Altering a belt grinder table

Altering a belt grinder table

okay here’s a project I’m trying to in
my mind I’m trying to figure out how to do this this is my grinding jig and what
I do is I pull tonight to this jig and this bolt here adjusts the angle of the
jig so when I put a knife on it if I lean it further in it’s a shallow bevel
if I lean it further out it’s a longer bevel you know I can adjust it work i
bevel the entire thing from spine to blade edge or half way and it works good
except for it hangs up its drags on this well I don’t actually use this I have
another piece of metal this is just too small and I clamp it down with a couple
of clamps and it’s all mostly bad on this hangs up and I have polished that
and I’ve done everything I can to make it smooth I have this oil here that you
know I spray this down and for two or three classes it’s okay and then it
starts digging in again that’s really it affects how clean my grind lines are so
let me show you what I’m working on this is a nylon cutting board and it’s a
little too thin used by itself so what I plan on doing is drilling 4 holes and
bolting this down to that table and then gluing this on the top of that and then
my jig grinding this into a wedge and attaching it to the bottom of my jig
where it’s got the same angle at all times so that is a nice slick surface
there if nothing else if I put this on I think it’ll make a huge difference with
nothing else done to the jig but and I’m gonna do that first and what I really
need was some what I call nut panheads there are machine screw heads they’re
you know conical here where here would be the the bolt and here would be the
head and maybe a you know slotted screw in it
but I don’t have anything like that so I’m either gonna wait and go to Ace
Hardware or I’m gonna try to make some of these conical shaped machine screws
out of just some regular hex bolts I don’t know if it’s a waste of time or
not I I’m waiting on Sandy to get back with me
on this I want to do a liner on it this is the spalted Oak I’m gonna use and I
want her to decide whether she wants a Purple Heart or the walnuts Purple Heart
is sure that’s a pretty what I haven’t used it yet I have used a lot of the
walnut that’s what’s real nice too but anyway this is a custom knife and custom
means you choose your options and here’s my mosaic pan I haven’t cut it yet I got
to put the handles and and get a good idea for how thick I’m gonna make the
handles and then cut my pins so a little bit that time today’s Thursday
I don’t think I’m gonna be able to do anything on that knife tomorrow I’ve got
Kroger shopping Walmart shopping I got to go way over to Shreveport to get our
drugs a whole bunch of running around Saturday I can work on it sunday is my
day off Monday I got to be over in Texas do some work so you know it’s all over
everybody who orders a knife knows that I get these done as quickly as possible
but I have to fit fit the knives in around my life which is just the way I
want it to be I don’t want this to be a job I it’s a hobby and I just love
making these knives and settling them just helps me buy more sandpaper and
steel alright let me get back to thinking
about this well here’s what I got so far those do not stick up too high so what
I’m gonna do is these heads are almost a half an inch so I’m gonna drill some 1/2
inch holes about an eighth of an inch deep here you’re here corresponding to
this and then I’m going to prime this not prime it but I’m going to soak it
down with an alcohol and brother really good and then hit this with some super
glue and clamp it together and hope it’ll hold if not then I’ll do it the
right way and that is to buy a piece of 5/8 nylon it’s about 75 bucks for the
size I need and just go to the store and buy the right screws okay let me let me
get to work let me to drill these little half inch holes out here and see if I
can make it fit flush what I have here is a spade bit that I ground the tip off that’s what it’s supposed to look like
and so far I kind of think it might work now I might have to take my drummel with
an end mill and you know clean that up just a little bit but I think I got a
real good start on this let me get the rest of these done I got four more to do
all right let’s see if they match yep okay when we find an end mill and
bottom ease out a little bit and the next step will be gluing and I don’t
have enough superglue so I’ll have to put that off till tomorrow to let me get
these bottom down right here’s an end mill noise alert yeah just a second I got an idea God why
have enough floats my god I’m almost out by golly that’s gonna work alright
you saw how it’s done let me get the rest of these cleaned up and we’ll see
if it’s gonna fit all right let’s see if it fits yep
perfect all right now I need superglue I’m gonna
rough it up with some sandpaper both of the mating surfaces I’m gonna clean it
really good with some alcohol and then I’m going to put a whole bunch of its CA
glue it’s the superglue type of stuff and clamp it and we’ll see we’ll see so
far so good a new clan since I do have epoxy I’m going to drill small holes
eight-inch actually completely through this piece here 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 I
may go 12 I may go 6 and then 6 I’m gonna drill holes completely through
this and then I’m going to take my all and start me some holes in the next
piece and these are the screws and we’ll use fat fingers and they will not go all
the way through as long as they don’t over torque so between the screws and the epoxy I
believe it’ll work let me get I’m gonna get this took apart
and you’re saying but Brad you won’t have access to the bulkheads well I know
I’ll be able to start the nut and I’ll get it on enough where I can hold on the
end with a pair of vise grips and tighten these nuts up all right let’s
get this party started well I am a little slow and I bet some
of y’all have already got this one figured out ahead of me if I put these
fan head bolts like this when I screw them in they’re still gonna stick out
and when I put this those panheads are going to hit the top of that so can’t do
that I can use these for the forward outer ones away from the top of this so
I’ve got these wood screws what I want to do is countersink these holes they’re
very very short screw so I’m gonna have to really countersink these uh at least
an eighth of an inch but they’ll be below the surface of this and that’s
what counts so let me get a drill bit that will work let me stay here since
you’re here let’s just see now the next size up next sighs little
bit yeah
honey let me get to drilling and so you see what it did here put a piece of tape
on that drill bit and that’s as deep as I’m gonna drill this up to the edge of
that tape and that I’ll put me just about perfect so far so good now let me
get this on it come on come take two hands yeah it’s gonna take two hands you
get the idea I’m gonna tighten this up put the nuts and washers back on tighten
it up not too tight but I’m gonna let it sit I’m gonna clamp it on both ends and
in the middle down to this and I’m just gonna let it sit overnight see you
tomorrow okay it’s the next morning I got up at 2:00 in the morning yesterday
and for this morning I get up before pretty much every morning but lordy it’s
hard to sleep full night well this is it I’m gonna start pulling
these clamps off and see if that adhesive that epoxy held I hope it did
let me let me get this part well it looks good I got a little bit of
adhesive squeezing out around the joints so I know it made contact all right I’m
gonna map this and then I’m going to start thinking about how I’m going to
make this work I still haven’t figured this out yet maybe I’ll have to make a
whole new jig I’ve been thinking inside the box of how I’m gonna make
this jig work on that I mean even if I said nothing it still slides a lot a lot
easier but maybe I need to think outside the box maybe I think you need to think
about a whole new type of jig may be made just out of this that that is
something yep maybe and maybe that’s something I need to consider okay I
guess I really need to think about temperature I don’t know what this stuff
is made out of I doubt that it’s nylon or Delrin because that stuff is pretty
expensive and this was just you know $10 cutting board so I doubt it was the
expensive stuff it’s probably some high-density polystyrene poly poly
something or rather I think it’s probably plastic so therefore I got to
worry about heat too hot and you know these get pretty hot when you’re
grinding and it might melt it so let me let me stop there let me get this put on
and mounted and then I’m gonna start thinking about this and uh today’s
Friday I don’t spend all day over in the big city and uh so today’s a no knife
Friday and of course I’m not going to be here all day today’s the day I’m going
to get all my packages my jet belt sander didn’t show up yesterday it was
supposed to again I’m supposed to get a new one of these
today I’m supposed to get the the box of belts that I the right ones they sent me
the wrong ones are supposed to get them today and I won’t be here
and it might ring so let’s get the day started
all right that half of the problem is solved now I need to check it for square and it is square you see the gap is the
same let’s see this one I’m happy
well I have eliminated the need to take that on and off I’ll tell you another
alteration I made to this well to actually the side covered I don’t even
have that anymore you take you you change these belts so often that you see
this tab here this ear on that side of the table there was one here too and to
change this belt you had to take the table off so I put this on my bandsaw
and I cut that ear off on that side so now I can get the belt on and off
without having to remove the table all right
that part is solved now I got to start thinking on the the jig

18 thoughts on “Altering a belt grinder table

  1. I know it sounds odd but in retail environments we would rub wax paper to make metal slide across metal as in hangers and metal racks, just a thought.

  2. I have the same jig as yours except on my adjustable bolt instead of polishing the bottom I drilled a hole as large as possible then epoxies a hardened bearing that I broke out of an old shaft bearing race way. It seems to slide okay. It seems to slide okay.

  3. You might try E6000 glue, you can get it at Walmart in the craft section. Its kind of a cross between silicone and epoxy. I use it for everything.

  4. Nice work, BC. You may be able to fix a length of hinge (like piano hinge) to your jig and the piece of plastic. Might be rough, but would still allow adjustment of bevels. Just an idea to throw into the mix.


  6. Sorry, I've been watching too many pet videos. "Altering" often means de-sexing. So I couldn't figure out why you were needing to spay/neuter your grinder table. Yep, too many pet videos. Sorry.

  7. Would silicone not do it? A few dabs of hot glue to temp set it until the silicone sets? Maybe a piece of flattened pvc pipe or black pipe on top to handle heat?

  8. And this, my friends, is why Homo Sapiens excelled–the ability to alter our environment to suit our needs! 🙂

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