5G Flange inside Tig welding (spot welding) 후렌지 용접 (인사이드 tig 용접)

5G Flange inside Tig welding (spot welding) 후렌지 용접 (인사이드 tig 용접)

~Click the Subtitle button~ Hello. Today is… I made a video about “Inside Flange” in “5G Position” Thank you for pressing “subscribe” and “like” Now, this is the flange that was “tacking” the previous time. If you are wondering about “How to fit up Flange to Pipe” please refer to the previous video I’ll try “Inside Flange” here today. I always talk about it, but there are a lot of welding methods in the same situation. “Flange Inside Weld” is also true. There is also a way to weld with a “weaving” that is commonly known. You can also weld with “Draw” or “Free Hand” Or “downhill welding” Among the various methods today, I will try “Welding” and “Free Hand” First of all, I will tell you how to set the torch. Please bend the head of the torch. My torch is a torch whose head is not bent well There are torches where the head is bent well. There are some things like “Flexible Torch”. If you move the “start button” as close as possible to the head of the torch, it will be a little easier to weld Then it looks like this. And the welding method is like this I will proceed with the welding as the torch moves in this shape. Do you think your posture is easier? The inner diameter of the nozzle is 16 mm The length of tungsten is 8mm The tungsten length may be a little shorter. Let’s do the welding in this way. From the inside of the flange, we will weld at 6 o’clock to 9 o’clock. The current was 220 amperes. And the welding rod used 2.4pi electrode Welding method is not difficult You can weld with a feeling that the high current will be folded and proceed with the welding little by little. The welding setting was set to “Crater once” However, “Crater Continuous” or “Pulse Weld” can produce similar results I will make them into videos in the future. Now it’s welded from 3 o’clock to 12 o’clock. I use a lot of welding methods now Because this welding method has many disadvantages as well as many advantages As we showed in the previous video, you can also use it to weld “small size pipes” that are difficult to “weave”. It can also be used to weld small sockets or small flanges Those welds also have photos posted on my “Instagram”. Or, in this “5G posture” that is difficult to weld, “Inside flange weld” can be welded without difficulty I think it’s a very good way to make these more difficult welds a little easier. And if you try this welding method a few times, anyone can easily follow it It’s a big advantage. It’s not difficult So half of it is welded Now it’s welding on the other side. From the inside of the flange, it is welded at 6 o’clock to 3 o’clock. If you are able to weld with your left hand, you can weld more easily. “Right-hand welders” can be welded without difficulty I’ve been checking to see if my camera works well for me. My camera is doing his job well. Grungy camera is not normal because we shoot many images Please understand that sometimes the screen is strange. Please give me a big support to my camera that I met the owner mistakenly. Welding machine seems to be too much work too much I can not start. The camera and welder have a lot of trouble to meet their masters. Anyway, please give me a lot of support for my machines that have mistaken my master. Now it’s welded from 3 o’clock to 12 o’clock. If you look at it now, the welding speed may seem a little slow. Although I have made the welding speed a little slower, The quicker you press the “Start button”, the faster welding you can do. Welding settings can be “crater repetition” or “pulse welding” And even if you weld a pipe a bit thicker than this, you can weld at “1 pass”, which means that the number of processes is reduced As you can see, the welding method is not difficult. You can use a high current to weld a little bit by “tack welding”. If there is a chair that can not be welded, it can be welded in a more comfortable position Close-up video Current used 220 amps And the electrode used 2.4 pi pi electrode Welding is from 6 o’clock to 9 o’clock. Weld from 9 o’clock to 12 o’clock Welding at 6 o’clock to 3 o’clock. Weld from 3 o’clock to 12 o’clock These results come out. Here’s how to weld We use a high current to “tack welding” the welding process in small increments. The shape of the torch and the angle of the welding rod become such a shape I do the welding in the same way in the opposite direction. It’s simple. It is a welding method that anyone can follow without difficulty The “start button” is repeatedly tilted and the “tack welding” It’s simple. Now, this way, we did a “weld flange inside.” My welding method is not necessarily the right answer. However, it is a welding method that can be applied variously in various situations. I hope this video will motivate all welders to grow and help me a little bit. If you “subscribe” and come to my channel, there are more welding videos Thank you for watching.

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  1. 역시 고수님 답게 가스렌지 바디를 사용하셨네요 ^^

    역시 설명 굿입니당!!

  2. 굉장히 쉽게 설명하고 굉장히 쉽게 용접 하시는데….따라하기 굉장히 힘든게 함정
    언제쯤 저리할수있을까ㅠㅠ

  3. Frescura do caramba… demora da bexiga… vai com o arco aberto mesmo só pingando material que a solda fica com o mesmo aspecto visual e muito mais rapido.

  4. Amigo AGOHIBI que alegría seguir con detalle todo el proceso que aplica en el punteo parece sencillo pero aun así requiere de practica un manejo del pulso y mucha concentración …..muy agradecido por este tiempo dedicado ala enseñanza muy enrriquecedor un grandioso día

  5. 한땀 한땀 하니많큼. 속도가 느리다는. 단점. 대신. 전류는. 좀. 세야겠지요?
    서스. 인가요? ,

  6. 카메라야 니가 고생이 많다ㅠㅠ
    쎔도 고생 많으 셨습니다
    후배들에게 피가되고 살이 되는 좋은 영상 올려 주셔서 감사 합니다?

  7. 용접 노하우와 작업방식등 여러정보를 쉽게쉽게 전달해주셔서 많은 도움 얻고 있습니다. 수고하심에 검사드립니다.

  8. Thank you very much in Russia there is not so detailed information about this process. Everyone sculpts what he wants 🙂 I start to study under your beginning Thank you.

  9. Автор видео хорошее смотрю только тебя,так как подробно все расказываешь,мог бы ты как нибудь снять видео о настройкайх сварочного аппарата,или вы сами выключали ,включали кнопку?

  10. 선생님 어제도 궁금해서 물어봤습니다.오늘로서 4일차입니다. 답이없었어요!오늘도 출근을 했는데요 스댕용접인데요 선생님 님께서 지금용접은 안쪽에 용접 을 하셨는데요 저는바깥쪽으로 용접을했습니다ㆍ제가 알고싶은점은 텅스텐을 왜 켜다가 끄고 그래요 ?바깥쪽 은 선생님 과자세는 비슷하게 배웠는데요 껏다켯다 안하던데요 왜그럼니까?

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