Apex Steel Saves Time with Miller ArcReach Welding Technology

Apex Steel Saves Time with Miller ArcReach Welding Technology

Hi my name is Jim Green, I’m the general
superintendent for Apex Steel and Apex Tower Crane. We’re structural steel
contractor, we specialize in steel erection,
architectural iron, and we also have a tower crane and man lift division. Our
customers really demand quality and they’ve come to expect the quality that
Apex puts out there. We don’t treat any project as a lesser no matter what the
size. The Northwest is in a boom right now.
Seattle area has the most cranes on our skyline of of any state in the nation
and with that there comes a higher demand for D1.8 welders. D1.8 is a demand
critical welds that came about slowly after the Northridge earthquake. We
really started to see demand critical welds being the norm. In this area it’s
really what the contractors are looking for. Apex is a progressive company and
they’re always looking for ways to become more productive and they were on
the top of the list to bring this equipment out to show them. The ArcReach system is in itself revolutionary because our employees no longer have to
walk down ten stories to the power source to make their changes. If a welder
needs to adjust his volts or his amps, you’ll have to get down off the
iron, out of your spot. It takes a lot of time so the remote set up to me is
huge. We’d probably lose two hours a day on each welder. With the ArcReach system
being remote control and basically kept them in their work area the technology
that Miller has come up with has really really helped to minimize our downtime.
This system makes it just easier because everything’s right there, but a lot of
times when we’re welding, we’re working off the iron so you know you could have
fall hazards, you could have tripping hazards, I mean there’s a lot that plays
into it. The wear and tear on the guys, the
fatigue, you know it saves everybody all the way around. So you’re not wasting time running back and forth, you could be working quite a ways away from your power source. With
this box I can do both of them without having to jump up, run down three flights
of stairs. Everything changes and we’re in a business where we’re still going to
get that change and anything that could help us productivity wise,
efficiency, that’s key for us and it seems like Miller is the same way. You
guys are on the cutting edge of technology and so we keep adapting to
keep up with it and that helps our company grow. I’d say definitely go with
the Miller ArcReach system. You improve your safety, your quality of welds, you can
switch positions in a matter of minutes instead of an hour. That has been an
unbelievable savings for us in both manpower, quality, and assured arc force. We take great pride in what we do we build America and we’re proud to do that.

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  1. Hi, i have a question about drive roll selection someone plz help me out here!!
    for metalcore wire is it recommended that you use a knurled drive roll or not a knurled drive roll? i know its not knurled for GMAW and knurled for FCAW but i cant find a real answer to this question? Im wasting alot of time at a new job dealing with birds nesting when tacking stuff up with MCAW. Ive always used non knurled drive rolls for MCAW/GMAW but the new place says im wrong. Any help would be much appriciated

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