6g Test 6010/7018

6g Test 6010/7018

in a previous video, i focused on only the
root pass on a 6 inch schedule 80 6G test. showing the importance of feathering tack
welds, techniques, arc shots, and a lot more… that video is called 6g Weld test 6010 Root
if you are interested. if you are only having issues with the root
pass, that video should help. this video will show this brief clip of the
6010 root pass and then show the 7018 1/8″ fill and cap for both 6010 root and 7018 fill cap, We used
the ESAB rebel 285 85-90 amps for the 6010 root and… 105 amps for the 7018 fill pass and 115 amps
for the stringer cap. 3/32″ gap with 3/32″ land was used with 30
deg bevels For the first fill pass with 7018 we used
105 amps and we will crank that up a bit for the 2
bead stringer cap lots of options on the menu of the 285 when you are in stick mode, you select either
6010 6011 or all other electrodes. but there are also a couple of other settings
one of which is hot start that is really helpful for preventing porosity
on starts as well as in preventing sticking the rod.
but there is also arc force. so for 7018 generally speaking, you set that
to around 30% or so. for a nice buttery arc. 105 amps for that first 7018 pass. the root pass on this weld has been ground
smooth but that is not always allowed on a test. i have taken tests where I was allowed to
use a grinder. Ive taken tests where i was only allowed a
file i have taken tests where i was only allowed
to use a grinder to feather the tacks and then the grinder got locked up…so its all
over the board. be prepared to not be able to use a grinder This is my good friend andrew cardin doing
the welding today…

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  1. Fcaw welder here in japan im a philipino work at shipyard nagasaki japan wow thank you for sharing and ticknicks sir

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