2019 Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 with Balance test and objects weight test

2019 Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 with Balance test and objects weight test

hello guys so welcome to tech audits my
name is Sam today I have another video of to show me
Mitsuko this one is co me um feet Smuts co2 and this one is me body composition
scale to by show me the compositions culture so if we check the box nothing
much okay site check us it in the other boxes okay it’s in Chinese but I guess can
read so let’s start the boxing I’ll start unboxing the shell me miss must go
to the previous one to the meeting or earlier vision so so it always come with
four battery triple-a batteries so as you can see it’s a bit heavier
maybe but it’s okay um we have four electrodes which are used to measure
your body fat and other water body are born mass and everything therefore once
and we have a slight mean logo it’s hard to see it but it’s there okay at the
back we have the shouting in Chinese we have the to support even we have the
triple-a batteries for them for this okay they come with batteries in the box
once okay so as you can see from the design is white and it’s a white plastic
so this one gets that very easily very very easy so you can also buy a
protector that I’ll show you right now the protector so this is the for the
cover the past plastic cover you can put it on top of this you can still see the display so this is
the brown coverage you can still see the display so it looks it’s very nice so
this this is the misc your smart scale – this is the previous model and with the
brown cover no grey grey type of car is a plastic one which is very good so this
is it okay so let’s unbox the the new one
this is the 2019 model it’s also named as the me body composition scale – so
this is the current anew okay so this is a bit improved as you can see it uses bluetooth 5.0 compared to the other one
which was fall okay so let’s unbox it was it battery yeah does for and also it
has a my new abuts in Chinese so this is the new me body composition
scale – as you can see it’s glass you can see the reflection so this class
compared to the this one as you can see this is plastic so it gets easy very
easily in this white in color so anyway what fit that if it will actually leave
maximum this one very easily so you need a cover for this and then the latest one
this one is made up of glass so the white is beneath the glass so it’s
easier to clean and everything it does fall and it throws up the previous one
the design is a bit different but you can see the stand okay okay it’s
reflective so let’s put the battery okay
it’s modding I think is powering up so the display is different from the
previous one this one seems a little bit different setting up all the things so
it’s an out powered on in this small brighter compared the other one so one
of the question one of the question is I think most of all have can I use my
previous cover from the me miss cow fit to the previous one got to the me body
composition scale too and the answer is C so yes the answer is yes so you can use
this colorful end of this one so they fit perfectly so o press then you can
see that one but for this one you won’t need the cover because it’s a glass a
glass if you want to cover and we put it but if you don’t need it it’s okay
because you have the glass glass design compared to this is a plastic which gets
that easy so this one I think is very necessary to have the cover for this one
you may choose to have one or not it’s okay as the glass is easier to clean so
let’s try and do some measurement hello guys so now I’ll try to pair the
this is the new me body composition scale to the 2019 version so I’ll try to
pay it so just go to the phone and then open the me up mix it up you may get it
from the Play Store okay and then you’re gonna tap on the profile okay top with
the profile and then as you can see I’m already connected to my mismatch band
fall then I’m also quality to me body composition scale I think that’s one if
they any evasion and then let’s try and add the new one so gonna tap on add
device and then this band watch scales much so I’m going to tap on scale and
then press ok then I’m required to stand in the skill see it’s getting the
reading so it’s gonna try and pair and successful I got this message it says
activate new device if you pair multiple scales only one scale will be available
this is the new 2019 so let me press activate so it says it’s me body
composition scale to successful successfully connected activated device
successful and then I press ok so if you can see what are the gnocchi all you
have to do some settings a little bit I like to mention kg major duplicate this
means if you measure your weight in a timeframe of 30 seconds so it will just
do avoid duplication and just make them as one and they
wait small objects on so these are the new features on this like waiting small
you chose not presence in that one and then we have clear data and subtle okay
so let me try and actually measure my weight with the new skill okay so it’s
all guys they just I want to show you something so I found out so okay so as
you can see here so if we go to profile and then you see the my device so I have
the miss madman for connected me body composition scalp to which is the latest
one to the nineteen then we have me body composition scale this is the the first
one as you can see it says not activated so it cannot help both of them at the
same time one has to be deactivated while the other one is activated so now
the active one is the me body composition scaled to the 2019 version
so if I want to use the older version of to type on the older version then I’ll
see here activate device then I’ll press on activate device then it says
activated activated device successful so now if I go I stand on the open data
then I stand at the previous one yeah now you see it’s activated this one
is saying I’m sixty four point one kg okay this is the older version so let’s
try and see ways okay the Bursar’s forty the same BMI total fat okay my mushrooms
that water protein okay 26 H in balance and everything okay so as you can see
all these things so let’s try and compare this stats with the new one so
what I have to do I have to first I go back then go to the profile
and then I have to activate the meat body composition – – okay then I’ll
press activate okay so it will activate the new one
my body composition scale – which is the 2019 version so now I can go and step on
the scale I’ll press ok and then just go back to
the menu TVs also top to learn new about you main top on that and then you can
see how to measure correctly so the first thing is where where light
lightweight clothing place your foot flat step on the scale with your feet
bare ok so don’t wear socks as I’m doing just for demonstration and then we have
metrics and then for balance we stand with one leg this is the new feature so
you can stand with one leg we can also weight objects see small big
bags and stuff like that so we can try this later the object weight among 100
grams to 10 kg can be measured so from 100 grams to 10 kg this can be measured
change scale battery this is when you don’t replace the battery maximum weight
exceeded the phone these are just other instruction so ok let me try and measure
my weight now so I just go to it just opened it up like this and then you
stand on the scale so the first thing I have to do is remove myself so let’s go with barefoot yeah now its
misery can I see OKC’s 97
so let’s see what’s the problem Oh what things you have to so it saves my
visceral fat is 8% which is the fat around the organs in your body but it’s
always normally show on your belly most of the time if you have a small tummy so
it’s a bit so it says it’s 8% as you can see and then we have BMI which is okay
we have total body fat which is 18.6 you can read this instruction then I have
total mass so there’s 49 point 2 kg which is good and then we have water
it’s also good we have protein which is also good we have basal metabolism which
is also good born and then good then it also tries to check your overall data
with the information you’ve given before because before you start the pairing up
to create your profile you put your age your weight know your age your height
and that one will be able to utilize this function to predict your age 26 but
I’m 27 I do a weight based on your height and everything so it’s a 60 point
will be the perfect but it’s okay then we can see the weight changes throughout
the period you can see the recent body fat are changes throughout also the
period and then body schoo then we can go to body balance if you want to see on
the graph where are you so we have the body fat ratio on the left side when
then we have on the y-axis and then we have on the x-axis we have the mushroom
muscle ratio so as you can see i’m in the balance where by the month so and
the fat is actually in the balanced state i’m not too skinny not too fat I’m
actually a gymnastic so I went over say some imbalance
as you can see so it gives you more information more than just knowing your
weight you know which part of your your body you need to improve whether is to
reduce fat to increase muscle you have to drink more water you have to take
more protein so it gives you more information compared to just knowing
your way to because sometimes you might be working out and then you’re losing
fat at the same time you’re gaining muscles but when you check your way to
see it is the same and you think you’re not making any progress with this one
you can know that exactly which category you are you making more progress and
which one you need to focus on more which is very good
so okay now I’m gonna measure my weights because after two weeks the first time I
bought it is two weeks ago so I mentioned my weight out of fat was 8%
I’m supposed to work on it so today after two weeks I’m going to try to
measure again and see if the visceral fat has gone down because I changed my
diet I also did some exercise within the two weeks let’s see if my visual effect
has changed so the first thing you just have to open the day up after you open
the app then you may stand on the scale remember to remove your socks don’t
stand with your socks because it won’t be able to get other information like
the fat a must so watch a survey so the first thing you have to do is take off
yourself after two weeks you can see so nice is
my body skull is a hundred percent my BMI s– twenty two point five that is
your weight divided by your height so my body fat total body fat is seventeen
point six you can read and post the video and read if you want to read the
the description and then we have got my master is forty eight point five my
target goal is 1250 kg on the master so I know what to do just need to exercise
it more and rest okay then we have water eyes fifty six point four it’s also
normal which is good and then I have protein which is good as you can see
okay then we have vessel metabolism and as you can see it’s also on the good
range as you can see the best row fat is seven percent now but two weeks ago it
was eight percent whereby the app told me to work on it and then we have porn
okay then age okay there we have ideal weight based on my height age and
everything so they can give you the ideal weight you can see the balance
chat where am i I’m at the between I’m in the middle here so you can see this
one is the y-axis is body fat ratio and the x-axis is muscle ratio so I’m at the
between so of balanced fat and muscle is balanced okay so also here we have the
recent weight changes and we have recent body fat changes so as you can see here
let’s try to to top again okay press statics off studies as you can see the
body fat before I had like 19.7 as you can see as the weeks and days goes
reducing my body fat based on my diet and my exercise so it’s going on
good and here it says the body score refer to this coq10 by analyzing the
height body fat water muscle and other data of a person so that’s how you get
the body score like 100 percent 90 percent based on your performance on
this criteria as you can see it says congratulation you are very healthy now
so if I’m gonna today have new updates for the meat board composition scale –
I’m going to show you how to measure different objects weight and also I’m
going to show you the balanced test that this scale provides so to start with the
the bottle of water on to measure the the weight the first thing you have to
do is first to activate the the scale by stepping on it then you can put any
object that you want to measure so I’ll show you
so the first thing is stupid when it’s written on then take the
weight and depress it and then you can see the weight of the bottle as you can
see the weight of the part – yeah it’s about 2.6 kg so if I stepped on the
scale then you put the object you want to measure that’s simple
okay the next one I’m gonna do the balance test in order to do the balance
test the first thing you have to do open your me feet up then tap on view more
after tapping on view more I’ll scroll down to the bottom you’ll see this hour
this card which says balance and then you tap on it okay after you talk on it you have to on the
left bottom corner or you see these an icon sales measure in order to measure
the balance this first you have to top this measure so that it may activate the
scale so it’s activating the device first okay so less weight and as you can
see this skill is activated and then from there you are required to stand
with one leg as I’m going to show you so that’s it that’s how it shows so it
will also ask you to choose the profile you choose the profile the 1 or step so
it just say it’s me ok so how it works the balanced test is
how long can you stand with one leg remember the main point is you have to
close your eyes if you don’t close your eyes it doesn’t count because if you
don’t close your eyes you can maintain your balance for a long time but what
I’ve found out is when you close your eyes and stand with one leg you start to
lose balance and what they are trying to do is to measure how long can you stand
with one leg with your eyes closed and then it will see how long you can stand
like so it’s only measuring the duration of which you can stand with one leg
it doesn’t measure the what this when you are you shake or measure your
balance I don’t know how to put it this how steady you are or how shaky you are
it doesn’t measure that the only thing it measures how long can you stay can
you stand on one leg with your eye closed and that’s what it does it just
count to show you like from 60 seconds it’s very poor if you cannot stay 15
toward an average is that six eight seconds above that you may be good and
then above 86 seconds then the run is very good so the only way to X’s you
have to stand with one leg with your eye closed and then it will just measure
there the time you you balance on the on the scale and that’s it so it’s just
something you should know about it that’s it
so thank you guys for watching if you have any question please feel free to
ask me in the comments below and if you want more information about this I may
find me on my Instagram is tech audits Facebook is Ted Ted Kord is also my
youtube instead of cords so if you have any
questions just feel free to comment also share and I’ll put the links of this
product and they’ll also be cover of this product the cover and the product
on the description so if you want to buy the meet me body composition scale too
I’ll put it there if you are interested on the previous one there me bed body
scale one then I’ll also put the links there so check the description of this
video for more information that I might missed out and in the meantime thank you
very much guys and I’ll see you in another video have a nice day

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