2G TIG Root: 2 Inch Sch 80 Pipe

33 thoughts on “2G TIG Root: 2 Inch Sch 80 Pipe

  1. Will you cut it and show us the root after you finished it? I always use a wider fit with a landing on the beveled edge. This is a pretty interesting alternative.

  2. why waste time just show ppl the backfeed method your gap is too tight you need a 5/32 gap that root flat am sure if you hot pass it will suck back come on bob you know better

  3. I would sure like to learn how to advance my filler wire in a smooth and continuous motion… I can't seem to do it.

  4. Mr. Moffat, could you please make a video comparing dry 7018 to 7018 that has been stored in the open for a extended period of time. You made a video with wet 7018 but it doesn't reflect most situations.

  5. I am going to get a Tig welder one of these days, I have to have a go at this type of welding. Great video as usual which is very helpful indeed!

  6. Damn it's been awhile since I seen one of your videos since I've been out in the field for 2 years you look like like you getting big there

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