Arc Welding Tips For Beginning Welders : Finishing the Weld When Arc Welding

Hi! This is John from In
this video clip, I will be talking about finishing your weld bead. When you start your weld bead,
again you strike it like a match, bring it back and then start to form your weld. As
you form your weld consistently, you will reach an ending point now. If you continue
off the end of the metal in a straight line, you will blow through your metal or you will
get a big pit in it. On this one here if you are going along with your weld bead and you
stop before you get to the end, then you get no penetration at the end. With this one up
here what you want to do is strike your arc, bring it back, start your weld bead and then
once you get to the end, you want to make a couple of circles which will help fill in
that end piece and then you can pull your electrode off to stop your arc.

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