off the way too far, you
are going to lose your arc. Now there is a couple of different ways that you can strike
it. The first one is to strike it like a match like you would, just a typical household match
and the second way is to tap it onto the metal.

12 thoughts on “Arc Welding Tips For Beginning Welders : How to Strike an Arc When Arc Welding

  1. I've found if you use any welding rod(6011,6013) with the positive on the workpiece, cutting is rather easy on a dc welder, usually looks flame cut in the end though.

  2. ok question all the ppl commenting here seem to know what they are talking abouut so why were you watching a begginers video???
    i know why i was watching it thanks

  3. John's lack of arm movement makes him a unique you tube personality; it's kind of endearing in an awkward way. Anyway, I've seen plenty of these 'expert village' videos and I am sometimes alarmed by what they omit, and I am frequently scared by some of their unsafe suggestions. If you are looking at this video to learn then I recommend you also look at other people's videos just to see what they are doing. Research is king when you are learning a new craft. Cheers.

  4. зачем тут рспинаться.чего то рассказывать всё равно опыт приходит со временем.я учился 15 лет назад и до сих пор считаю что полного мастерства я не достиг.

  5. ive been welding about a year now when i first started the electrode would get stuck and would stay stuck till they bended and caught on fire I sucked. now im much better. But ive always tapped to start an arc i suggest it for beginners and i also suggest if u can afford one an auto dark helmet as u dont have to worry about starring directly at the arc. and MIG is better 😀

  6. just strike it like a match its really that easy….now keeping a bead while slag is flying on you….lol thats another story.

  7. Ha-ha-ha! Teaching "how to strike an arc" without actually striking an arc. Just like teaching "how to ride a bike" without actually getting onto a bike. Even I, a newbie can do this.

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