3 Stick welding TRICKS for BEGINNERS (and not only)

3 Stick welding TRICKS for BEGINNERS (and not only)

hello friends today we video about a few tricks we’ve are welding this is the the cheapest one of the cheapest Chinese waters theory it has 200 m sigma no way I don’t believe this I think it’s 150 and the most you think settings by me it’s 110 arms or 135 and about that my first week which I covered some time ago is about you sink electrode like a pan and what you are doing is using just using this like a pen but remember always have a gloves when you’re right diverting this way because wrote is very hot and you can burn yourself [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] and this is how it looks like the next trick is about the filling drinks when you want to connect to pipes the easiest way use and of uses wrote put this here it is just wrong and always a little piece and out it’s perfect [Music] [Music] [Music] I think duke schewe and last week as you can see wrote this long and because of this sometimes it’s hard to control such a long correct road so we’ll make life easier you can cut off a piece and when you have a shorter rod Rhodes you have more stable hand in this way wording is a lot of easier especially if you are beginners and cut it and all you have to do is something like this it doesn’t have to be perfect and you can and working we second hello so I hope those tricks will help you and especially if you are beginners and you have some problems you were think if it were let me know in the comment maybe I will make another video about I think who knows so if you like this big thumbs up and see you later [Music]

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  2. OK, so this is a perfect video for such a moron as me. Could you please recommend me a welding machine and rods that I could use at the very beginning of my welding career and not burn the whole house at the same time. 🙂 Thank you so much

  3. First tip is too dangerous, don't do this! The gloves is not enough to protect you from electric shock. In some case is possible to die for this!

  4. Hallo'' Made in Poland''.I am big fan of you.Please can you make some instructions for beginners about welding ?You are doing very neat welds .Regards from Greece !

  5. Hi Darek
    As you know, I like the things you do and maybe those Tricks help somebody. So far so good.
    But as a Welder wich I am for mor than 30 Years, I have to say a few Things about your Tricks.
    First of all, there is nothing to say about filling a Gap with a peace of Rod and weld it then.
    But the Way you hold your Rod…..
    1. It Limits your Weld ( you can only do short Weldings)
    2. Be honest, it hurts to Weld by holding the Rod and not the Clamp because of the heat.
    cutting a Rod in half might be ok but maybe I have a Advice to solve both of the Issiuess
    Hold the Clamp and let the Rod slide over the other Hand while welding.
    1. You dont get burned
    2. having a long Rod doesnt matter because of sliding it over your Hand gives you a Stable feeling while welding
    3. You ar not that limited in Welding Distance as you are if you hold your Rod.
    Please dont get me Wrong. This is not meant as Criticism.
    Just my thoughts how it might get better

  6. Hi, I'm beginner in welding. What types (diameters) of electrodes you usually use for welding metall with thickness 1,5 – 4 mm?

  7. I saw a similar welder at harbor freight. I didnt think it was a welder tho bc of its size compared to the rest of the welders. So do u think it is worth 100 u.s. dollars?? I have messed around with a welder before, but now that im older i wanna teach myself

  8. Darek, thanks a lot for the pipes joining/welding trick!!!
    Always stayed away from trying to weld with gaps. Now I will try 🙂

  9. Fajny film. Kanał ma fajną zawartość i motywuje do działania. Gdyby tylko nasze dzieci wolały majsterkować czy bawić się na dworze jak kiedyś to się robiło niż siedzieć w telefonie czy grać w gry.
    Tez ostatnio kupiłem sobie spawarkę – Nutoola AC. Do majsterkowania daje rade idealnie i w końcu można łączyć metal z metalem.
    Zastanawia mnie tylko jedno. Czy jakbym kupił elektorde do TIGa (i trzymał ją w uchwycie MMA) to czy mógłbym jej używać do 'łapania' punktowego cienkich blach co kilkanaście centymetrów? Bez gazu:) Ktoś się zna? 🙂

  10. You make it look very easy. I will have to try but my weld looks as though someone stuck popcorn to the metal. Liked as well as subbed, thank you.

  11. hi, I'm not a beginner, but I'm not a professional either and I always cut the electrode in half for more precious work, specially when working with slim material and smaller electrodes. You have very good advices. greetings from Croatia

  12. if you are welding alot. what is cheapest and best, stick or mig? dont know the price of the sticks but a roll of mig wire is not that expensive.

  13. Through trial and error i found out that the secret of a good stickweld is matching between the thickness of the metal with the correct amperage , and after that comes the welder skills and the rods quality … etc.

  14. Just use the other hand to hold the stick , then you can (if needed) weld longer without stopping…and dont ever hold 316 or 309 sticks like that x) they get rly hot..;p

  15. I like your tip, but keep in mind that you could easily become the circuit to ground instead of the electrode which would be deadly at that low voltage and high current produce buy a welder. Make sure to double insulate from the grounding circuit any bare skin on your hands and arms or any body parts.

  16. A nie dodałbyś filmu jak zespawać elektrodą profile o ściance 2mm? Wydaje mi się, że dla każdego amatora jest to wyzwanie, bo bardzo łatwo o wypalenie dziury. Większość z nas kupuje do domu spawarki inwertorowe, i gdy potrzeba spawać coś cienkościennego jest problem. Sam teraz robię jakąś furtkę i bramę właśnie na takich profilach i jest dramat… a mając już jedną spawarkę nie szarpnę się na migomat. A rady w stylu zmniejsz natężenie nie wiele wnoszą.. bo przy 30 elektroda się nie zajarzy a przy 60-70 robi już dziury. Na pewno jest jakiś sposób na to bo wiele osób potrafi to zrobić

  17. very interesting tips. thanks for making the video, you might like my channel, I do model steam engines, engine repair and projects. My biggest project right now is a MTD Garden Tractor.

  18. Loved the pen trick. I now use that when I start a new rod. I used to steady the rod tip with my hand, but never thought of holding it. Works great and really good for difficult to reach spots. Thanks.

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