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good afternoon everyone and welcome back to Jimbos garage with it being valentine’s day and what a perfect opportunity is to tell your wife or girlfriend your mother your sister or family member just how much you love which brings us to today’s video i just think it would be appropriate for this day to make something that could be used for a gift idea or in this case a special occasion let’s get started with today’s video ring box got started by going to my slumber lumber rack to apply here I always hang onto this stuff that you never know when you’re gonna need it just looking for a small piece of material that i can sketch this heart out to you and this is cases Peace Corps multiply which is perfect once they got that sketched out to get over the band saw and cut the shape out and I know my guys is set really high here on the dance on i’m doing that only for filming purposes of it down tight we wouldn’t be able to see we’re doing so that’s why is up so I one of my hardwood selection right here and you already talked about the hardware supplies to the gods unique pieces of hardwood and so going through there is purple hearts intact adequate right here for the job so I just sketched out the two pieces that we need onto this Purple Heart and once again take it over to the bandsaw and started cutting these things out i got to tell you you know this Purple Heart puts out some sawdust that’s incredible it is so fine so purple and it is it it took me days to clean this up it was all over the shop but anyways managed to get both hearts cut out and now once I did that I just took my palm router and just went around and give it a rounded edge on both of them i kinda wanted it nice and round well once i got that done I wanted to glue them together as close as I could get maybe excuse me so i can take it over the belt sander and trim up any edges that weren’t exactly can see there wasn’t one exact fit right at this moment but once I got it all standard out all the way around it worked out perfect and time to separate it now and I had a bit of a problem separating this glue holding my little persuasion hammer got it apart and just wiped off the glue nice things to do is to cut out the template that’s going to be used i need to cut and insert a square insert on the inside of both these boxes and so I need something to hold it firm in place and it was flush with the router so i could make this happen and this is why the way I thought of doing it so hard a little bit tighter than then then this so it would push right and everything fit nice and tight and flush and flat and that’s what we needed to do so there’s a little piece of a ring box that the square that i’m needing to cut out so at this point I just stapled on a flat surface to my workbench so I could work with it got that stapled into place and then I’m just cutting out some pieces that are going to go around the outside that that’s what’s actually going to run the router router on so keep a nice square true box and i’m seventeen’s i believe it was about an inch-and-a-half i think was an inch and a half inch and five-eighths once i have got all the way around got these all nailed into place that created the the template for the router to run on and by doing this I’m hoping that everything is exactly i can cut both pieces in there and it will be really close to be intrude on both pieces started with that with about 1 inch Forstner bit just to get things started and this is when i took the router you can see how the router just runs on those rails all the way around and that’s what created the perfect square box and I do that to both of them I’m hoping they’ll be really close when i try to join them together when I can have too big of a problem you know stuff I do i do you know i billed as i go as many you guys know I don’t have any plans for this I just think about what I’m doing in my head and try to try to make something happening for the most part you know it worked out pretty good here’s the second piece and I just repeat the same process for the second I gotta say that that worked out pretty good and you know it seems like a lot of trouble to go to with all this template and wood and everything just to cut a square hole but you know what it was well worth it when it was all over with everything that just worked out just right and all the other template stuff that I’m getting pride away from the trash but that’s just the way it goes both pieces cut out you see I have pried off now that becomes junk but anyways here’s a piece of purple heart I wanted to slice off now what the goal here is to slice it really thin pieces about a sixteenth of an inch thick and this is what’s going to go around the inside of one of the cutouts in the ring box and that’s what’s going to create the lip that the other one is going to snap onto I’m hoping that’s the game plan anyway well I’m just cut the amount of the pieces that i need and then it was time to you know gloom into place and act on that to be a little bit of a challenge but you know ultimately once i got em all in there and got them all nice and plump and it actually worked three good i had this little block leftover that I cut out once i got everything all glued in just took this block in there to keep everything nice and through let sit overnight and there’s a fit pretty amazed at this together pretty close to being perfect a little sandpaper right here to get everything absolutely perfect i started with 150 and went to 20 i think i ended up with 320 but it ended up that perfect alright so I’m a little bit of tongue oil this is what i thought i would use like I couldn’t make up my mind and I just thought this would be just appropriate you can see that that gives good protection it gets a little bit of Sheen and I let that sit for about an hour is wiped that clean for the inside snap it together and then when I had just put the the time along outside put a couple coats on that let that dry overnight this is just some like bees wax that I got to give it that extra added luster and protection and that’s just really what I wanted that turned out just perfect not too shiny and yet look a very lustrous well stole a ring box for my wife’s jewelry box and just took the insert out popped in and and their else that that is finishing finishing product right there and i gotta say I really pleased the way that turned out ok well the ring box is almost complete just got a couple more things I want to add to it I got to say this turned out really nice i’m really excited about the wait it turned out but because this is going to be an actual ring box for my daughter for her proposal we want to be part of the family so my father-in-law who does a lot of carbons I I wanted him to do a little something for the added touch this ring box as well and this is what he carved out right here i’ll try to get some good job with this right here but this is just a small piece of the Purple Heart the same wood that i’m using for this he’s carved out some hearts and some arrows which I thought was really cool so i went ahead in that and put some up some clear lacquer on this and give it a little bit of a gloss we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to we’re going to just put that right on the top of this ring box and then there’s only one thing left sure would be nice to see the ring ring box so let’s do it was just a little superglue is all I really needed to hold this in place and there it is ok well there it is ring box is complete yeah i gotta say I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out and I really can’t wait to see my daughter Jenna reaction when she sees the ring in this box I hope you guys enjoyed this video thanks for watching don’t forget to rate comment subscribe for more next memo

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