3M Speedglas Flip Up Welding Helmet 9100XXi FX & FX Air

3M Speedglas Flip Up Welding Helmet 9100XXi FX & FX Air

Fantastic helmet, really good for the work we do here welding aluminium. Yeah, it’s just a great helmet. Best helmet I have had & I have had quite a few helmets over the years and this is my number one so Speedglas, for me, is the best you can get Well one of the one of the major things. I like about the Speedglas auto darkening welding helmet is the comfort It is super light on the on the head, it doesn’t hurt your neck and you’ve got good vision. It gives you good vision. We use a lot for grinding, I use it a lot for grinding, As well as welding. When you flip the lid up, you have got all that vision and it’s really comfortable. I can use if for grinding and welding. So it is good not having to keep switching helmets. It is putting safety first. Crystal clear, brilliant for welding, yeah cannot fault it, weld done! Speedglas Welding Helmets available in Australia through AWS Pty Ltd visit www.awsi.com.au

2 thoughts on “3M Speedglas Flip Up Welding Helmet 9100XXi FX & FX Air

  1. This hurt is complete junk I have had 1 for 3 months and I gave up on it. It is designed for brainless welders who only Weld and do not know how to do anything else like lay out.. So if you are a brainless welder who just welds with the hood down it's perfect for you.. Otherwise you will be blinded after you left your hood you cannot see the lines that you lay out or do anything else.. The 2 guys advertising the helmet their low paid welders for production they would say anything to make a dollar.. If you do not make at least $30 an hour as a welder you then you you are just a dime-a-dozen production manufacture Idiot

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