5 Reasons Why You Should Still Fuse Veromos! | Summoners War

5 Reasons Why You Should Still Fuse Veromos! | Summoners War

78 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Still Fuse Veromos! | Summoners War

  1. personally i find a pain having to deal with veromos on guild war/siege, on vio nemesis
    and he can also be a helping hand on some tartarus floors
    i like to use him as a trap defense on arena, because if you have veromos on your defense, people will think you are bad and doesn't have any usable monsters which can lead to a massacre if you have will runes on your dd and can out speed them

  2. In the last seconds of this video you said 45% accurcy in giants and in the gb10 team video vero was 33% and less in sigmars i dont undrestand why you said it?

  3. He is only good for people for who dont waste money on the game. Not saying that you shouldnt waste money do watever you want.

  4. Lol naw. Vero dumb. New accts should be focused on getting farming. Not wasting precious energy and time fusing a mon that's not even used after like early midgame. I was farming gb10 in 8 days with no fusion mons.

  5. I use Reddit and didn’t even know people said not to fuse him. He was my first 5 star fusion and my first dark 6 star. I love him!!!

  6. Thank god for the Fusion Event because that's how I got all my monsters needed. Now I'm working on leveling them up in order to fuse.

  7. Fran, lulu, and tetra. Don't do damage but adds immunity or even buff attack… Vero can stun yes but in the duegons that means nothing. Still fuse for him but he isn't as useful as you try to make it.

  8. You can also do attack crit damage attack with a lot of speed subs, it has been done there's a video on it, and spd damage attack

  9. why should i fuse him he's to damn expensive to fuse. when i can use fran, loren, lapis to beat dungeon, toa, arena, without spend to much resource like vero do

  10. Vero needs a buff his base stats suck and to y'all saying wow he counters Jeanne, he doesn't she has no Cool down and unlimited resistance so he's not doing anything to her

  11. Great monster review guys you summed up everything about him.
    Although all those new players who want to progress, you can progress faster if you don1t fuse veromos.


    Nonetheless he does counter jean and can be used in siege and gw, so he definitely should be fused someday but fusing a veromos takes a few weeks and a lot of time and reasources. Overall, fusing veromos will definitely help you out in many ways but you can progress way faster in early game if you don't and you can fuse him later on as well.

  12. I'm a leader of a top 30 guild in siege. I use Vero sko lulu/arial in both gw and siege to counter Jeanne sko perna/Kumar which is rampant in g3 meta. Gotta say I'm disappointed in this video because you basically just read the skills. How to use and team comp ideas are what people struggle with and if you want people to fuse a Vero you gotta show people his value in team comps.

  13. I agree with this completely. Even if the monster isn't 'relevant' to the current meta that doesn't mean it's not usable. It honestly annoys me that people put down others for their choice of builds. There are 4 major factors when it comes to building monsters.
    1: Your play style. Everyone has their own way of playing
    2: The runes they have one the monster, as well as the ones they have readily available
    3: The chosen team for the job in any content
    4: The match up of the content, with factors 1-3 taking place for pvp situations.
    These 4 factors are what determines if something is usable, which everything is. Some more than others, but everything has a place. I've even fought against some decent silver star monsters before. Those were probably troll builds but even those could pose a threat, proven by the scenario once you get started, but even more so once you reach hell mode. People always make fun of lower levels because of their run quality and all of that. Most are like me, f2p and don't play competitively. Just because someone doesn't reach c3 or higher in arena or even f3 in rta doesn't make them any less of a player. It doesn't even matter if you summon 20+ nat 5s at the start of the game. It still all boils down to the 4 factors of playing.
    Even Jew Bagel himself said it in a recent video, and numerous others. Never feed all of your nat 4 or 5*s, because you never know when something will get a buff. Which is exactly what happened with Deva lmao. Also, I'm glad about the twins nerf. That should get people's heads out their asses when it comes to opening up to other options of builds, and not just put all their hopes in a single monster, aka Shaina.

    Anyway, that's my rant of the day

  14. Veromos is useable but not necessary especially in dungeons where spd is your main goal. If I were to start all over again I wouldn't build him in early game at all.

  15. he is usable , but progression is a bit easier now to the point where he isn't really completely needed like he used to be. there's plenty of other immunity monsters that are farmable now , so I really think Sig is a better choice

  16. Reasons why YOU should not fuse vero
    1. He's just irreverent to the point that he's just a mediocre cleanser who ONLY cleanses 1 rebuff a turn when some can clear up to all or most debuff
    2. A universal HP lead doesn't make him great. Signature will be enough with his 44% hp lead in dungeons or Barretta's spd lead that is universal
    3. Free rewards that'll probably end up in garbage stats
    4. He can't cleanse stuns/sleep/frozen debuffs WHILE LULU CAN
    5. His stun is garbage as it doesn't do anything else.
    6. Lulu a 2 star cleanser CAN provide immunity if the monster don't got any debuffs, BUT can cleanse stun/freeze/sleep. Can Vero do that?
    7. He's just a waste of time for progression or to slow progression down. Like seriously just go use a Lulu or some other cleanser rather than crying to Chat for a SD that they'll probably never add you for anyways

    I rest my case

  17. Next time don't have your interns do this actually get people that are interesting to watch and listen to the instead of these two idiots giggling back and forth at each other like two high school girls. This was almost unwatchable

  18. No Fran is easier to get does not need devils to skill up ,has immunity , spd lead , att debuff multi hits and single cleanse … not to mention no need to sacrifice food for fusion … she’s just better.

  19. Vero was good when he first came out then he was nerfed. Then lulu , the fairys, mermaids buff ,And fire harg became better and you don’t have to fuse them over a long period of time. Lulu will serve you well until you summon a good cleanser and lulu is only a 2* that you can buy from the shop. In conclusion ,focusing on fusing Veromos is a waste of time. Don’t intentionally spend time doing it. Something less time consuming will come along. Fran is way better and you can buy her from ancient shop. Just join a guild and collect points. Ezpz. Hope this helps

  20. 1 reason to not fuse veromos:

    After all those years the rune drop rate is still such a joke that you do not have the runes for semi-strong monsters.

  21. Also you forgot to mention his DoT on A1. It's literally half of my gb10 dmg as a relatively new player with the absolute worst nat5 luck in the game (0 pulls ever…been 50 for a bit.) Literally everyone who downvotes Vera has either been playing for years and forgets how much being new sucked, or spent a few hundred $.

  22. while still fuse worthy, I'd like to see a buff like attacks have 3% lifesteal for each harmful effect the attacked enemie(s) added to his passive. I think that would be cool and necessary and catch him up with atleast wind ifrit and make him relatively pvp viable (which is one of the largest issues with him)

  23. Sigmarus has 44% lead.
    Veromos CAN be used everywhere just as every other unit. He's subpar in most toa stages. Bad in arena. Niche in guildwar. Niche in Arena (and outclassed most of the time)
    Builds: Yea he uses those same runes you already need a ton of.
    Cleanse: The only place where cleanse heavily outshines immunity is raids where Vero is bad due to oblivion.
    Edit: Forgot about control: Veromos stun has a low activation rate. Sigmarus brings more reliable control with enough critrate.

  24. I think a lot of people in these comments are forgetting what it was like to be new to the game. I have never bought a premium pack and have been ftp since the start. Veromos was my first good mon and made a world of difference to my gameplay. Sig is better yes. But without Veromos I wouldn't have known how to properly rune Sig or use it. Veromos allowed me to farm GB10 for good runes for Sig. I didn't have anything else good summoned at the time I got Veromos. I still think it is the best route to go.

  25. While Veromos is still usable and they give you the pieces to do it so the cost is cheap. Sig should still be everyone's first priority.

  26. Made a new account recently when the vamp event and fuse event was here…. fused sig with the event- gave him vamps runes- built a lulu,Fran,loren lapis and started farming gb10 in 7 days … how r people so bad

  27. Hey Com2us can you do the ban on the rune in real time arena it would work because player can pick if they want RNG involved in their fight! And would balance the battle a little

  28. Well, I actually fused him, and was farming gb10 for a month with him, and even finished toa using him constantly. However, as i progressed and build fran and loren I noticed, that gb10 is faster and safer without veromos, toah is easier with over units. I only use him in db10, and this is because I can't get the freaking mondter for fusing verde, otherwise i wouldn't use him there too. So he is still useful, but you can find alternatives, that are easier to obtain, and often they show themselves better, than vero.

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