Adults React To Oddly Satisfying Videos (Cotton Candy Melting, Paint Mixing, Dominoes)

Adults React To Oddly Satisfying Videos (Cotton Candy Melting, Paint Mixing, Dominoes)

– Oh, I like that! – Oh yeah, that’s, what? – (gasps) Yes! ♪ (rock intro) ♪ – (FBE) So Eric, what kind of videos
do you like to watch when you’re feeling a little stressed? – Oh, I just like things
that are really dumb. I like to be able to
turn my brain off and just watch something
and go (laughs) nice! – I don’t know why, but I’m still kinda
digging slime videos. I feel like I’m stuck
in 2015. (laughs) – I guess, like, funny videos. Or sometimes, honestly,
I like to watch sad videos that make me even more sad,
I don’t know why, it’s a weird coping mechanism. – (FBE) Well, for this episode,
we’re gonna be showing you some oddly satisfying videos. – (gasps) You know,
I love these, actually. – Yes, yes!
I love these, and on Snapchat, where it has like
the oddly satisfying, you hear the… (table rasps)
(screams) – (FBE) And we’re gonna see
which ones are the most satisfying, so you will rank them
on a scale from one to five based on how satisfying
you think they are. – Interesting. I don’t really have a numerical rank
for satisfaction, I just have like
a tingle in my back where I’m like that’s satisfying,
or not a tingle. – Yes, finally! I don’t have to compete
with like, facts, yuck. – (FBE) Well are you ready
to watch some of these? – Yeah, let’s do it. ♪ (relaxing music) ♪ – This is already pretty.
Oh yes. – It’s so mesmerizing,
watching these videos. – That’s so cool,
how do you even do that? – This stuff always
impresses me so much. – Ooh, okay!
Tingles for me. – Ugh, the colors.
The music, like the detail. (laughs) – I think the song is more satisfying
than the actual video. – That’s so nice,
and it just stays on too, it doesn’t even roll off. – Wow, a part of me’s like
“oh, that’s messy,” but then I’m like,
they have a tray under them. That’s even more satisfying. – If anything, I wanna do it myself. I don’t wanna have to see
somebody else’s hands doing it, I just wanna be able to look down
and be like wow! – It’s so cool to watch,
and I have no idea how they do it! – (FBE) So on a scale from
one to five, with five being the highest,
how satisfying is that video for you? – You know what? I think satisfied-wise,
I’m gonna put two, because I think it was more visually,
just like appealing. I liked watching it, but I don’t know
if I feel satisfied, you know? – Four?
– I’ve give it a solid three. – A four.
– I would say a five, ’cause I could stay
watching it for hours. – I’d give that like
a solid four out of five. It’s just soothing, I mean,
like those light colors, the music. – That was like a four, man. – I’m gonna start,
I’ll start with a three. ‘Cause it was satisfying,
but defnitely could have been better, like I wasn’t engrossed in it. – That’ll be my base,
so then I’ll give that like one. ‘Cause the song was like smoothing, but the video was just like,
(smacks lips) you know? – Oh, I like that. – Oh wow, how? – Oh I love doing this at the beach! – This is so cool! – Definitely making me
think of poop. (laughs) – Is it bad that I’d be most satisfied
if someone just jumped on it? That’d be the best feeling! – That looks like
something out of like The Little Mermaid! (laughs) – That’s insane!
He does that with sand? How does it stick like that? – I think it was very,
very impressive, but in terms of satisfaction,
it was a little short, a little uneventful,
I’d give it a two. – I have a two,
that was a little better. – Like a two. – I’d give that a two out of five. – I’d say a three,
’cause I do that, for sure. – I’d give that one a two. It was a little short,
and it was cool. – I’d have to rate that one
about a three? It wasn’t super satisfying,
it was just really frickin’ cool. – I’d say that’s like a two.
I need slime. (laughs) I need slime-esque. – Oh my God, I’m gonna
give that one a four. I could watch that all day.
That was so fun. – (gasps) Yes! – Oh, whoa. – What? That’s some nice ASMR,
and the natural lighting. – Ah, the trickle,
just like it’s still going. – That’s nice. – Alright, I was skeptical at first,
but it got me. That was nice. (laughs) – Oh my gosh,
and just the way it broke and went out,
it was so beautiful. – The noise of it just
scaping on the ice. – A little bit of ASMR for ya?
Nat-SMR, I don’t know. – I would rank it probably
a four. It wasn’t like the best
satisfying feeling, but it was like still a cool sound,
like something you would listen to while you relax.
– Gotta save my five, you know? I’m gonna give that like a four.
That was pretty cool. – It’s a four.
– Three out of five. – That was straight up
like a four. – Ooh, still a three. – I have to rate that one a five,
that was so good. That was so nice. – It was a little too abrupt for me,
so I think I’ll give that one a three. The sound was
(clicks tongue) A1. – I’ll give it a five. I’m still kind of,
like my shoulders are like tingling from the noise,
I’m still kinda thinking about it. – Filmed by @m.satisfying.
Oh yes! – What’s gonna happen,
is it gonna melt? Oh my goodness! – Oh yeah, that’s the, what? – Ooh, and the reverse.
They hit the reverse. – It’s melting!
I’m melting! – (gasps) This is what comes up
on my Instagram timeline. – Okay, also high key,
sounds like someone’s peeing. (laughs) So, I don’t know
if I feel too certain about that, but that was pretty cool. – That’s like the inside
of your mouth. You’re just, when you eat
cotton candy, it melts very quick. – Why wouldn’t you just eat it? I feel like the more satisfying thing is putting the cotton candy
in your mouth, and then like hearing that melt
rather than like watching somebody just waste
cotton candy. (laughs) – I’d give it a four out of five,
just because it appeases my sweet tooth. – It was pretty satisfying. I think I’ve just seen
those type of videos before, so I’m gonna say a three. – I’d give it a four.
– I’d give that one a four. – I’d give it a two.
– Five! That’s everything I needed!
– One? Because it was a waste
of cotton candy! – I’d give that one a one,
’cause like first of all, I didn’t like the shape
of the cotton candy. It was like all over the place,
and my brain was like no, it’s not like perfect. – I’m gonna give that
like a solid four, ’cause that was pretty cool. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Oh, I watch a lot of these too. – Alright, well the music is already
not satisfying. It’s way too overbearing. – Okay.
People are really talented with hair. I’m interested to see
what’s about to happen. – These are the ones
I could get trapped in, like watching too many hours
of just people doing hair. – That’s magic.
A hair wizard. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Okay, this is getting better,
musically speaking. – It’s like a bouquet of roses
in her hair! – Is he gonna water it, too? – That’s cool,
but that’s like unnecessarily fancy. – That’s like a hairstyle
you’d see in the Hunger Games. – It’s getting more satisfying
as it goes, weirdly. – That’s so pretty! – I wonder if it was
heavy on her head? It was pretty. (laughs) – It was satisfying in the way
that it was like near perfect. I mean, even the little waves
on the front of the hair leading up into the roses. – The thought of all that
hairspray though, kinda makes my skin crawl, ’cause you just know
it’s crunchy. (laughs) – I’m gonna give it a three,
’cause that’s pretty. – It’s like a one. – I’d give that one a three. – A three.
– I’ll say a three. – (sighs) I’m gonna give it a one. The music threw it off,
right at the beginning. – For sheer skill,
I’ll give that a four out of five. – You know, I wanna rank it a five,
but I’m gonna have to give it a four because the music bugged me. – But satisfying-wise,
I think it’s more impressive for me, so this one, this’ll be a two for me. (engine whirrs) – Whoa, whoa, whoa! What even are we?
Are we a drone? – Ugh, this is making me anxious! Not satisfied! – Stop. He’s like playing IRL Portal. – Oh, and I really like
the noise again. There’s something about noises. – It’s making me dizzy. – Oh my God, it feels like
you’re on a roller coaster. Like you kinda feel
your tummy turn with it. – I like how you get
the close up of his remote. He’s like “yeah, I wanna show you how [bleep] good
I am with this remote.” – Whoa!
This is so cool! – Whoa. (laughs)
That was an experience. – It just made me like nervous,
made me antsy. – Oh my goodness. I was hella satisfied,
he didn’t miss, he didn’t crash, that was great! – That was pretty [bleep] cool, man.
That was a five. – Is there a zero,
can I give it a zero? – (FBE) Sure.
– Zero. – I’m gonna give it a four. – I think I’ll give that a three. – Five out of five experience.
(laughs) – I’ll give this one
a five out of five. – A one. I don’t know if I’d call
that satisfying, but I liked the video. – A one, just because
I couldn’t watch it again, just ’cause my eyes. – I’ll give it a three, ’cause that was pretty cool
how they were like yeet, yeet. Like you know, over the,
and into the hole, it was like (clicks tongue). ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Oh, dominoes! – Mmm.
Now this is a good one. – Ooh!
Oh, it goes even longer! – People are so talented. – (laughs) Oh, I like the flames,
and they’re little heart flames. – This is the kinda stuff that I actually voluntarily
watch on YouTube. – Undertale!
Still haven’t played Undertale. – That’s crazy. – My shaky-ass hands
would knock this all over as I was building it. – Dominoes like this
also stress me out, ’cause I just think about
how much time and energy went into this
just for it to all fall over. – (gasps) Oh my God,
are things in the back gonna… (screams) That’s so cool! Oh my God. – Like how do you stack ’em
like that too? How do you get ’em vertical? – Visually, I could
watch that all day. It was so fun, colorful,
and I’m like, I know that took forever, so just to know like
the payoff of that, and then the noise.
(gasps) – I give that one a four. A strong four. – Five.
– I’m gonna give it a four. – That’s a five. – Two out of five.
– That’s my five right there. – I’d give it a two,
’cause I appreciate the artform and the effort that went into it,
but I’m not satisfied. – That’s a major five for me. It’s so soothing to see ’em
all go perfectly, and nothing go wrong,
it’s so nice! – Five out of five,
but it’s a 10 out of five. That’s next level. (laughs) – Oh my God, see? This is the satisfying video
I need. (sighs) – Oh, kinetic sand!
Just the sound. – I do love some good sand cutting. – Ugh, and he cut it in half
the other way, stop it. – Ugh! – You see, like there’s
more symmetry in this one than there was in the last one. – Ooh, these are the best,
when it goes backwards, and it’s just perfect after! – Ooh, I don’t like it
when it undoes. Ugh, I don’t like that sound at all. – That’s the only type
of ASMR I like. It’s so nice,
it’s so soothing. – (sighs) See and it’s all
just focused on this one thing. Nothing else in the frame. – I feel like completed after that. – I think there’s something
like weirdly serene about there just being like one noise
to focus on, it’s kinda like the ASMR thing,
of just like chopping sand. It’s like something to focus on. – Breaking things
and like putting them together, makes my soul happy. So I’m gonna give that one a five too. – I think that might be
a five. – A five.
Too good. – I would give it a three. – I’ll give it a four. – I’ll give that one
a three out of five. Symmetric, but didn’t care
for it otherwise. – It was a five at first,
but now I gotta bring it down to like a three
when they played it in reverse. – I’m gonna go with a four,
because I think I’ve seen more satisfying versions of that one. It was really really nice,
but it was just like the same thing. – (whispers) A five.
Five. Five.
(laughs) – (FBE) So after watching all of these
oddly satisfying videos, which one did you find
the most satisfying? – Oh God, I liked the ice
and the drone for such different reasons, I’m gonna have to go with
the flying one though, ’cause I felt like I was Superman
for a second. – I love the paint pouring.
I could watch that for hours. – Definitely gonna give it
to that drone. Just nailed it, absolutely,
going through those tight corners. – That last one, the sand cutting,
the colors, the shapes. It just had it all. – (FBE) Well, finally, we want to know
how satisfied are you feeling now? – I’m like 10 out of 10. I know this was out of five,
but you know, toss. 10 out of 10. – Oddly, I am pretty satisfied. – I feel really good right now. I’m gonna leave this room
feeling real nice. (laughs) – I’m a five right now.
I feel really calm. (laughs) It’s really weird. – Pretty satisfied.
I’d say four out of five. If I had some food,
then I’d be a five out of five. Give me some ice cream,
damn, gonna be a good day. (laughs) – Thanks for watching this episode
of Adults React. – If you’re oddly satisfied,
then subscribe. And shout out to Maya Wilson. – What should we react to next?
Let us know in the comments. – Bye guys! – Hey everyone, Lauren,
producer here at FBE. Thank you so much
for watching this episode. If you wanna see more
content like this across all the generations,
we have plenty. Make sure you check ’em out
down below! Bye everyone!

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