Hey guys this is Make it Real, the show on Youtube that takes fictional ideas from movies and video games And makes real working prototypes We’ve made Batman’s grappling hook gun Captain America’s shields Thor’s hammers Han’s blaster A James Bond spycar And even Zarya’s particle cannon In fact we have over 70 videos in the series and you can check them out by clicking on the link in the description below But one of our most popular projects this year was our attempt at building a real life lightsaber It worked but could have used some improvements Now we realized that his blade design isn’t quite as durable as we had hoped So we’ve already come up with a much better design that’s going to be hotter, stronger and much easier to cut through things but something like that is going to take quite a bit of time and money to produce so make sure you subscribe to the channel and enjoy our other content while we develop the world’s first real lightsaber That’s right we’ve been working on this new design for almost a year and invested thousands of dollars into it It’s actually fully reproducible but I don’t think we’re willing to sell it just yet So I’m pretty excited to show you guys And channel members do get access to our CAD files if you dare to try making it yourself Now just to recap this is actually our 3rd attempt at building a real life protosaber If you remember the first time the power supply exploded and the fire department got called on us now the second lightsaber design did work but it ad some issues the heating wire wasn’t very robust and sometimes would actually fail quite violently plus when it was on for too long the whole blade would actually get quite floppy So the question is, how are we going to solve this? Well heating wire is never going to be robust enough and I don’t want a red hot spiral I want a red hot lightsaber blade So I think we need to make some sort of solid blade in order for this to work Now some of you guys suggested using titanium which is an interesting idea Now I happen to have some titanium right here, so let’s try running a whole bunch of electricity through it And see what happens We have a lithium ion battery pack over here Capable of putting out over 2000 AMPS at 12 volts Alright so we’ve connected the battery pack negative terminal to the table which means if we connect anything between the positive terminal and the table it’s going to spark like crazy And get red hot You guys ready to see some sparks? Well let’s see if it goes on forever. Maybe we just created perpetual motion It’s done That was cool Alright as you can see the titanium is getting red hot It actually glows quite nicely on the camera screen but the problem is once the titanium is this red hot It’s actually pretty soft As you can see that’s not quite going to work for the lightsaber blade because if we were to hit something it would just flop around So titanium might be a great element for heating the lightsaber but it’s not going to be strong enough For it to do anything fun, as you can see So why don’t we try a different material Got a piece of tungsten here Now tungsten is an interesting material because it has one of the highest melting points of any metal on earth that’s safe to use around 3600 Celsius but it’s also going to draw a lot more current And the reason tungsten will draw much more power is because it’s actually much more conductive About 10x as conductive as titanium So let’s see what happens if I short it out we’re maxing out our current meter So it’s drawing a ton of power right now It’s getting super red hot but look it’s also smoking like crazy That’s because tungsten actually oxidizes rapidly with heat like this which also makes it not great for the light saber So can’t use tungsten, can’t use titanium What if we use a hybrid of both materials? What if we use a tungsten core with a titanium pipe over top I have a piece of titanium pipe here and a tungsten rod And if I put it inside Now we have a titanium blade with a tungsten core Now the tungsten should be able to keep the lightsaber nice and rigid While the titanium is red hot Here’s some footage from one of our first tests a few months ago Elena! What is this? Bogdan! What is this? Hey I’m not the project manager on this So as you can see the tungsten titanium blade looks like it’s going to work So let’s go back to Solidworks and start designing this new blade architecture. Alright so this is our original Solidworks design for our lightsaber mark 2 Let’s just delete some of the things we don’t need Like this, and this, and that And now we can start designing the new blade If you want to download the 3D models become a Hacksmith member today By clicking the join button right next to the subscribe button below this video we also post our videos early for you to watch before anyone else Alright so there you go we’ve got the design finished in Solidworks and I gotta say it looks pretty awesome We kind of went all out there with the handle design and I think it looks pretty sweet Now a few of you might be wondering how is this actually going to work How can we have electricity flow up and down a single blade Well how we’re actually going that is this is the piece of tungsten and the tungsten is actually going to be covered in a ceramic insulation which means the current will actually flow up the tungsten to the tip and then back down the titanium that means the titanium will get red hot while the tungsten does not and then that means we’ve got a lightsaber that’s both rigid and super hot this is actually going to be a lot hotter than the last version we made because titanium has a higher melting point than Nitinol now the only issue is we kind of got a bit carried away with the design See this beautiful handle? We don’t actually have the tools or resources to make that in house but luckily our industry partner Tormach offered to make it for us themselves on one of their larger machines with a fourth axis Alright big thank you to Tormach for helping us machine the hilt to the lightsaber luckily all the other pieces we need to manufacture we can make right here in house using our CNC Lathe and our CNC mill Let’s get started We’re going to wrap the wire in high temperature fiber glass so that it doesn’t burn if you hit it with the lightsaber this video has been sponsored by Frame.io We first started using Frame.io after Grant Thompson, the King of Random recommended it to us about 6 months ago since then we’ve been using it daily we liked it so much that we actually reached out to Frame.io and got them to sponsor this video Frame.io is an amazing tool that let’s you collaborate on video you can comment with specific time stamps, draw right on the screen, manage versions, share cuts and even bring all your feedback right into the editing software support the channel by clicking my link in the description below you can sign up for a free account or try out the pro plan for 30 days Now I’d like to tell you guys about channel memberships It’s a new feature on youtube that allows you to support your favorite creator and gain access to exclusive benefits it’s kind of like patreon but it’s built right here into Youtube by clicking the join button under this video you get access to our members only community posts which includes 3D project design files in Solidworks, merch discounts and you get to collaborate with us on our videos using Frame.io it costs $5 a month which is basically like buying me a coffee and if everyone bought me coffee I’d never sleep and I’d get way more work done It’s a win win situation So this is lgihtsaber mark 3 and we’re finally ready to test We’ve got our battery pack here, we got some volt meters measuring both the voltage and the current draw and we’re just about ready to turn it on but I wanna just show you guys this handle up close so Tormach actually machined this for us and they did a fantastic job it’s a one of a kind Hacksmith lightsaber hilt So Ian is going to stand over here to pull the wires in case of another fire, Elena! So hopefully it doesn’t happen this time I’m scared, it’s going to draw like over 1000 AMPS 24 volts 1000 AMPS, that’s 24 Kilo watts that’s half the supply of electricity that goes into most north American homes You confident Ian? 600, 500 350 It’s hot there, it’s smoking oh ya That’s beautiful look at that! love it 280 You can feel the heat Ya this is warm that’s perfect though Even the tip is red hot The tungsten is hot, that’s what’s smoking So I’ve turned it off It’s just cooling down now When you’re not close and you don’t feel the heat it just looks like orange metal and then you bring it closer to your face and you’re like oh It just looks normal but now it’s still really really hot It’s pretty solid, it’s not flopping around or anything bring me a head! look at that hole what a clean cut alright so we filmed this cringy reenactment from Star Wars episode 4 that no one should ever watch for any reason but if you want to watch it than head on over to the Vlog channel or click this video here Alright so that wraps up this part of the lightsaber build we still have to build a protosaber battery backpack before we can completely finish this but we have some awesome tests lined up that are coming out very soon so make sure you subscribe and hit that notification bell plus you know we’re going to have to make a second lightsaber so we can actually have a lightsaber dual

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  2. I have a head full of wonderful and amazing ideas would you be interested in helping me learn how to do what you do or even possibly make some of the stuff in my head

  3. I think this looks more badass than a punny lightsaber. Aure the fictional one can cut thru thick metal and shit but the fact tthat the "blade" was made with metal and heat makes it.. well badass af

  4. Скоро начнут делать звуковые ранцы на которых можно будет летать)

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  6. You guys obviously have the equipment and experience to try and make a light sabre using infrared heating element technology instead it would be more energy efficient and cheaper materials

  7. In case if my fellow Indians are wondering at this wizardry… THIS is called "engineering…" Not the ass-licking and cock sucking called IT solutions on the satanic software parks where taking 20 smoke breaks is considered hard work… 😂

  8. Could you make the main part of the proto saber retract to the handle so you flip it out the turn it on so it looks more like a lightsaber

  9. Also, why not modify it that if it reaches a certain temperature, it will turn off and cool down and if it reaches a certain cool temperature, it will rise up again. Like if it reaches 4000c it will go down to 2000c then rise up 4000c and so on. Also, it would be easier if there was a material in earth that hardens under hot temperature

  10. For all you ms gundam fans out there like me, what you are witnessing is not a light saber, buy a miniature Dom heat rod for what will serve as the basis for when mobile suits are inevitably made

  11. Pretty close, but we still need more technology before a true lightsaber can be made. We just need to have the power source in the hilt.

  12. This is pretty cool because in the books and EU of starwars the first light sabers were similar to this. Saber connected by cable to a battery pack

  13. This lightsaber business is getting cooler and cooler , I wonder if one day someone is gonna make an actual one like the movies . Just click a button it comes out and click it again it disappears . Now that would be sick

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