-321°F Liquid Nitrogen vs 2000°F Metal Foundry

-321°F Liquid Nitrogen vs 2000°F Metal Foundry

Hey guys, I’m Nate welcome back to the outside of the workshop, we’ve got another random experiment today We’re trying and this one is brought to us by youtuber elite fusion Z who asks What does liquid nitrogen do inside of the backyard foundry Elite fusion Z? We think this is a great idea? Well let’s let the furnace heat up for a few minutes, and then let’s open it up and once it’s really good And hot we’ll pour in some liquid nitrogen and see what happens Our furnace is getting nice And hot I have a thermos full of liquid nitrogen and this metal cup that I’m going to use as sort of an intermediary I’m gonna try a few different things first I’m just gonna pour some liquid nitrogen from the cup down into the foundry And then I’m gonna see what happens if I pour our liquid nitrogen into the cup and then carefully lower the whole cup full of Liquid nitrogen down into the foundry as well. Let’s see the difference quick note. I want to apologize for any background noise There’s some construction going on and you might be hearing some of the sounds from that Alright a cup of boiling roiling liquid nitrogen well Here goes nothing. I think it’s just gonna make a lot of vapor But I admit I don’t know for sure three two one Huh Check this out So that bottom just turned black And I think that’s just because it cooled it down so much that it lost all its glow Let’s just pour a little bit more on and see if the same thing happens So it just dissipates, but it definitely cooled that down enough that it lost its orange glow for a second It doesn’t take a ton either So it definitely did something it cooled down the board. That’s at the bottom of our furnace But overall it wasn’t very eventful It just splashes in it dissipates very quickly But it’s so hot that you don’t even see any of the vapors that you normally see rising off of liquid, nitrogen Let’s see what happens if we just put our whole cup full of liquid nitrogen down inside the furnace All right, I’m gonna have to be pretty quick about this because otherwise it’s gonna start burning my hand But there we go three two one That is some very actively boiling like no it’s still cooling it down on the bottom He’s just the nitrogen vapors, and you can’t see nearly as much flame So I think the nitrogen vapor is filling up the furnace a little bit, and it’s really subdue it Mostly is just boiling away Nitrogen is running pretty low That cup has some very very hot parts and some very very cold parts on it That’s interesting because you know the bottom of that cup is still freezing cold Even though the edges of the cup are now glowing orange I think it’s a steel cup so it should be fine, but hmm. It’s a pretty thin walled steel I’m amazed that any liquid nitrogen is still in there. That’s very impressive to me that it’s lasted this long looks like we’re just about out and Gone, oh And that is one hot cup and I’m just gonna splash some liquid nitrogen on it and see what happens Well I guess From the point of view of liquid nitrogen this cup has always been super hot I don’t know. It’s several hundred degrees hotter right now, though No even the bottom of the cup is burning hot once again not terribly remarkable the liquid nitrogen in the cup in the furnace it boiled faster than normal and It did darken a little bit the bottom of this furnace So it was clearly doing something there weren’t as many flames as visible, but overall not a huge effect from liquid Nitrogen in the furnace. There’s a couple other variations. I want to try first Let’s see what happens if we have a cup of water in the furnace and we pour some liquid nitrogen down into that cup All right, this is a cup of regular tap water So that our furnace we get a little bit of that same darkening effect, just not nearly as much as with the liquid, nitrogen Now we’ll have to see how accurately I can pour using tongs and a metal cup from about a foot up We’ll try and pour this liquid nitrogen down into that cup of water liquid nitrogen pouring into water three two one Well it certainly did something There’s still just a little bit of it on the surface of the water that water At least part of it is boiling hot already that is the fastest I’ve ever boiled water right there It’s pretty nuts Let’s try it again That does look pretty cool I Think the biggest effect is that it? Splashed a lot of the water out of the cup and that landed on the inside of the furnace Well there you have it liquid nitrogen into the furnace not super exciting liquid nitrogen in a cup in the furnace also, not super exciting liquid nitrogen into water In the furnace more exciting the water heated up very quickly and so I was pouring liquid nitrogen into boiling water Surrounded by a ton of heat we did get a big plume of vapor coming off because of that But it still wasn’t anything that was really amazing so I think we need to scale this up to something a little bit more Volatile we’ve tried freezing gasoline in liquid nitrogen before so now let’s take a cup of liquid, nitrogen Pour some gasoline into it till it freezes solid and then lower the whole thing liquid nitrogen and frozen gasoline Down into our foundry see what that does I’m just gonna pour it from this cup into the liquid, nitrogen Very thick white vapor comes off of that Want a fair amount of frozen gasoline in there This is gonna be a little bit of a set and run because the frozen gasoline does tend to be pretty volatile So we’ll see how this goes The liquid nitrogen is still covering the frozen gasoline So we might have to wait for a little bit of it to boil off before the gasoline ignites Here we go Well there’s little specs igniting in the air above the vapor of the liquid nitrogen this little kind of looks like fireflies or fairy lights or something oh There we go Hey now we have sort of a fire tornado and a furnace I Think at this point. It’s just burning a cup full of gasoline Which is fun? There’s still some boiling going on on the surface I don’t know if any of that’s liquid, nitrogen or if that’s just pure gasoline in the cup at this point That’s a lot of thick black smoke. I’m gonna try putting the lid back on What didn’t help it at all Fill the propane it’s still gonna keep burning coz there’s you know a cup of gasoline in there, but? Yeah, still just boiling in there It’s now out There is our cup that was full of liquid nitrogen and gasoline and now it’s full of nothing Well there you have it liquid nitrogen in a furnace not terribly reactive until you add gasoline of course And then it goes about as you expect It’s kind of just like lighting a cup of gasoline on fire and a furnace which is pretty fun I will push shouldn’t have to say this But don’t try this at home partly because it’s unsafe to burn cups low gasoline But more so because it’s really kind of a waste of liquid, nitrogen There are a lot of more entertaining things that can be done with liquid nitrogen rather than pouring them into a furnace Elite fusion Z Thank you for your suggestion check your youtube inbox We’ll be sending you 25 bucks if you’ve got a great idea for an experiment Let us know down in the comments, and if we use your idea for a video. We’ll send you $25 Thanks for joining us for this experiment today and remember to come gear yourself up with products and merch at the king of random calm See you there This K wool was so nice and white when I started this experiment look at that, so there was now. It’s all black Hey guys Thank you for your comments so many of you have really interesting Suggestions for projects and experiments, and we love testing those out for you. I also wanted to say thank you for the great feedback You’re leaving for me and my team because we’re all in this together, so thank you for being on our team

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  1. Maybe add a cup of gasoline into the furnace and pour liquid nitrogen inside when there is a sort of fire tornado inside.

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  7. Put chunk of dry ice into cup. Fill cup of water. Put cup of water with dry ice in it into a bath of liquid nitrogen. Wait for cup of dry ice & water to completely freeze. Put cup of frozen water with dry ice in it into foundry. See what happens.

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