2019 RAM 1500 Duratrek S6 Running Boards – Stainless Steel Crew Cab Review & Install

2019 RAM 1500 Duratrek S6 Running Boards – Stainless Steel Crew Cab Review & Install

What’s up, ladies and gentlemen? Travis from americantrucks.com. And today we’re takin’ at look at one of the
widest, most affordable running boards that you can throw on your 2019 or newer Crew Cab
RAM 1500, so you can get in and out of that cab a little bit easier. These are Duratrek’s new S6 Running Boards,
and, like I said, they’re the most affordable option that is also the widest. These are actually 6 inches in diameter. All the other options that you’ll see on the
site are typically gonna provide a 5-inch step or something smaller than that. And this step comes in just over the $300
price point, which also makes it one of the most affordable polished stainless steel running
boards that you can throw on your RAM. So you’re gettin’ functionality, and you’re
gettin’ some good looks for a decent price. Now, if you’ve been lookin’ at some of the
other side steps on the site, maybe you’ve seen a couple other videos that we’ve reviewed
some other side steps for this truck, in particular, and I have talked about in the past other
stainless steel steps kinda matchin’ the look and feel of the RAM, but I gotta say, guys,
Duratrek definitely knocked it out of the park in terms of how this thing matches our
Big Horn here with the looks. The polished finish on this matches perfectly
with our wheels, our front and rear bumpers on our Big Horn RAM here. It’s pretty much an exact match. Some of the other options, if you’re goin’
for stainless and you wanna try and match it with your wheels and bumpers, they might
have a little bit of a warmer color to them. They might not be as reflective. This thing matches 100% perfectly with the
polished finish on our wheels and bumper. So, again, if you want a step that kinda looks
like it belongs maybe look like a factory upgrade even, then the S6 Running Boards are
definitely gonna pull it off. And even though these steps do look big and
bad, they look really nice, they’re pretty heavy-duty, they’re nice and wide, they’re
very easy to install, and that’s all thanks to the ’19 RAM’s new studs that they installed
at the factory inside the pinch seam and the rocker panel area. We’re taking full advantage of those with
the three brackets that we use to mount the step to the truck. So all you really need to do is throw the
brackets up in place, tighten down a couple of nuts with some flat washers, and then throw
the step on there and tighten that down. Incredibly straightforward. This is something you can get done at home
in a single afternoon. Shouldn’t take you more than an hour or two,
even with some basic hand tools, no power tools required. So I’m gonna give the install a very simple
one out of three wrenches on the old difficulty meter. So, again, if you want the widest possible
step for your RAM, so you can get in and out of that cab as easy as possible and you don’t
wanna spend a ton of money to get there, then the S6 Running Boards are gonna be the contender,
the top ticket, if you will. Go ahead and check them out a little bit more. If you go for the S6 boards, come back and
I’ll show you all the sockets and tools you need, and I’ll show you how easy it is to
get them bolted on. All right, to install our side steps, all
you really need is a standard drive ratchet with a 13-millimeter-deep socket. Now, if this is your first time working on
the studs under there, they’re gonna have some paint on them from the factory, so you’re
gonna want some brake cleaner or, ideally, some paint thinner and maybe a wire brush
to clean the paint off the threads. That way, you’re not cross-threading anything. And we are working with nylon locking nuts. It can be a little bit of a pain to tighten
down by hand, so an impact gun with a swivel socket will help. All right, once you have your tools out, you
wanna come underneath the truck here. We’re starting on the rear end of our cab. You can start up front if you want to. You wanna grab one of the brackets located
in the kit. All the brackets are the same. They’re non-specific to each side and location,
so you can use whichever ones you want. First, we’re gonna throw our flat washers
in place. Then we’re gonna hand thread our nylon locking
nuts, and we’ll tighten those down with the 13-mil socket. One thing to note here. You can see some red paint on the end of the
studs here. That’s because they actually paint over these
at the factory. They probably do that just as kind of a protective
coating, if you will. But you’re gonna need to work the paint off
of the threads. That way, you’re not cross-threading these
nuts on here. So take a wire brush, maybe some paint thinner
and just get some of the factory paint off of there. If you need to in a pinch, you can kinda chase
the threads by spinning them off, spinning them back on one little bit at a time until
you remove all that paint. But, at any rate, get all that paint off the
threads, go ahead and tighten these down. And we’re gonna do the same thing for all
of our other brackets. Now, when you do go to tighten down these
brackets, if you’re following along with the instructions as well as following along with
me, the instructions might tell you not to tighten down this hardware fully until you
actually have the side step installed on the bracket. And with other designs, that is gonna be the
case because, normally, you’d have to line up the holes on the step with the brackets
and you have to make sure everything lines up. But the method in which our step secures,
we don’t have to worry about that, so you can actually just tighten these down from
the get-go. All right, like I said, we got one more up
front here, same exact process with your flat washers and your nyloc nuts. Once you have the front bracket installed
on one side, if you want to, you can install the brackets on the other side, or you can
move ahead to throw on the step on one side first. Up to you. Now, for these last two up front here, if
you’re using an impact gun like me for the bottom one, you’ll definitely need a swivel
socket for this. All right, once we have all three brackets
in place, now all we need to do is grab the side step for the appropriate side and rest
it on top of the brackets. You wanna get it generally resting where the
step is actually gonna sit once you tighten down all the hardware, so you want the pads
underneath each door. All right, once you have the step seated and
in place, you’re happy with where the pad up top is sitting, you’re gonna be grabbing
these brackets here. So these brackets, these little tabs on the
brackets themselves, are gonna wedge inside of the lip of the step, and that’s gonna hold
the bracket to the step. Then you’re gonna go ahead and press it in
there. Make sure the studs on the bracket are coming
through the mounting bracket on the truck. Once you’ve done that, it’s just a matter
of gettin’ your flat washers as well as your nyloc nuts, and it’s the same hardware for
these brackets as the other ones. Let’s go ahead and get each one hand tightened
on there a little bit. Helps to kinda hold the top of the bracket,
so you can keep the thumb on the flat washer here while you get everything in place. Just for reference, this step is pretty slippery,
guys. It does slide on top pretty easily when you
rest it up there, so I already have the other bracket on the far side holding it in place. Once you have everything set up, go ahead
and tighten it down. Again, 13-mil socket. All right, so I got one bracket tightened
down on the far side. I got the hardware on the other side hand
tightened, so my step’s not going anywhere. Now, I’m gonna go ahead and get the middle
bracket in place. Same exact procedure, two flat washers, two
nyloc nuts. All right, now all we have to do is tighten
down our final bracket up front. And that’ll wrap up my review of the Duratrek
S6 Running Boards, fitting your 2019 or newer Crew Cab RAM 1500. Be sure to check them out more on the site,
and for all things Mopar keep it right here at americantrucks.com.

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