This craft is so dear to my heart.. Even if you gave me a hundred thousand
to work somewhere else, I wouldn’t go …the little money that I earn here is more than enough for me to stay I only want to do this craft It has started with Âblla (Abdellah), my great-grandfather followed by my grandfathers: Youssef and Mbark then my father…and now me I am the fifth generation for five generations,
this craft was passed on and I’m still practicing it I hope my children will pursue it as well I don’t know when the workshop was founded If I told you
that it dates back to 340, 330 or 350 years ago… I’d be lying to you Who will change the mules’ shoes,
if I stopped going to the souk (rural market)? No one will But, if I passed the craft on to my son Probably, he could become the blacksmith of the local souk too … and earn a living for his family he would have something to live from Peace be upon you and welcome to our community You are most welcomed here, foreigners and Moroccan to come see our way of life and the place we live This craft is so dear to me
Come and see for yourself how this traditional craft is evolving Even if it is… … not very profitable It is part of me I can’t let it go

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