5 Sexy Phrases That Will Make Him Melt In Your Hands

5 Sexy Phrases That Will Make Him Melt In Your Hands

– Believe it or not, words are
the doorway to a man’s heart. (record scratches) And of course to his penis. And when he’s attracted to you physically, the words you say will
be a deciding factor of whether or not he wants
to come back for more. So here are five sexy
phrases that will make him absolutely melt in your hands. Keep watching. Hey there, I’m Adam Lodolce
from SexyConfidence.com, where I help you create your love story. In this video, I’m gonna
give you five sexy phrases and these are just examples, so you don’t have to
copy them word for word, but I’m gonna actually talk
about the learning points behind these phrases and
why they’re so effective. So let’s jump right into it. – [Woman] I can’t stop thinking about having your hands all over me. – Now this is a really sexy phrase, because it builds sexual tension and this is especially effective if you haven’t even slept together, because he’s going to be thinking what it’s actually like to be with you. Building tension early
on in a relationship is going to make him
magnetically attracted to you. Let’s jump into number two. – [Woman] What’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever thought about? Maybe we can try it. – Now, this is really effective because it shows that you’re open-minded. You are interested in
exploring his sexuality and by the same sense, he’s gonna be interested in exploring yours and when you start out
in a new relationship, you want it to be kind of
a judgment free environment as you’re getting to
know each other sexually. Let’s jump to number three. – [Woman] I’m all yours. – Now, this is especially sexy because statistically, more men tend to be dominant in the bedroom. Submissiveness can be very sexy, so when you submit yourself to him, give him your whole self. And now let’s jump to number four. – [Woman] You just lay
back, I’m taking over. – Now, this is my counterpoint
to the previous phrase. This is where you’re being a little bit more dominant in the bedroom and this is because
statistically speaking, both men and women enjoy both submissiveness and
dominance in the bedroom. Now, according to a survey by YouGov, for men, sexual dominance is preferred over submissiveness by about two to one. But most interestingly,
30% of both men and women say that they enjoy both
dominant and submissiveness at different times,
depending on their mood. Then there’s a whole percentage of people who won’t answer this survey just because it’s a little too sexual
and those people are lame. And finally, number five. – [Woman] I love it when you… – This is where you give him positive feedback in the bedroom. It’s okay to communicate what it is that you like in the bedroom. If he’s doing something you really enjoy, or something you like, tell him about it because the chances are,
he’s gonna do more of it. Then as time goes on,
if there are some things that he does in the bedroom that you’re just not
into at all, then great, because you’ve been giving
so much positive feedback, you can also give him a
few things that he could do a little bit differently
that you’re really into. And ask him the same; I mean, we assume when we’re sleeping with someone or getting sexually involved with someone that we just know exactly
what it is that they want and more importantly,
we assume that they know what it is that we want, but chances are that’s not the case. Use your words and have
that kind of a conversation. It’s gonna really spice
things up in the bedroom and thus build more intimacy
in the relationship. So if you enjoy these phrases, and you want more help
being able to flirt, build sexual tension, all that good stuff, I actually have a free webinar that I think you’re really gonna enjoy. It’s at FlirtingConfidence.com, so go ahead, click the
link in the description anywhere on this page, or my profile, because that is a webinar
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week, you sexy single lady. Bye bye.

26 thoughts on “5 Sexy Phrases That Will Make Him Melt In Your Hands

  1. Considering I'm a Survivor of Sexual abuse, I don't want that from the guy I like. I would prefer a deep connection without that.

  2. Hmmm I thought it was not a good idea for a woman to be spreading her legs before getting to know a guy for a long time. By everything you talk about being sex related (even if they haven't had sex yet as you have said) you're not teaching a woman to respect herself by not sleeping around with everyone all the time. You shouldn't really be discussing sex until the two of you are in an agreement to be in a committed relationship unless you're just looking for a F*Ck buddy. Maybe that advice is fine for once a committed relationship has commenced, is that what you mean by it?

  3. A few hashtags for you to put in the description Adam.

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  4. i was in a relationship for two months then he pulled away i got mad when he one day got out to the beach and didnt tell me , he told me i was with the guys whats wrong with you !! he made me feel like im needy and im the bad one , after his words i pulled my self with out argument and didnt contact him now its been two weeks almost should i continue or what to do please help

  5. I didn't say "I can't stop thinking about having your hand all over me" but I said "I love having your hands all over me" It worked amazingly well!!! Let me explain, I am a virgin, dating my muse, most adorable sweet guy that I adore for more than two months, this worked into reassuring him that he was going to have an amazing sexe-love life once I will be ready and he took it really well he told me "I will never stop touching you" and it made him more loving and increased connection between us; tip of the day be genuine and honest about it <3
    waiting to get to know him more in bed in the right timing >//////< :p
    Thank you so much Adam wishing you lots of love and success 😀

  6. What’s the reason he doesn’t text me after a first date?😢😩 We met online, after 2 weeks talking he asked me on a date. We went a fancy restaurant, everything was perfect, we laughed, he talked a lot, we enjoyed each other company, chemistry was there. After a date we hugged each other, I texted him when I got home, he said thank you, he definitely want to see me again. The day after in the morning we had a couple of conversation and then he didn’t respond me back (30 hours). The only thing I can think the age difference. He just turned 30, I’m 21. But everything was perfect, and I think I let him know I really like him. We had a lot of common interests. What’s wrong? Help meee😩
    Btw I love your videos keep doing what you doing! Love you😍❤️

  7. A relationship doesn’t have to be all about sex. Seriously if you really want to get to know someone for who they are and their Value as a partner/future mate than get to know them my talking to them hanging out with them and knowing them for who they are not for how they are in bed. Sex is important but knowing an individual for their personality is also very important. Good tips yes but don’t build a relationship on sex/physicality.

  8. Does everything really need to be sexual…?? Cuz in my opinion every line doesn't have to be sexual. Regardless guys are so weak when they fall in love…women don't really need to say those things or any sexual lines like that. Just a very romantic song and setting the mood will do the trick. Then possibly they might get sooo addicted to you and you'll naturally just say things like that.

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