24K Gold Plating on Knife – Stainless Steel – Brush Plating Demo

24K Gold Plating on Knife – Stainless Steel – Brush Plating Demo

Okay folks, I’m going to show you how to
plate this knife. This is just a stainless steel, buck
knife I guess you’d call it. We had a customer who tried to plate this side
and as you see there’s some adhesion issues, discoloration, cloudiness issues
and so he sent it in to us and I said well, we’ll take a look at it and we’ll
plate it for you and film it. What we did first is we polished it. This is a critical step. See the luster of the knife? If this is the type of shine and luster
that you want when you’re done, you have to get it that way before you gold
plate. You cannot count on gold plating to change that, okay. This is what it will
look like if, you know, it’s not shiny and it has problems. Now we’ve polished this wheel on a buffing wheel. We use white compound on one of the buffing wheels and red Rouge on the other. And as you see we got a
nice shiny finish. So we’re going to move forward now and do the plating. First
thing I want to show you, real quick, is that this is stainless steel and this is
what happened when you put water on to stainless steel. It runs off, it’s like it’s waxed. The water just beads up and falls off, okay. That’s a major
problem for electroplating. Now we’re going to move right on to the
plating and show you how the Electro Cleaning solves that problem and gets
the piece to what we call wet out. So I’m going to pass it over to Terry now. I’m going to continue narrating and he’s going to do the plating. Just go
ahead. We’re set at seven and a half volts, maybe eight. Anywhere in there will be fine. We’ve got our common lead plugged in. Clipped to the knife here. We’re doing our work
over a Tupperware. Okay, go ahead. He’s going to Electro Clean. Notice the foaming, lovely. This will make the piece hydrophilic. Phobic is when it’s like, when it has a phobia of it. It pushes it away. It’s phobic of the water. That’s what we saw before, where the water beads up and falls off. The Electro Clean makes it
hydrophilic, makes it so it accepts it, you know, and it makes it stay wet once
we rinse it off. Really makes it so the solutions are available to get to the
surface. This is a key step for stainless steel and steel in general. So you really want to do this beyond when you think you’re done, just do a couple more seconds of it because really under doing it is more of a problem than overdoing
it, in fact you really can’t overdo it. I’m going to show you spraying it off
now that it has been Electro Cleaned. Look at that, see the puddle even on there. There’s no water beads, no water breaks. It’s staying wet. It is wet out. First step. That’s important. If it’s not, go back over it again. If you noticed any beads or
breaks or anything then go back over it again. Now we’re going on to the Woods,
same voltage. Quickly go over it with the Woods. This isn’t something you want to
spend a whole lot of time on. This is just a strike. It applies a very thin
layer of nickel that you really shouldn’t even see. It’s more just a
preparation step some people look for a visible layer of nickel, not important. If
you do, you’re overdoing it. See how we spent maybe 10 seconds on this blade and just made sure we got everywhere, quickly. That is the second critical step to steel, otherwise gold will not adhere and you’ll get that hazy, flaky, look that you
see on the other side of the blade. So now we turn our voltage down to the Gold
voltage. Which is about anywhere between four to five and a half depends on how
fast you want the gold to go on, how skillful you are. We’re going to go for
four and a half. And the gold should immediately start applying within
seconds, one second. If it’s not, either your voltage is low or your preparations not right. See how it just immediately goes and grabs on there. If we were plating the other side, if we could somehow capture the time that the other side was plated. The gold would probably be going on really, really slow like it can take 10
seconds to even get it to take and then it would probably only be here and there. Well because he didn’t activate with Woods. Yeah, and you know, and between the
Electro Clean and Woods, those two steps make it so the gold goes
on correctly. You can’t shortcut it, you can’t skip
steps, you can’t change it. That’s just how it has to be done. And there you go
that’s how you plate a stainless steel knife. How long do you think you would
recommend the person spend doing this? You could spend.. you know as you can see, you can stop now. Problem is, the gold is really thin so it really just depends on how thick you want to put it. If this was my knife, I’d plate it for a good five, maybe even ten minutes. I mean you
can really just keep caking it on there. If you are doing massive amounts, you
know, about every 20 to 30 seconds per square inch is a really thick plate. And this is a hardened 24 karat gold so
it will last quite a long time. Even if you stopped now, that’d be a pretty dang good job. Okay, we will. All right you want to stop now? Alright, and we’ll check it out. This is just such a slick little kit, i mean you set up. Really as you see, it’s one-two-three. As long as you use the right preparation chemicals, which we always give the instructions,
and we’ll always provide technical support for, and we always have these
videos. I think these videos are very helpful to everybody. See if we can get a good look. Alright, look, you can still see the grain structure where the.. the way they made it. We didn’t polish that out. So this goes to show however the
surface looks before you gold plate, is how it’s going to look after. Now show the other side. Here’s what it looks like when it goes wrong and that’s simply from improper preparation. No polishing, not correct use of Electro Clean and
Woods Nickel Strike, and then you get splotchy, flaky, we peeled that gold off
with scotch tape. Alright, well thanks for watching guys! This was just the regular Universal Plater with Electro Clean, Woods Nickel Strike, 24k brush gold. And that’s all. Thank you!

61 thoughts on “24K Gold Plating on Knife – Stainless Steel – Brush Plating Demo

  1. I was just wondering if you're plating stainless steel (brush plating) why do I get blurry parts or parts that look dull even after polishing and before polishing I still get some blurry/dull parts do you have any ideas why? I love the channel.

  2. That's not a "Buck".  I hope the Buck knife company never gets wind of this video. I would suggest that someone, if they want a really nice piece get their hands on a decent bench buffer, but even a rotary tool will do well.  Work the piece with progressively finer emery paper from 320 grit too 400 or 600 to 1500 and 2000. Then buff with scratchless pink compound. A little work will get those tool marks out. That's not grain structure it's just tool marks. If you work them out it will look much better.

  3. Great video man, Can I do the same thing on a Stainless steel knife but with silver instead of gold? One more, ho can you tell if the nickel is plated? It's basically the same color of steel.

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