Applying Iron-On Transfers to T-Shirts : How to Use Transfer Paper of T-Shirts

Applying Iron-On Transfers to T-Shirts : How to Use Transfer Paper of T-Shirts

Hi, I’m Melina Peroso and welcome to Expert
Village. So for this next step, we’re going to add transfer paper to this shirt. So what
I’ve done is I’ve printed out a design. First I drew it, then I scanned it into my computer
and then I colored it with Photo Shop. You don’t have to do this. You can just scan a
regular picture and do a black and white transfer or you can take a picture off the internet,
you can do anything you want as far as getting a picture. And then you print it on transfer
paper, iron on transfer paper, and you can usually get this at an office supply store
or you can get it at, that’s where I go, it’s a really fantastic website,
and you just print it right out of your laser printer. Once it’s printed, you trim the edges
like I just did, make sure there’s no excess and then you plan out where it is that you
want to have your Image. So I’ve got one main Image and then I have a few little matching
Images that have some little stars here that I’m going to put somewhere on my shirt. And
you want to make sure when you’re buying transfer paper that you’re buying the right kind of
transfer paper. Standard transfer paper is not going to print on color fabrics, or it’s
going to print on it but you’re going to see the fabric through the paper, it’s not opaque.
So it’s really good for printing on white things. Then you also have transfer paper
that’s specially made for printing on stretchy fabrics. Like I can get away with this because
it’s a tee shirt and I’m putting it right here in the front and it’s kind of baggy,
at least for me, so it’s not going to be a big deal, it’s not going to stretch too much.
But if I were going to print this on something that was more form fitting and stretchy, I
would get a special stretchy transfer paper. Besides that, they also do have transfer paper
that is opaque so if you wanted to print on a black shirt or you wanted to print on a
red shirt or anything like that, you would get the opaque transfer paper. The next step
that you’re going to do after you’ve planned out where you want all of your Images, is
you’re going to turn them over.

70 thoughts on “Applying Iron-On Transfers to T-Shirts : How to Use Transfer Paper of T-Shirts

  1. im pretty sure that t shirt will have two big round firm lumps in or around your chest area or there abouts making the design well promted.

  2. @LySteeps OMG me tooo!!!!! the only reason i'm here is because i want to make a justin bieber shirt too…… 🙂

  3. @MsAhhhh you just need an HP or any other Ink Jet printer if you have a laser printer it won't work reasons i don't know.

  4. @bchap09 This is finished in the next video. Don't know why she had to use two parts. They are short enough.

  5. They just put out new image transfer sheets that prints soft, stretchy, and vibrant colors on most material. They don't sell them at local stores you got to order them they are not expensive either and the prints come out really nice with no background and its soft and stretch with no cracking click my channel to see the video demo.

  6. finally, i've been trying to figure out what the difference is between transfer paper for dark shirts and light shirts. Thanks.

  7. Consumer Tip: I just bought the Avery and Office Depot brand of transfer/Iron On paper. Here's my finding….. the image printed on the Avery paper is less sharp…a tad duller than Office Depot. The Avery image feels stiffer on the shirt…like image was taped on….whereas the O.D brand felt more bendable and more like part of the shirt. For darker images, the Avery seems a bit more reflective under direct a sheen…O.D had less sheen which looks better. O.D brand is better.

  8. @MsAhhhh It's an Inkjet printer that you need to use to print with. I haven't seen one that uses a laser printer. And a laser printer is what i go 🙁

  9. Does it matter what printer you have? I have a f2480 HP printer, would I be able to use that and also would I need a type of certain type of ink? and does it matter on the material of the tshirt?

  10. well I bought the transfer paper but the thing is I don't know which side i must print on ?
    !!!!!! please if anyone knows just tell me I have A PROJECT I HAVE TO FINISH

  11. I think I can remember my old design teacher telling me that if i wanted to use writing then I'd have to print the image in reverse…is this true???

  12. If you're printing out TEXT, don't forget to "Flip horizontally" so that your text will print out as a mirror image. If you don't do this, then you'll end up with backwards text on your Tshirt. Don't make the dumb mistake I did!

  13. @MsAhhhh she said you need to print it on the transfer paper, did you even listen she said it in the beginning of the video.

  14. So i was drinking my bowl of lucky charms and on the back it said free iron ons so i ran super fast quick to the computer and looked this up lol

  15. Hi, what's the name of the website you mention at 00:45 in the video? Sorry I couldn't really understand the name you said. Thanks

  16. This may be a stupid question, but is transfer paper the same sort of paper you use to make the figures out of hama beads?

  17. sorry – not impressed. 1: I hate adverts and normally if you can't click off ater 5 seconds I'd bin the video. BUT I was desperate to work out why my iron on transfer didn't work so stuck it out. Only to discover you don't actually do the ironing bit which is the only bit people wont know how to do. Printing an image on to paper is easy – its how long to iron, what temperature, how to remove the backing without pulling the image off the shirt – that's the bit we don't know. So, disappointed!

  18. I couldn't really understand what kind of transfer paper do you use if your going to print an image onto a colored shirt

  19. actually there are other ways to ensure it won't crack without buying special paper,when you finish the design and its been ironed on the shirt,take copy paper and place it on the design,then iron it for 20 seconds,it should make it more flexible and soft

  20. The website she said she uses is called:   — dharmatrading  — and then go to the Transfer Products tab, and pick which product you want.

  21. Hi. Your video helped me a lot. I'd like to know if you can layer these transfers and what you have to do to do it right.

  22. so use transfer paper on white T shirts and for the T shirts that have colors in it use Opaque transfer paper?

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